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Open Thread for Non-Personal Stuff. No Trolls, No MRAs.


I had an interesting conversation recently with a woman on Twitter who told me that my policy of letting MRAs and misogynists comment here, at least so long as they’re not abusive, was keeping her and others she knew from joining in the conversation; she wanted a place to discuss MRAs where she didn’t have to deal with them.

I know a lot of the regulars here like engaging with the trolls and MRAs who stop by, but I’d like to create some space here for commenters who want to discuss the issues in a Troll- and MRA-free zone.

So I thought I’d try starting a new kind of Open Thread: A No-Troll, No-MRA, No-Misogynist, No-Rape-Apologist, No-Douchebag Thread to discuss the issues I cover on the blog and anything related to that: Misogyny, MRAs, PUAs, MGTOW, the “Red Pill,” and so on. Enjoy!

Oh, and if a troll wanders in, or if someone starts being douchey, ignore them and send me a note. I’ll delete their comments and ban them. No warning, no moderation, straight ban.

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Kittehs I hope so! I’m planning on getting more into writing, mostly because I’ve had this idea about the Iliad that’s been bugging me for months, but I’ve only done analytical writing before, so I hope I don’t suck.

It’d be great to have photos of the budgies – they’re mostly a pretty indigo colour, rather than the normal blue, but money is definitely an issue. However, I will try to take photos myself over the weekend, see how I do. Thank you for the offer though Kim!

Thanks guys. Glad you like my photos. Having such cute subjects helps. 🙂

I did mean a free photo shoot for fun. I still have anxiety around doing shoots for people (which is why most of my photos are of my own pets), but I do want to get more practise. I’ve come to think that it’s far more important to be good at the business side (dealing with people, being professional etc) than it is to actually take good photos. So if you’d like a free shoot let me know. I’m at the gold coast and getting up to Brissy isn’t a problem.

How far north is your sister? Are Laddie and Pepe dogs?

Completely unrelated to everything else but a bit funny: Me and Husband grows a lot of veggies in our yard. In order to stave off deer who want to steel our veggies we put up a good fence around it, but then we still had trouble with vole/mice/some kind of little animal. So we bought this device that is supposed to scare such creatures off: It’s like this stick that you drive into the ground, and on top there’s this little solar powered engine, making it vibrate, spreading vibrations through the ground.
The funny thing is that it’s called a “vibration rod”. Yeah, we really picked up a package at the post office yesterday, a fairly big package since it’s a good-sized rod, saying “vibration rod”. They really couldn’t come up with a less sex-toy:y name for it?

In that case I might take you up! I’d have to talk to my parents though, and I’m not sure if they’d go for “hey person I’ve met on the internet wants to take photos” (I mean, I’m fine with it, but they’re of the school of thought that even Facebook events are dangerous). If you’re looking for experience, my aunt has 2 dogs and she’d love photos (she’s also more understanding of the internet)!

Gympie’s def not a daytrip 🙂 Those dogs are adorbs though.

I’ve met so many people IRL who I met on the internet and I am still here to tell the tale. 🙂 I met my boyfriend online, and that’s how I found my dog and 2 birds too. 🙂 All my cats I met in person/caton first. Reminiscing now: I went to my first internet meetup with a group of people from IRC 18 years ago. This was pre-facebook and instant messaging and you had to be a real geek to have online friends. They were a great bunch of people though and we had an awesome time. (this is me on that very night – )

But, I can understand parents being protective, especially if you ever mention to them the guys David writes about.

Is Tea for Two’s point that we don’t stay on topic? If so, congrats? I mean, we could’ve just told you that and spared everyone a headache.

If not, wtf is this point we’re proving?

Also, the baby robin in the BF’s yard is starting to look like an actual bird, gods those things are ugly when they first hatch!

@Kim I don’t think pet photos are on the table right now, but if you ever want to meet up, message my tumblr ( and we can go from there. (I figured, given the number of troll around here, it’s probably not a good idea to reveal private emails and I am far too lazy to set one up just for WHTM – I’d never check it!) I’d love to meet up with any mammotheers if they’re ever in the Brisbane area – it’d be great fun!

@David (& everyone else)

I was reading your lively twitter exchanges with the AVfM crew. Several of them mention “gendercide” against men, which you helpfully point out is not a word. I checked out some of the MRA feeds and they seem to be pushing the idea of male genocide, using #killallmen and “Agent Orange Files” as examples. For those of you unfamiliar with the AO files, it’s a collection of anti-male message board comments by supposed feminists that in some way prove that the goal of feminism is the extermination of men or something like that. They act as if they came into possession of some explosive black-ops Pentagon Papers-esque secret documents, rather than random screen caps. It’s pretty goofy.

Anyway, this led to this JudgyB tweet:

<blockquote<@djred678 @GOP @HillaryClinton Probably not but you do accept these radical feminist cells advocating extermination exist and are a threat?

Now, I can never tell when JudgyB is being serious since she is both truth and humor impaired, but it seems like she thinks that’s a real thing. I was wondering if they’re noticeably pushing the male “gendercide” narrative right now to counter the discussions about Elliot Roger’s (and their) misogyny or if it’s just the same old same old feminist conspiracy chitter chatter.

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