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My radio appearance on CKUW in Winnipeg!

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Oh, in all the excitement I forgot to mention that I was on the radio yesterday, on the show Femisphere on CKUW in Winnipeg. I talked about, well, you know, the stuff I usually talk about.

You can find it archived here; it’s the show for June 26th.

Feel free to ignore the weather report at the start, given that it’s for yesterday, and probably only relevant if you have a time machine and live in the Winnipeg area.

Thanks, Jen, for inviting me! Hope to return at some point.

17 replies on “My radio appearance on CKUW in Winnipeg!”

Winnipeg? Did you discuss the possible Evander Kane trade or just focus on the upcoming NHL draft?

IGNORE the beginning? Are you telling me what I can listen to? You think I’m your puppet? You want to control my EARS! I bet this ‘weather report’ is full of anti-man hate speech. I’m going to post all about this human rights violation on reddit, along with some gendered slurs because I’m an activist!

That was a fascinating interview and you did a great job, David. They asked really good questions.

@ katz

there is no such thing as too much Night Vale.


I have been reading WAY too many SCP articles, my brain is translating “skip” into “scp”!

Argenti, shout out to a fellow SCP reader. Woot! I wonder, could you make a GOI based on AVfM, or would that be too grim even for SCP?

Skips, not creepypasta! ^.^

More importantly, Poe’s law. And no, I don’t think you could do it without the backlash the montauk procedure gets.

You know…I like that. In a world were omnicidical reptiles exist, rape is beyond the pale. I think I’ve only ever seen it used, or implied, in terms of “we are horrible people”.

Look up the tale “conviction” — I can never decide if I love it or hate it. It should be subtitled “tales of a Nazi O5”.

Argenti – thanks for the suggestion. Hadn’t read that tale. Urgh. Reminds me of a time travel AH story I’ve heard of but haven’t read, in which travelers from our time line go back to kill Hitler and are intercepted by travelers from the timeline they’re about to create, warning them that things actually turn out *worse* without the Third Reich. Apparently, Dr. Pangloss was right.

Katz – that was great. No apologies required.

I did read a time travel AH that started with the traveler adventitiously running into Hearst before he could start the Spanish-American War, and deciding to murder him. This produced an alternate timeline, preventing him from returning. So he travels to Europe and kills Gavrilo Princips, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and so on. He’s finally caught decades later, just after murdering a future serial killer. He explains why he did it all. The detective points out that he’s murdered over thirty people – was changing history worth becoming the worst mass murderer of the twentieth century? And the old man just laughs and laughs.

Reminds me of one of the Time Wars series – The Pimpernel Plot, I think – where an alternative timeline has been created, and agents from both timelines are trying to ensure that the event that sparked it does/doesn’t happen. It’s horrible because of all the billions of people who die when one timeline is prevented from existing. The commander’s assertion that they never had existed isn’t convincing.

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