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Hey GamerGaters, do you even lift?

No, weightifting in Grand Theft Auto doesn't count.
No, weightifting in Grand Theft Auto doesn’t count.

Before he decided to attach himself to the #GamerGate “movement,” Breitbart writer and all-around douchebag Milo Yiannopoulos took a certain pleasure in baiting gamer “nerds,” a demographic he once described as a bunch of “pungent beta-male bollock-scratchers and twelve-year olds.”

He’s not the only self-appointed #GamerGate savior who doesn’t seem to have much respect for the group he’s ostensibly championing. Over on Reaxxion — the atrociously written pro-GamerGate game site run by pickup guru and non-gamer Roosh — one writer implores fellow gamers to quite literally put down their controllers and pick up weights.

In 5 Reasons Why Gamers Should Life Weights, Alexander Anderson urges gamer nerds to become gamer jocks, and not just because regular exercise is good for your health. In Anderson’s mind, weightlifting nerds can also challenge the stereotype of gamers as “socially awkward, passive, uncool, and physically unappealing” nerds by not, you know, embodying the stereotypes so completely themselves.

Go to a gaming gathering event and pay attention to the other people around you. Look at how they dress and how they communicate with each other. Pay attention to their body language, tone of voice, mannerism, and what they talk about. Then go to a sporting event and repeat the process. Which group of people would an average person prefer to be around?

HINT: You’re supposed to pick the sports fans.

The solution? Lifting, bro!

If all gamers start lifting weights, it will help combat the public perception of gamers as unsociable cave dwellers.

And even if Anderson can’t convince every World of Warcrafter to hit the gym, at least those who do lift will have “an edge over other gamers.”

Humans subconsciously prefer the company of those who are bigger, stronger, and smarter than the rest. You will stand out among your gamer friends if you are the only one in the room with muscles. Your social standing will increase, your health will improve and you will gain more confidence from regularly exercising.

Huh. I thought GamerGaters wanted gaming to be a “safe space” for nerds, not another arena in which jocks get to lord it over them.

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8 years ago

Ironically the issue is that these dudes insist that they know what all women prefer, where in reality as you can see here women don’t even agree when talking to each other, because we have individual personalities and preferences and all.

Glen H
Glen H
8 years ago

Cassandrakitty, I think you hit the nail squarely on the head!

8 years ago

The last time I spent ‘quality time’ with an ex, I thanked him for making me feel beautiful. He replied that for that time I had seen myself as he did. Beautiful.

Awwwwwwwww! MrGrump isn’t that poetic, but the sentiment is there, too (he’s more of the ‘grunt and nod’ sort)

@ cassandrakitty – exactly! It also plays into their idea that women are a monolith with a hivemind, and we’re all interchangeable! Phooey on them! Phooey, I say!

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