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Pickup sleazeball Julien Blanc banned from Britain; has not yet developed self-awareness

Good news, everyone! Futurama reference aside, this actually is good news: Julien Blanc, the creepy PUA who taches men how to “pick up” women by assaulting and gaslighting them, has been barred entry into the UK.

Here’s Newsweek with some of the details:

Controversial California ‘pick-up artist’ Julien Blanc has been denied entry to the UK, after a petition to prevent him hosting dating seminars in the country branding them “misogynistic”, amassed over 120,000 signatures.

The UK home secretary, Theresa May, has banned Blanc from entering the country on the grounds that his activities are “not conducive to the public good”, as the self-described “dating guru” was preparing to visit the UK in February as part of a world tour.

For more, see TheGuardian, The Telegraph, and The Daily Mail.

And watch the video above; it’s an interview he gave on CNN. The combination of his self-pity and his complete lack of self-awareness is astounding. Apparently he wants us to think that he’s a misunderstood dogooder who’s just trying to help socially awkward men find their future wives.

“I’m not going to be happy to feel like I’m the most hated man in the world,” he tells the interviewer. “I’m overwhelmed by the way people are responding.”

That I don’t doubt.

He also tells the interviewer that the pictures of him choking women were “a horrible attempt at humor. They were also taken out of context, in a way.”

Watch his body language as he says that last bit; he seems to deflate partway through,  presumably realizing that no one is going to buy this obvious bullshit. But he rallies and keeps going, trying to excuse his behavior by saying “you can make anything look bad in a picture.”

These were, of course, pictures he proudly posted on Twitter with the hashtag #ChokingGirlsAllAroundTheWorld.

He now says he’s “reevaluating” the stuff he puts out. He might want to reevaluate his soul.

Check out the #TakeDownJulienBlanc hashtag on Twitter for the latest; there are still more countries he needs to be kept out of.

100 replies on “Pickup sleazeball Julien Blanc banned from Britain; has not yet developed self-awareness”

@schwadevivre lol, I probably need to join you in Tunbridge Wells. I suspect the BBC has a box file of my complaints about their sexism and victim blaming.

I was just wondering, has Julien Blanc been banned from Japan? Because I really don’t want him to ever go there again.

As long as they can lie with confidence and an authorative tone, truth is secondary to these people.

Karl Rove has taught them well.


I’d like to ask him what kind of context he thinks would justify his behavior.

This. I got into an ill-advised Facebook argument about this with a guy who kept banging on about “context”, and I kept asking “WHAT context?” and he kept side-stepping the question.

He then told me I shouldn’t “believe everything I read on the internet” and that we shouldn’t be vilifying this guy without doing “proper research”.

He then linked me to a blog post defending Julien Blanc, written by Julien Blanc’s assistant, and proceeded to mansplain why this was a more objective source than the “sensationalist” media.

At which point, I blocked hi. Because vomit.

And to be clear, I’m a big fan of context. Context is everything. All about the context. But the more context I gather about Julien Blanc, the more indefensible he and his entire career seem.


It’s so bizarre how they think that’s actually a defense. It was out of context or a joke? But they don’t say what he ACTUALLY meant by choking women and bragging about it. What possible explanation can they provide for it? It’s just… how stupid do they think normal people are?

Right? Like, even if the context was “Oh, it was actually postmodern deconstruction of Freud’s early work on dream theory”, IT IS STILL WRONG TO GO AROUND CHOKING STRANGE WOMEN.

And even if the whole thing was staged and all those women in the pictures totally consented to being choked, the overt message is still that it’s totally cool to randomly start choking unsuspecting women.

Perhaps the context was “but I was trying to make money! It’s ok if it’s mercenary rather than personal!”

Oh, and for my suggestion of places that he can live… North Sentinel Island. It’s secluded island that almost nothing is known about because anytime anyone tries to research or explore it, they’re severely maimed if they get near the island or brutally killed instantly if they make it ashore by the tribe that lives there. They’ve made it perfectly clear that they don’t want anything to do with the outside world at all….and the outside world doesn’t want anything to do with Julien Blanc at all…..but I’m not advocating violence… That’s just taking what I said out of context.

Is he calling the Australian Department of Immigration liars — wait don’t answer that

Well they’ve got to get it right once in their miserable lives, I guess! 😀

Putting him on an uninhabited island sounds about right. But not one with rabbits. Why should the poor wild rabbits have to share their island with that scum?

Actually a floating rubbish island sounds about right. Something with no other form of life, unless it was sea birds who look at him and think “Dinner!”

He’s from California? Oh, divines.

I would like to apologize for my home state. We don’t want him here, either.

The Elephant’s Foot room at Chernobyl is deserted and contained (sort of). The two of them can compete for the title of Most Toxic To Humanity.

In the context that people that could offer something that could potentially make you happy owe you to, and that they’re not even people all the way anyway so them not wanting to doesn’t matter, it’s perfectly reasonable behaviour! THAT’s the context you all need to accept, or you’re being UNFAIR!

Funny, you mentioned his body language, David! Actually the first thing really popping in my mind, was: “oh! He is claiming, that many guys have invited him to their weddings and is shaking his head, while doind so. He’s lying!” And I’m pretty sure he indeed did lie about that and probably other stuff!

The thing he doesn’t seem to understand, (one of many) reasons we aren’t accepting his nonpology, is that the only way someone can call choking women “just a joke” is if they think violence against women, in and of itself, is funny.

Maybe one day the “just a joke” people will realize that we don’t like them or their “jokes” because the only reason they think it’s funny is because they’re bigots!

I was walking down the street two days ago, and I thought I saw him. Then I realised it was some guy that looks just like him. And then I felt sad for that guy.

True fact, rabbits were invented by God to punish all empire builders.


I remember a year back walking through Bunbury and spotting a man who looked exactly like a somewhat pudgier Lucias Malfoy.

I nearly peed myself watching this. I don’t think you need to understand the language to get it.

(Does anyone recognize the language they are speaking?)

This is what we need to teach people of all ages: ‘Joking around’ or ‘Just having a bit of fun’ isn’t joking or funny if the person you’re joking with or just having a bit of fun with isn’t also in on the joke or having fun. If your ‘joking around’ is about abusing someone, then what you’re doing is ‘Making someone the victim of your joke’. If your ‘just having a bit of fun’ is about taunting or harassing or torturing someone, then you’re ‘making fun of someone’ or ‘having fun at someone else’s expense.’ People who genuinely have a sense of humour don’t find comedic pleasure in abusing or torturing other people, and when they do make fun of people, it’s of people who have more power than they do, not those with less.

We have a petition going to keep this arsehole out of Ireland too. We have enough problems as it is, we don’t another predator on our streets. And man, that CNN interviewing isn’t holding back at all. Good!

“You can make anything look bad in a picture.” Um, I don’t think you’d have to make any special effort to make CHOKING PEOPLE look bad.

Potterchic: this guy also forgets that it’s not like we screen capped those pictures from a video he did, they’re images that HE TWEETED HIMSELF. If its anyones fault for making him look bad its his. We took them in the entirety of the context they were in, more in fact as we noted that in videos he said he choked them as an opener and endorsed grabbing random women in public. So yeah. He really didn’t know what he was saying when he blurted “out of context”.


Yep, it’s Finnish alright. Koira is indeed dog, and mestari could mean master, champion or expert (among others). The little I know about the show, I guess an adequate translation could be Dog Expert, as the onus appears to be on the young dog trainers, not the dogs themselves.

tl;dr: Yep, Finnish.

Funny, you mentioned his body language, David! Actually the first thing really popping in my mind, was: “oh! He is claiming, that many guys have invited him to their weddings and is shaking his head, while doind so. He’s lying!” And I’m pretty sure he indeed did lie about that and probably other stuff!

Any weddings he would have been to were either blood relations, or else he was crashing ’em. Because who’d marry a PUAsshole?

“The most hated man in the world”? Oh, honey, no. You’re no more significant as a villain than you were as a regular Joe, and your fifteen minutes will soon be over.

the comments on youtube are so horrible :S

They kind of complain about how ”feminism is controlling the media” because they don’t agree with the way the reporter interviewed him, lol

And they actually tried to justifiy his behavior… I mean it is clear that those seminars don’t seem to teach men to RESPECT women in the first place.

And they also agrue that somehow men are poooor poooor things who don’t have enough confidence and by being an ”alpha male” (disrespectull asshole) they totally gain confidence …..

Omg, he so totally is not taking responsibility in that interview. There is no way that he is so ignorant that he thought he was joking.

He’s coming to Finland soon… And Finnish law doesn’t really have a way to tell him not to. I just told a friend that I hope nobody attends his expensive seminar that doesn’t offer any of the (horrible) advice you can’t get from the internet for free or that people will only turn up to mock and question him and his methods.

Unless of course The Giant Claw appears and carries him away.

It takes a special kind of idiot to buy in to that whole PUA thing. I’m just not sure the amount of media attention he is getting is a good thing. A lot of special kind of idiots could flock to him after finding about the snake oil he is selling.

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