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Men Going Their Own Way transform the hated Valentine's Day into International MGTOW Day. No one cares.


There are a lot of good reasons to give Valentine’s Day the side-eye. It’s a holiday, as many people dutifully point out every year, that’s more about selling candies, cards and jewelry than it is about love, promoting a backwards version of (hetero)sexuality in which men trade expensive gifts for sex – a philosophy perhaps most crassly expressed in the ad slogan for Kay Jewelers: “Every Kiss Begins With Kay.”

It’s a day that causes stress for a lot of couples and resentment amongst the single. And those little chalky heart candies with the words on them, whatever their kitschy charm, are really kind of crappy as candy.

But there are bad reasons to dislike Valentine’s Day as well. Amongst the Men Going Their Own Way of the world, “National Vagina Worship day” is the holiday they most love to hate; in their minds, the “bitches” don’t deserve any kind of respect at all, much less flowers and candy.

The folks at has decided to fight back against V-Day, sort of, by inventing a holiday of their own. Here’s a semi-official annoucement:

FEB 14th is INTERNATIONAL MGTOW DAY and it is 17 centuries too late!

That’s ok cunts of the universe. We have the Future Covered Bitches. Fuck You!

The regulars are celebrating the day (they claim) by treating themselves to nice dinners and new power tools and whatever else they can think of. As Soul Man put it on the forums,


I am going to treat myself to whatever the fuck pleases me!  I think I’m going to have a big fat steak and go ride my crorch rocket at very excessive speeds!  If I’m feeling altruisric, I will find some cheap trollop to toss on the back and give her a couple of miles of “Mr. Wrong”!  HAHAHA!

Yeah, that’s gonna happen.

Ned Trent, reporting in from Germany, has similar plans, minus the motorcycle ride:

For this evening I am going to take myself out for a substantial meal like a big Schnitzel with fries in a cool restaurant which specializes in this at a pre-ordered table for one person (myself), before heading out to a local nightclub on a mission: taking the piss out of /pissing off any female that I may encounter during that night over there, whilst having a great time myself on my own…

Mostly, though, as you may have already gathered from these two comments, the regulars seem to be using the day as an excuse to do the same thing they do every day: try to take over the world kvetch about women and fantasize about making them miserable.

Mycocaine, writing back in January, allowed himself to dream:

This will be first 2.14 I am looking forward to. Rubbing my hands together. What say all men in unison dump that bitch on Feb 13. and go buy themselves a car.

GoneGalt had a somewhat more labor-intensive plan:

We ought to start some campaigns to counter women, small or large or just funny. One might be to derive a list of chick flick movies and then use it as a guide to rate all such movies as ‘1’ star on Netflix/IMDB/Rotten Tomatoes to bring the ratings down, and every now and then write a review that’s generic (so you can cut and paste it) and extremely insulting of that movie (something like ‘typical female drama and romantic garbage – amazing how women view themselves as soooo special’) 🙂

ListenUp! announced an equally, er, creative way to punish the women of the world on their (allegedly) special day. It involved a photo of celebrity feminist lawyer Gloria Allred.

Tonight after printing 30 pages all with this photo on it, I’m going to the gym to tape this photo on every punching bag in the place. Carry on men!

Machiavelli tried to live up to his namesake with a proposal to ignore women real hard:

Studies have show that [ostracism] creates the same effect in the brain as physical pain (google it). People become co-operative when ostracised to win back approval. … It’s hard wired into us for evolutionary reasons.

Women are particularly sensitive to being ostracised.

The more guys that become mgtow the more women will be ostracised for mistreating men (either yourself or another man). …

14 February 2015, it’s a “nice day for an ostracism” for women everywhere.

We (men) are 50% of the population, so let’s see what women think when this half of the population starts ostracising them until they treat all men with equality and respect.

As I read through all of these little fantasies, none of which seem at all likely to ever be implemented in the real world, I found myself thinking of the title of an old album by the eccentric British post-punk band Television Personalities: “Mummy Your Not Watching Me.”

Because the one insurmoutable problem of all these plans is that they depend on women actually giving a shit about what these guys do. And as most of these guys in their hearts probably realize, no one really cares if they eat a nice steak dinner (go for it, dudes) or waste their evening giving “chick flicks” one-star ratings on Netflix (knock yourselves out).

If they were decent human beings, being ignored by them actually would hurt. Of course, if they were decent human beings, they wouldn’t be giddily fantasizing about ostrasizing the women of the world for being women.

Maybe the MGTOWers need to replace their clumsy five-letter acronym with a new one: MYNWM (Mummy You’re Not Watching Me, pronounced “minwim”).

Here’s the actual song “Mummy Your Not Watching Me,” by Television Personalities (music only), followed by a video of them pretending to perform their song Painted Word. Happy Vagina Worship Day!

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Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
7 years ago

“Also, everyone knows that the only tattoos Hitler was actually all about were (a) to mark blood groups on soldiers in the event that one should require a transfusion, and (b) serial numbers on concentration camp prisoners.”

Ironically, some ex-Waffen SS escaped prosecution by claiming their blood group tattoos were concentration camp IDs.

7 years ago


Bad mother, my ASS.

More like badass mother, am I right?

7 years ago

We (men) are 50% of the population, so let’s see what women think when this half of the population starts ostracising them until they treat all men with equality and respect.

Sounds like this twerp thinks that there are huge numbers of MGTOWs out there. Someone give him the phone number to reality.

7 years ago

Vday coincided with Family Day where I live, so we spent it with family, drinking wine and playing board games from the early 90’s (Headbandz!), then visiting more family. We usually ignore Vday anyway.

Hugs MouseFarts, I’ve been there and… well, hugs. And a cute critter of your choosing, and your fave flavour of potato chips.

As Eye Behold
7 years ago

That top excerpt of theirs is *HYSTERICAL* Hah! My ovaries are laughing almost as hard as my spoilt little vagina. These so-called grown men should really have gone into D-grade comedy, rather than emotional online ranting. Sure there’s a market for that out there somewhere… perhaps the MGTOW HQ?? Seems to be where those not blessed with this lil’ thing called humour like to congregate. Thanks for the laugh, as always, David!

7 years ago

More like badass mother, am I right?

The badassest! One of her arm tattoos was all five of her kids as woodland fairies. It was spectacularly done.

Jenny (@dontgiveah00t)

It’s a weird logic. Okay, a woman gets a tattoo (or several) in her late teens/early twenties. She then goes on to become a mother. Somehow, spending her time and money on her kid(s) instead of on tattoo removal makes her a bad mother, rather than a good one? I know plenty of mothers with tattoos who do an awesome job at motherhood.

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