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Happy New Year! Also, a cat


Happy New Year!

My first New Year’s resolution is to finish up my slightly belated Big Year End Review of Manosphere Greatness in 2013. But in the meantime, enjoy this cat, and this open thread.

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Ahhh, New Year. We never cared about it until Christmas got tainted, and now, we say: GOODBYE, 2013! MAY WE NEVER SEE THE LIKES OF YOU AGAIN!

Seriously, 2013 was ASS. Spent pretty much the entire year homeless and crazy, so I am not sad to see it gone, even if I got a lot done, got on disability, and started my art business pretty well. (I made almost $1500 this year in art income, even though I was just flailing around in desperation!)


RE: Ally

A while ago I tried to see if there were any fellow trans women programmers I could get in touch with, but my efforts were fruitless.

I know three! 😀 Though I’m not sure whether all three are employed programmers; some of them might be engineers, or unemployed, but they all do SOME kind of computery work. Would you like me to give them a poke? I’m sure one of them would be happy to help a fellow trans programmer.

RE: Argenti

Hell, they make wash and reuse thingies now, I’m guessing it doesn’t take much water to clean those.

Hell, my blood-soaker is a medical-grade silicone cup that can, if necessary, go without washing for a while. (And when it does need washing, barely any water at all.) And there’s reusable pads and a bunch of other options. I know this because of my researches. (And by ‘researches,’ I mean a zine on bleeding green someone I know made.)

Seriously, these guys. Don’t they know people have been having uteruses for a bajillion years and coping with them? *eyeroll*


I know three! 😀 Though I’m not sure whether all three are employed programmers; some of them might be engineers, or unemployed, but they all do SOME kind of computery work. Would you like me to give them a poke? I’m sure one of them would be happy to help a fellow trans programmer.

If it’s not too much trouble for you, sure! That would be super helpful. Thanks. ^_^

Emilygoddess, that’s awesome about your year. I’ve had some of the best years in my life after I turned 30. It sounds like it

Yay, premature post. Thanks, haunted keyboard!

I meant to say: It sounds like it’s going to be the same for you. I hope so!

Augz, the best way I know of to eat lots of vegetables is in soup. The next best way is by roasting them. I’m a much bigger fan of cooked, hot food than raw food, FWIW. The third way I cram more veggies in my diet is by veggie-heavy main dishes, like having spinach and mushroom enchiladas instead of cheese ones, or having roasted veggie pasta, for example.

Argenti, I hope she sent you rainbow carrot seeds for your unicorns.

A cool cyborg wombat and sweet Digger ref in one fell swoop. Thursday has been improved.

I got Beloved the paperback Digger Omnibus for Christmas. She had no idea what could be so heavy, but when all was said and done it was the only gift she got this year that made her exclaim.

I had ulterior motives: I haven’t been able to get through it online, and I thought it would be easier to finish it in the dead-tree version.

I love it. It’s a great story and very creative. I highly recommend it.

Falconer — your apple seeds are appreciated by my herd of ableist comment critters (I’m collecting one every time we fail to go 24 without an ableist comment, I have six unicorns and two horses and started this like 10 days ago >.< )

Serrana — she didn't specify, but those are kinda awesome.

I’m glad everyone liked the wombat! I’ll be doing the last one (the tiger) either later today or tomorrow.

Also, Ally, I have contacted my horde of computery trans women. I hope to get a response from them soon! 😀

@wordsp1nner & cloudiah:

I’ve totally been there, my grandmother had a cancer in her jaw, which doctors were luckily able to remove, but it fouled up her face for some time and the care she received from my aunt was… less than stellar. But here’s hoping your folks can fight through.

A note about the borgwombat that I think folks may be amused by! For each borgcritter, I tried to have a different inspiration for each of their designs. (The donkey was plague doctor/beekeeper, the fish was submarine, the cuttlefish a torpedo…) But I didn’t know much at all about the wombat, or even really what one looked like; I was imagining something large and possibly cuddly, like a capybara or something. So I went to that patron saint of quick ‘n’ dirty knowledge, Wikipedia. What did I learn?

“A wombat may allow an intruder to force its head over the wombat’s back, and then use its powerful legs to crush the skull of the predator against the roof of the tunnel,”

“Humans who accidentally find themselves in a fray with a wombat may find it best to scale a tree until the animal calms and leaves.”

“Startled wombats can also charge humans and bowl them over”

“One naturalist, Harry Frauca, once received a bite 2 cm (0.8 in) deep into the flesh of his leg—through a rubber boot, trousers and thick woolen socks.”

“a 59-year-old man from rural Victoria state was mauled by a wombat (thought to have been angered by mange),[10] causing a number of cuts and bite marks requiring hospital treatment. He resorted to killing it with an axe.”

Cuddly, my ass! Wombats are TANKS.

Wombats? They may look like a busy-busy waddling always-on-the-ground furry relative of koalas. But that furry, fluffy bottom is actually a super heavy grade bone shield. Their burrow entrances are j.u.s.t. big enough for them to get through. If anything’s attacking them, they can get into the burrow entrance and their rear end becomes like a massive, immovable, castle gate.

One interesting thing about their development. A keeper at a wildlife place told us that there’s no problem with babying the little ones – which are seriously cute. You can cuddle them, play with them, do silly, stupid things with them with no fear that they’ll be unable to cope in the wild. When puberty arrives, they make up their minds to go – and they never come back. They don’t need any of that fancy acclimatisation or graduated release stuff. They just go and live their lives without a backward glance.

A wombat takes care of the villain in one of the Phryne Fisher books. IIRC, she tosses a potato behind the villain and the wombat just bulldozes and tramples him en route to his (the wombat’s) favourite treat.

Wombats are mentioned in Rossetti’s poem “Goblin Market”, which is also a wonderful paean to sisterhood. Speaking of non sequiturs, my resolution for the New Year is to stop obsessing over not understanding jazz and just enjoy listening to it.

Katz — I’m collecting a unicorn when we fail to go 24 hours without ableism (hey, we made it 24 hours? I’m not caught up on the other thread, so I shouldn’t celebrate yet I guess)…horses are for when we end up discussing ableism cuz someone said something iffy, but it’s iffy, not straight up ableism — the first one was because somebody quoted Lovecraft and the discussion of whether it was ableist caused me to opt for a horse, since having the discussion is nearly as annoying at this point, but you remember how the unicorn thing started? I’m more likely to find a unicorn than go 24 hours with manboobz having an ableist comment (I think it may’ve been you actually who “awarded” me my first unicorn)

Oh, OK, I remember the initial conversation but I was interpreting it as you get a unicorn if you don’t get an ableist comment. Then when you had so many unicorns I figured I had it backwards.

Shouldn’t there be some sort of prize for when we successfully get through 24 hours? Or are we just assuming that this will never happen?

Well, I have 6 unicorns and 2 horses in like 10 days. So I’m gonna go with it not happening. I think we have made it 24 hours though, so the next one gets me a horse and resetting the timer?


Yay for your good year and second cousin :3 Hope your mom’s cousin does okay. Internet hugs + good thoughts from me, if you want them.


Glad to hear you had a good year :3


Sorry to here about your cruddy year + homelessness, hugs from me if you want them.

And I saw your tumblr post on the wombat thing. Wombats sound scary 😮

PS: I’ve been loving your borg critters :3

The Baltimore Feminist group behind the VS Consent is the best thing to come out of that city since The Wire. Their Playboy anti-rape party school article hoax was pretty awesome.

Off topic, but do any of you know some good vegetable or fruit recipes? I’m trying to eat way more vegetables, but I’m not good at cooking them.

My go-to recipe for roasted veg (broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower so far, they all work well):

Pre-heat oven to 400F
Line a baking sheet with tinfoil (to make easier cleanup)
Chop veg and pile it on baking sheet
Chop up 4 – 6 strips bacon and sprinkle over
Cut garlic butter into tiny pieces (about 1 1/2 tbsp in all) and sprinkle over
Bake for 15 minutes, stir.
Bake for another 10 minutes, stir.
Keep checking in 10 minute increments, stirring, until you’ve achieve the level of caramelization you like.

I also roast sweet potatoes and keep them ready in the fridge to nuke to be my meal’s starch serving.

In warmer weather, I eat a lot of chopped salads, which I find more satisfying than leafy salads.

My go-to bed-time snack lately:

In a bowl, mix a handful of berries (fresh is best, but thawed frozen is okay) or canned peaches with cold coconut milk or heavy cream. If you’re feeling wild, toss in some chocolate chips.

BEHOLD! All of the borg critters are FINISHED! Here is a post with all of them, though the little stories I made up for them is not included due to length thingies.

RE: mildlymagnificent

If anything’s attacking them, they can get into the burrow entrance and their rear end becomes like a massive, immovable, castle gate.

I should not find this funny, but I DO.

Are wombats from Valhalla, because they’re obviously ASGARDIANS! *is shot and never heard from again*

RE: cloudiah

That borg wombat is my absolute favorite. I think maybe it was my suggestion?

Not gonna lie, the wombat is one of my favorites too. It was so much fun to draw and research, especially since the prior few were during the Christmas depression and I had a hard time getting anything done.

RE: Robert

my resolution for the New Year is to stop obsessing over not understanding jazz and just enjoy listening to it.

I didn’t think jazz was ever MEANT to be understood! *loves certain flavors*

RE: Marie

PS: I’ve been loving your borg critters :3

I enjoyed making them! I’m kind of sad that they’re all done now. 🙁 They were so much fun, and I hadn’t done a commission of that size for about a year.

I guess I have one Pegasus and some anti-ableism oats then!

Alice — equī if masculine, which I’m pretty sure it is. Equi may or may not be acceptable for class, depending how much of a hard ass your teacher is.

My mom is going to an actual, bona fide, rehab center tomorrow — which is great, because she’ll get more post-stroke physical, occupational, and speech therapy than she can get in the hospital she’s been in. So yay! But my sister goes home on the 13th, and I’m kind of terrified at facing taking care of my mother by myself after that. (Though I did it for a week before my sister could fly out here…)

Basically, I’m happy and terrified at the same time. Happified? Terrifiedappy? Not sure there’s a word for it. Also, I feel like I could sleep for 24 hours straight given the opportunity, but no one is giving me the opportunity. 0_o


p.s. My mother had a good night’s sleep last night (difficult in a hospital), and I asked her what made it good and she said “I had a dream about Nelson Mandela” which was pretty adorable.

Argenti – Thanks. I was pretty sure it was equi (2nd declension nominative masculine plural noun ending in my head is “-i”, but I often confuse the masculine and the neuter endings), but wanted to check with someone who was more knowledgeable than me at the subject.

My teacher I don’t think is that strict. My professor has been pretty lax regarding that.

My mother had a good night’s sleep last night (difficult in a hospital), and I asked her what made it good and she said “I had a dream about Nelson Mandela” which was pretty adorable.


Also, germane to this and the other bit: Lente, lente currite, noctus equi.

I am a combat veteran. Most of the idiots who say women dent serve in combat are wannabe’s themselves. I’m also a decorated vet. I don’t tolerate these blowhards when I come across them in the VA. which is frequently, I refuse to go into details to prove my shit to them either. Why should I have to satisfy their morbid curiosities as to the disgusting realities of war? What they DON’T know makes me laugh. What they do know, often comes from some sick voyeurism they satisfy by lurking on the forums of VFW’s.

Re: programming. I’ve done it myself. C/Cplusplus Keyboard issues LOL) JAVA, VB, a bit of Objective C. If you can grasp JAVA then is a scripting language, will be a cinch.JAVA and JavaScript are.quite different. One is extensible. One is not. The scripting languages are ideal for front end. but I to think having the fundamentals of A language designed for “under the hood” programming would-be beneficial, long term.. Few people become “guru’s” without at feast 5 years professional development in an extensible language under their belt. The idea of contributing to an open source project is a damn good one. I wish you all the best.

Equi reminds me – the SF writer Charles Stross wrote a short story titled ‘Equoids’ that is his highly idiosyncratic take on the unicorn mythos. Rather nasty, in an entertaining way (outside of the people who get horribly killed, that is).

LBT – that’s what my husband was telling me (re:jazz). Obviously, you need to know things like what syncopation and swing and the difference between modal and chordal are if you’re going to play it. I was probably acting out some psychological issues trying to ‘get’ jazz, which was just getting in the way.

Also, please remember that rape culture is a myth created by feminists.


Well …come on ..they SAID she “wasn’t little miss muffin .” Isn’t that proof enough rape culture is a myth ?

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