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When an Alpha Male 2.0 comfort bombards a Type 2 VYW: A Somewhat Horrifying Red Pill Glossary

This will make more sense after you read the post, I think.
This will make more sense after you read the post, I think.

Is your love life lacking acronyms and made-up words?

In love, as in every other aspect of life (except perhaps talking to cats), it pays to increase your word power. Happily for all of us I have discovered a wondrous Red Pill Glossary on Black Dragon Blog (tagline: “Love Women While Staying Free”), which includes a wide assortment of terms that will be new even to the most advanced Alpha.

Most would-be PUAs (Pickup Artists) can tell an AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) from a DHV (Demonstration of Higher Value). But here are few other acronyms you may not have encountered:

CTF – Cheating Time Frame. The amount of time you have installed in your brain before you will cheat on a monogamous partner. …

EFA – Early Frame Announcement. The strongly conveyed but unspoken overall message to a woman non-verbally conveying who you are and why you’re there. …LSNFTE Long Soft Next For Temporary Exclusivity.

I didn’t make this one up, seriously. What all that apprently means:

A common occurrence with Alphas in nonmonogamous relationships where a woman leaves the Alpha, who will not give her monogamy, so she can get a traditional boyfriend or husband who will.

Huh. Maybe she’s leaving you because you’re the sort of person who goes around talking about CTF and LSNFTE, OK?

TEP Three Exchange Process. Pitching a first date to a woman on the third or fourth email exchange with her on a dating site.

WHY DO YOU NEED AN ACRONYM FOR THIS? How many spammy messages are you sending out on OK Cupid anyway?

VYW – Very Young Woman, a woman between the age of consent (usually 18) and 23. VYW have the lowest ASD of any age group, by far.

Oh, whoops, I forgot: ASD is “Anti Slut Defense,” which Mr. Black Dragon defines as:

A condition created by societal programming experienced by women wherein they attempt to avoid sex, even if they want it, so as to not look or feel like a “slut” or “inappropriate” or not like “a lady”.

I think this is his complicated way of saying that no means yes.

There are three different types of VYW’s by the way. You can look them up yourself.

Now that you’ve mastered some of the most useful acronyms, let’s give acronyms a Hard Next and move onto actual words. And made-up words.

I might as well start with Hard Next, huh?

Hard Next – A permanent breakup. Where a man leaves a woman, never contacts her again, and literally never sees her again (or at least never again in a sexual context). …

This is not to be confused with a Soft Next, which is apparently a synonym for “acting like a douchebag.”

Soft Next – When a man removes a woman from his life for a short period of time, usually three to seven days, during which he completely ignores all communication from her, because of drama she gave him. At the end of the soft next, the relationship resumes as normal.

Or she tells him to go fuck himself because he’s being an immature asshole.

The Soft Next is not to be confused with the Stinky Next, which is when a man leaves a woman after letting out a fart so noxious that he’s too embarrassed to ever speak to her again.

Ok, I made that one up. But these are all real:

Betaization – The slow process by which a woman transforms a man she’s in a relationship with from an Alpha to a beta, usually by means of drama, demands, rules, sex (giving or withholding), or threats. Betaization is a completely natural part of a woman’s biological makeup … .

Comfort Bombardment – A process by which you get a woman comfortable about you after the first date is scheduled via online dating but prior to actually meeting her in real life. Comfort Bombardment raises the odds of sex considerably and reduces the odds of flaking. …

This is also useful if you’re planning to start a cult; you can use it alongside “love bombing.”

Disney – Any thought derived from societal programming that monogamy, child rearing, or traditional marriage is pleasant and/or permanent in the modern era. …

And for the fellas:

Guy-Disney – The incorrect thought men have that somewhere out there is a girl who will love you forever, never cheat on you, never get bored with you, and never break up with you.

This is not to be confused with:

Hanna-Barbera — In which someone plays a bongo drum very quickly every time you run.

Ok, I made that one up too.

There are more, but I think we’d probably do better just to make up some of our own.






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7 years ago

I keep getting the “Duplicate message” error when trying to reply here. I’m a little miffed.

7 years ago

This is the most female attention they get.

Lea, that’s the core of it, isn’t it?

You know what – I don’t give a shit why a woman is saying “No”. I don’t care whether it’s because she feels pressured by society not to have sex before the nth date. Feeling pressured by society not to have sex before the nth date and therefore feeling uncomfortable with having sex on the current (<nth) date is a perfectly good reason not to have sex. She doesn't need to be "liberated" from how she feels about societal pressures or to have her "inner slut" revealed. She needs you to respect her "no", you fucking creep!

titianblue, QFT. It’s a lot less creepy to feel “pressured by society” not to have sex before the nth date than it is to feel pressured by a man to have sex with him when, for whatever reason, you’re not happy about it. He’s saying restraint or reluctance are worse than having sex you’re not happy about. In other words, he’s trying to coerce women or rape us because he insists he knows better than we do what we want.

PUA feet, meet caltrops.

7 years ago

Fibi, it must be a WP glitch – you haven’t any comments stuck in the queue.

7 years ago

WordPress has done that to me too. Try a different browser? That usually works.

7 years ago

What, not use Chrome?


7 years ago

It’s done it to me on Firefox a few times. WP is evil.

7 years ago

Well, internet explorer didn’t work either. How very odd. Is there a link limit? Mine has 3 links. Is there a word limit? If there’s a word limit that’s probably it…

7 years ago

Hm. Well what if I post a slice?

Now, if you hold true to the cliché and one dimensional liberal format, you will next say that you apparently “hit a nerve” with me, or give me the “you just can’t handle that I’m a powerful woman” argument. Both the “hit a nerve” and “you just can’t stand how cool I am” clichés are well documented and laughed at in PUA circles. Stop projecting your own insecurities and weak needs to think you’re so strong and powerful (and other psychobabble) unto us. .

I’ll try not to. I can make no promises though, since you’ve already assumed I’m a one dimensional liberal despite neither being American nor particularly liberal by American standards. In fact, I find your liberals mostly ineffectual an odd. Now a liberal who wants a 61 % tax rate? That’s a liberal I can get behind!

Where-was-I-got-distracted-by-my-rightist-government-policies, wait, right, yes. I’ll try not to, yet since I’m a one dimensional caricature of a human being I might not be able to restrain myself.

( Oh, by the way, your assumptions of hamstering are odd – clearly we did hit a nerve, you took the time out of your daily routine to respond, so that’s a given, just as you hit a nerve with me and I’m taking the time to respond to you. The idea that self-empowerment somehow frightens you (or anyone else) is not normally one I’m fond of invoking, so I’ll try not to too. I don’t think it’s true either. Err. Maybe you’re arguing with straw liberals in your head? )

7 years ago

Jesus, are you liberals truly this blind? Blackdragon is probably one of the best role models any man can ever have. He has never said anything that even hints at abusing women or treating them unfairly. I’ve been reading him for five years and you guys are truly talking about a completely different person. I don’t have time to address all of your garbage, but I do want to clarify two things:

It’s clear that Black Dragon actually has some decent stuff to say. It’s just not the stuff I think you think is good. I might be wrong. But here’s a random example from his blogs (which I have read). Now mind, I’m just clicking through these at random. (Go find them yourself at the site, I guess, since links seems to be broken today. Just google blackdragon and the bolded name.

Beta Male Behaviours To Avoid

So my first thought (And this is kind of a theme) is that Black Dragon seriously has a problem with confidence. Reading the writing seems to flail and scream at some terror that, at any given moment, at any given time, at some point, he’ll wake up and realize that someone else controls his life through her mind-control vagina, and he has nothing left at all and is a Total Beta. And it just happened. And he couldn’t stop it. Because Every Single Other Being In The World is out to get him to break down and buy them flowers.

This is probably wrong, but it’s the impression I get. Every single time he mentions relationships it ends up turning into a triade against beta men who are pushovers, and how he’s not like them, and how it will happen naturally to all men in all relationships at all times.

Does that mean you should actually drop everything you’re doing, drive to 45 minutes to pick someone up, drop them off at a party, then drive 45 minutes home again? Well, is this for an emergency hospital visit or are you a parent that must take care of a child? Probably not, so no, don’t do that. But for fuck sake, exactly how many people do that? I’ve never met any.

But this isn’t actually because women are evil, devious creatures who will destroy your ability to think for yourself. Shocker, it might be because being the kind of person who will invest endless amount of time in someone against the faint hope they’ll just “give up” and sleep with you is a fucking atrocious way to go through life, manipulative as all hell and also fucking terrifying for the person on the receiving end of your one-man crusade to right all wrongs for their sake. Not liking that doesn’t make anyone evil, it makes them sane.

Translating Woman Language Into English
Let me give you an example of that “fear” I mentioned.

““I’ve found the man of my dreams.” “I’m in NRE.”
“I’ve never been so happy in my whole life.” “I’m in NRE.”
“He’s so good in bed.” “I’m in NRE.””

Translated from Black Dragonese – “There is no such thing as love. It’s all chemicals. All women at all times will eventually hate their boyfriends, and go sleep with someone they find more exciting. Loyalty is dead. There is no future in any relationship. All things pass. Chaos reigns.”


““Relationships are about compromise.” “Please do what I say.”
“I want a romantic man.” “I want a man who spends money on me.”
““I want a 50/50 relationship.” “I want a 80/20 relationship where I have my way most of the time. I’ll let you have your way on the days when I’m in a good mood.”.””

Translated from Black Dragonese – “There is no such thing as communicating within relationships. Compromises are default to the woman winning all arguments. If you give her an inch, she’ll take a mile. She will try to break you. Unmake you. Uncreate you. Do not give in to her womanly charms, she will destroy your manhood. Your precious bodily fluids are in danger. Nothing she says can be trusted”.

Or maybe:

“This is just sex, okay?” or “You are not allowed to start liking me.” “I want exclusivity and monogamy without having the rules of being someone’s girlfriend. So you’d better not fuck any other women, buddy.”
“Where is this going?” or “What is this to you?” or “What am I to you?” “You have not asked me to be your girlfriend yet and that disturbs me. Every other man I’ve dated asked me to his girlfriend by the 2nd or 3rd date. What the fuck is your problem? Please get with the program and be my official boyfriend so I can finally relax, stop being nice, and start bossing you around.

Translated from Black Dragonese: “All women desire you to be their boyfriend, secretively. They will attempt to domineer and control you into giving up your freedom and power, binding you back into the chains of servitude to the dark overmistress. All attempts at conversing about a relationship and finding out what state it is in is actually an attempt to turn you into a cuckoled beta male”.

Flowers for Algernon – Man’s relationship version

In case you needed an illustrative version of the above two claims, you can read this and laugh / weep / shiver.

It’s not that the idea that you shouldn’t let someone else control your entire life is bad advice. It isn’t. It’s very good advice. It’s that it’s delivered with this odd tone of underlying fear and distrust of how people behave, and just positively filled with the constant affirmation that women are weird, weak, irrational, illogical, confusing, unable to be communicated with, possessed of alien whims, out to get you, basically evil.

Which, well, it just isn’t my experience. I can’t say much more than that, it just isn’t my experience at all. So when you get to:

1. ASD (anti-slut defense) is real. Are you people actually saying that women would NOT be less inhibited about sex if we got rid of slut shaming tomorrow? Of course they would! When a woman (especially a young woman) says no to sex, do you really believe her no is always from a position of strength, and never from a position of cultural/religious/feminist/social circle brainwashing??? Do people honestly think that every woman owns herself? Most people, sadly, don’t own themselves. Most people are sheep.

Many girls are super horny and would love to have sex, but think they’re moving too fast for society’s liking (it’s only the first date) and are worried that their friends won’t respect them or the guy will think she’s a slut, so they restrain themselves out of real or imaginary peer pressure, thus declaring war against their own desires. It’s rather pathetic, actually, but this is how a lot of (especially young) women are. Women constantly say no despite sincerely wanting to say yes. It’s in their DNA to “protect their eggs” despite their own urges. I can’t believe I even have to point this out. In the manosphere, all of this is commonsense biology. But you guys apparently need your hands held through basic knowledge.

And Blackdragon never said to a rape or force a woman who said no because of ASD brainwashing. He just gives techniques to overcome the religious/cultural/feminist/social circle brainwashing so that the real her can shine through while being safe from society’s sexual shaming tactics.

I start getting fucking confused. Because first of all, slut shaming is apparently a “cultural, religious, feminist and social brainwashing circle” while also being a natural consequence of it”it’s in their DNA to “protect their eggs” despite their own urges”.

So which is it, bro? Is it a social conspiracy against casual sex, or is it a natural outgrowth of women’s natural proclivities to do a thing that’s encoded in their DNA? The ultimately technique of your attempts of breaking through ASD doesn’t really change, but the underlying motive for your answer is so fucking interesting in how you percieve women.

Know what I think? I think you start off with “feminist social religous brainwashing” because you think that’s what you’re supposed to say (“Of course sex isn’t really bad, it’s just that the world sometimes think so”) and end up with saying it’s in their DNA because your actual assumptions about women is that they don’t want sex, you have to trick them out of their natural tendencies to get it, and if let to their own devices, women won’t ever have sex with anyone but the top percentage of alpha males to fertilize their eggs.

That might not be you, I may just be arguing with the straw PUA in my head. You going to claim that isn’t the assumption?

Secondarily, I love how there’s all these cultural and religious forces but it’s just so pathetic that women fall for them. Those young women are so pathethic when they listen to he rest of the world and let them rule their desires. Man it’s so fucking pathetic that young women think they’ll be damaged for life when they have sex with people, it’s a fucking laugh because clearly they’re just so gosh-darned stupid when they fall for that old lie, am i right fellas? Man, those poor confused creatures who doesn’t know their own desires.

That’s pretty fucking patronizing, bro. Yeah, sure, all the world is telling women that their virginity is what’s important and that they literally damage themselves when they have sex with people, but it’s really their fault for falling for it.

Oh, and I bet you can’t just ask them to sleep with you because, let me just return back to the translator real quick:

“I love sex.” “I love sex once I’m in an exclusive relationship with a man who’s jumped through all of my many hoops.” (Women who truly love sex never have to say “I love sex.”)


“I don’t fuck guys on the first date.” “I don’t fuck guys on the first date anymore. I used to and had a great time back then.”

So yeah. All those religious cultural social feminist DNA encoded anti slut impulses totes make it so that women completely utterly want to sleep with you – sexual desire isn’t DNA coded I guess – but they just cannot because they’re so…. something-something fuck those pathetic girls, and if they do sleep with you because you break through their ASD watch the fuck out bro because they’ll sap and eat your manly vigor right quick.

2. @Lea: From your overwhelmingly cliché response, it is clear that you have never read a single post on BD’s blog. He has never advocated cheating on, abusing, or hurting women. He advocates open relationships in which the women (just like the men) can sleep with other people as well. He never advocated one way open relationships or cheating of any kind. Your entire response was one big generic cliché which liberals pull out of their asses every time they confront anyone who disagrees with them. You are not fit to give anyone a psychological evaluation or project your nonsense unto the PUA community.

Have you read a single post on BD’s blog? Because I have. I had two hours earlier today that was suddenly free, so I did.

I guess I’m a sucker for pain or something. Burned hand, fire, all that.

BD’s blog is fucking weird, man.

So Lea says:

If you want to date more than one woman, just say so. Not all women want exclusivity. Not all women want long term relationships. Many enjoy having multiple partners themselves and don’t mind if their lovers do too.

But you can check BD’s translator and see what that actually means when women say it.

or Lea says:

My husband is my best friend, my lover and my hero. He’s kind. He’s honest. He’s funny. He has the patience of a saint and every year he get’s more beautiful to me. There’s a reason these jerks want to believe that men like him and like the men who regularly comment here (you guys rock) are not worth imitating: They couldn’t do it themselves. Somewhere along the way something in them got broken or didn’t develop. Their empathy and conscience malfunction. Maybe they purposefully beat them back to feel “strong” and “manly” because they don’t really know what those words mean. I don’t know, but they clearly think very little of themselves and yet when they want something they think they deserve it even if “it” is another human being. I’m not sure why they can’t see that or why they’d rather pretend they are the bestest instead of deeply flawed, but I suspect that it has to do with the burden of shame and the work to get better being too scary for them to handle.

Again, the translator. Or you can read the idea of beta male behaviours, look at the glossary, or fucking any part of the blog.

And the PUA’s response is:

Your entire response was one big generic cliché which liberals pull out of their asses every time they confront anyone who disagrees with them. You are not fit to give anyone a psychological evaluation or project your nonsense unto the PUA community.

Yes. “Disagree”. The idea that all women inevitably geld the men in their lives by turning them into hollow shells is “Disagreement” with the premise that “my husband is my best friend”.

Dear god man, here’s a link-free quote from BD’s blog because I’m wondering if I’m hitting the link limit. Search for “Fun with theory: What if Black Dragon was born a woman”

Let’s take a Star Trek moment and say a tear in the space-time continuum caused an alternate timeline in which I was born a female instead of a male. Let’s assume my personality and goals were more or less the same (as much as possible with a more emotional feminine brain), and let’s also make the wild and unlikely assumption that as a woman I was able to maintain at least most of my rational life outlook at least most of the time (which probably wouldn’t be the case, since I’d be a girl, but let’s go with it for the sake of illustration)…

Ah, but I forget, it’s a blog about being a better person.

[…] I would have the baby and start enjoying my huge child support checks (which are based on the income of the father, and he’d have a high income, so…). I would also get the needy AFC, uh, I mean, the father of my child to cover the cost of childcare while I was at work.[…]

Ah, but I forget, it’s a blog about being a better person.

I’m a girl, so after a few years I’d very likely get bored with Mr. Beta, and I’d more than likely divorce him, take a big pile of money with me, and leave most of it invested. I would not blow this money on stupid shit for me or my kids, which is what most women do. No, as always, the only money I would spend would be for sexy clothes, an inexpensive personal trainer (gotta stay hot!), and a moderate to low middle-class lifestyle for me and my kids, carefully investing everything else.

Ah, but I forget, it’s a blog about being a better person.

This is terrible! You actually want women to do this???

No. But I’m a man, sitting on the other side of the fence here. And like I said, this is just a theoretical thought exercise. I avoid gold-diggers myself. Plus, I don’t think most women can maintain the long-term logic and rationality it would take to pull something like this off. A woman like Blackdragonette would be highly unusual.

Ah, but I forget, it’s a blog about being a better persondear synaptic cleft, my head hurts.
Yep, the liberal response Lea had when she said:

These men are not tough. They’re bitter. They’re scared. Many would probably be happiest without any romantic relationships (so many people are and considering what these guys think of women…), but admitting that would again render them not a “real man”. The only thing worse than being these men must be being their victims.

Is obviously nothing but a liberal facade in the face of stunning Truth wherein we are completely unable to read the words as they are presented, and find ourselves just straight up shocked into screeching hysteria, incomprehending of the facts of the matter. It has nothing to do with principles, ideas, personal opinions or any other such thing, it is just liberal feminist DNA encoded brainwashing.

Dear gott im himmel.


And Blackdragon never said to a rape or force a woman who said no because of ASD brainwashing. He just gives techniques to overcome the religious/cultural/feminist/social circle brainwashing so that the real her can shine through while being safe from society’s sexual shaming tactics.

Yep. He sure does give techinques to overcome the religious cultural feminst social circle brainwashing WHICH IS ENCODED INTO THEIR DNA and thus allow their real self to shine through. The real self that will turn you into a castrated caricature of your former male self.

My take away from all this is that BD is clearly a molecular biology specialist and he has developed a retro-virus that rewrites the DNA of women he gives it to to break away the genes that code for feminist-social-cultural-upbringing. He learned how to do all this through reading Red Pill material and thus getting an understanding of common-sense biology.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have sex with people. And, honesty? I don’t think there’s that much wrong with wondering why someone might decline sex with you. I think there are good and bad reasons to do so, and I also think that being constantly told people will hurt themselves and be worth less for the rest of their lives if they have dirty, filthy wrongbad intimate relations is really, really skeevy and shitty.
But don’t tell me a blog is about “making a woman’s real self shine through” when the blog is clearly about having sex with as many people as possible while constantly harping on about how being a relationship will turn any man into a brainless zombie at the whim of a cruel overlord, and how all women will cheat on you if you trust them and how they’re just silly irrational woman logic creatures who speak a different language.

There’s kind of a difference.

7 years ago

Ah, so it was the links then. Well good that’s sorted, now you can all look at… is that 3000 words? I have got to go outside more.

Plaatsvervangende Schaamte


*slow clap, progressing into full on Orson Welles applause*

That’s all I have to say about that.

7 years ago

@ Fibinachi – Oh. My. God. You rock the most!

When are you starting your Canadian speaking tour, again? And may I please purchase my advance tickets right now?

7 years ago

Thank you, grumpyoldnurse and Plaatsvervangende Schaamte.

I just really had to get it out of my system after idly flipping through the blog. It’s really a strange, strange place. It’s actually really different from the usual strain of vehemently anti-women red pill blather about how they’re evil-evil and here’s how to crush them. This is really more like “Women are different and irrational, and if you let them control you, they will eat you alive, so here’s how to avoid it”.

Somewhere there’s a whole “Women aren’t evil, they’re just like wolves. If you pet a wolf and it eats your hand, who’s to blame? The wolf? No you dumbass, clearly you, for putting your hand at risk! Not that women are literally wolves, but the principle is the same!”

7 years ago

Holy shit, Fibi. That was awesome!

And to think that their whole mansplanation for why women need to be persuaded to have sex with them boils down to the stupid chorus of “Blurred Lines”, too. Hey, PUAs? It’s not us who are broken and defective and dumb and in need of liberation — it’s YOU! If women don’t want to have sex with you, it’s because you look like walking clichés yourselves. You couldn’t be more obvious prisoners of a cult mentality if you were selling flowers out of a Moonie van! Bad haircuts (often involving a lot of brutal shaving around the sides, if not altogether bald); creep stubble (or other unwise facial hair configurations); sleazy polyester shirts (and don’t tell us it’s silk, we can tell it’s not!); cheap cologne (and way too much of it); ill-fitting pants (nope, that’s NOT a huge penis in there); squeaking shoes; and worst of all, shitty, condescending attitude. No, that won’t get us into bed with you….it’ll send us all screaming in every direction AWAY from you! You are doomed to be Forever Alone, and you fucking DESERVE it!

7 years ago

Plus, I don’t think most women can maintain the long-term logic and rationality it would take to pull something like this off. A woman like Blackdragonette would be highly unusual.

Not just “highly unusual”, but very soon dead of severe cognitive dissonance. Because to think like Black Dragon is to twist your poor cerebrum into shapes a natural brain simply does not have (i.e., square-cornered and pyramidal, to fit into that pointy little block head).

Women don’t lack for logic, either for reasons of Biotwoof™ or Feminist Religious Social Conditioning™. We can logic just fine. It’s these mansplainers with their ridiculous jargonese that I get to wondering about, because they sound the absolute furthest thing from all the truly rational, thinking males I’ve ever met.

7 years ago

“Logic” in PUA language means “dismissing anything that gets in the way of me shoving my dick into a woman.”

7 years ago


Sorry to abandon our game without warning; I went down to West Virginia to visit relatives and WV is apparently the Land That WiFi Forgot. But as for fruit lax and porcupine? I’d go with Lang Lang, the Chines pianist, who is very cute and has awesome hair.

The PUA troll said:

In the manosphere, all of this is commonsense biology.

Which just goes to show you that no one should be getting their biology from the manosphere.

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