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Cats at Work: A Labor Day tribute

Another busy dat at cat central headquarters
Another busy dat at cat central headquarters

Well, it’s labor day, at least here in the US, so while we all enjoy a day without labor in honor of labor, I thought I would offer this photographic tribute to our nation’s hard-working cats.

37361-cats-cat-in-computer office-cat Cat-site-under-construction CatOffice cats-fixing-computer-251110 h73C3F25C

Of course, some cats find ways to goof off while on the clock, and we salute them as well!


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Late to reply, but hope you have a good shift, cotrapangloss! Also, I have to, respectfully, disagree about your description of EMT-1 as “lowly”. Your mad skills make me look completely useless!

Signed, an RN who’s been away from critical areas for too many years.

And when you call them on it, like JudgyBitch was called on it, they make comparisons about middle-aged women with young MEN (who are age 18 or 19), and complain that no one is freaking about that “age difference.”

The extra funny thing about this is that a lot of women feel guilty about being attracted to men who’re younger than them but clearly adult, and society mostly agrees, which is why the term “cougar” exists (implies that the women are predatory). Hell, there’s this one celebrity who I think is gorgeous who I feel guilty enough about finding attractive that the only person here who’s subjected to me going “look at how gorgeous he looks in this video!” is Kittehs, and he’s 27, not 18 or 19.

But the guys who leave the comments about lowering the age of consent all over the internet? No sense of guilt at all, apparently. The only way I can imagine that being the case is if they’ve already decided that predation is just kind of how their sexuality is supposed to work. Or if they’ve decided that girls aren’t people. Or both.

gluten free dairy free soy free foods:

if it’s not too late…

you could do a thai curry with coconut milk. I usually do it with tofu but if it’s not vegetarian any other meat would do

Tinkyada makes a really good gluten free brown rice pasta. It’s delicious with a little homemade pesto (just omit any cheese) and sautéed zuchini and mushrooms.

Seconding Tinkyada rice pastas – they are great, and hold up well after cooking even in the fridge. Their lasagne noodles? Oh yes, yes indeed.

Katz I know you already made fruit salad, but a nice side is a Greek-style quinoa salad – just omit feta. Oooh, or aloo gobi if they like Indian flavours (cauliflower and potato in a dry curry, you can add other veg too and it’s wonderful stuff)

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