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The Fire Will Never Stop Burning: A Dramatic Reading of an 8chan Comment About Anita Sarkeesian



A We Hunted the Mammoth reader was inspired by this post yesterday to do a dramatic reading of one of the more melodramatic 8chan posts from my list of 22. I’ve pasted the original screenshot of the post below if you would like to read along.






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M. the Social Justice Ranger
M. the Social Justice Ranger
7 years ago

… And the way they’ll waste hours dogpiling on Eliza bots reminds me of badly-programmed AI mooks running endlessly into the nearest wall.

7 years ago

They do remind me of one of those areas where mooks autospawn and eventually you stop fighting them because you realize there’s no point.

7 years ago

Irony is truly lost on GGers … the hippies of the 60s were fighting AGAINST injustice and the status quo. They were the SJWs GGers currently vilify.

and instead of sending rape and death threats to people, the counterculture protesters were sometimes jailed or killed for going against the mainstream

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