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Could the Canadian Association for Equality lose its charity status because of dubious claims in its application?

This sign, also a bit misleading.
This sign, also a bit misleading.

The last time we checked in with Canadian MRA group CAFE (Canadian Association for Equality), the group’s planned “Equality Day” music fest had just imploded after participants and sponsors of the event found out about the group’s Men’s Rights agenda and fled, saying they’d been misled about the group’s aims.

Now it turns out that the group’s application for charitable status may have also contained some, well, let’s just call it misleading information. In March, CAFE was granted charitable status, which came as a bit of a shock to a lot of people, myself included, given the group’s seemingly symbiotic relationship with the distinctly uncharitable Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men.

But will they be able to retain this charitable status? The alternative weekly Now Toronto is reporting that the group’s application for charitable status contains some pretty dubious claims. In its application, CAFE listed several feminist groups and a federal agency

as potential participants in its “regular panel discussion series” on women’s and men’s issues. … There’s just one problem: none of the groups listed has ever been involved with CAFE.

Needless to say, none of these organizations were happy to find out that CAFE had used their name without permission:

The executive directors of Egale and LEAF said they had no knowledge of ever being approached by the organization, and said they would not work with CAFE if they were asked. Before NOW contacted them, neither organization had any knowledge that CAFE had listed them on its application.
A spokesperson for Status of Women Canada, the federal agency, told NOW in an email that none of its representatives had ever been involved in a CAFE event.
And they weren’t the only ones surprised to learn that they’d made unwitting cameo appearances in the group’s application.
The group also claimed it was planning to work with university scholars from women’s studies departments, and specifically named Professor Sarita Srivastava, an associate sociology professor at Queen’s who studies anti-racist challenges to Canadian feminist groups. On its application CAFE said it was “currently” setting up a panel discussion to include Srivastava.

Reached by email, Srivastava told NOW that she was “stunned” to learn her name was on the form … .

Now Toronto details other bits of weirdness about the application; check out its reporting here.
CAFE tried its best to spin its way out of its last PR catastrophe — the collapse of the E-Day concert. Can they spin their way out of this one?

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Well, I’ve already contacted my MPP and MP about CAFE’s dubious charitable status, and the lies they told to get it are no surprise to me. Groups like LEAF and Egale would never knowingly have a thing to do with the MRM. I don’t know enough about LEAF, but Egale are a very well known gay rights group who wouldn’t risk their reputation by associating with the likes of CAFE. They are far too astute to be tricked, or to agree with CAFE’s position on gender equality.

I smell a big, fat lawsuit in the works…

According to Google, David uses my sockpuppet to work as an editor, draw both a daily and a weekly comic strip, publish short stories on a regular basis, and be nine months pregnant. He’s a busy guy.

The Now Toronto article is hilarious.

Battered Women’s groups and their sponsors will eventually fire back – and that means the government.

We need to stop this

Does that make Dave (sorry, I mean We Who Are All David, And David Is Us) the Borg Cube of purple poodles?

we are the David Futrelle
you will be emasculated
resistance is misogyny


David Futrelle is also all of Jezebel, considering how often manospherians hold him accountable for articles they published several years ago and the opinions of their commentariat.

He was also all of Radfemhub.

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