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Truly Scary Halloween Costume: Sexy Men’s Rights Activist

No Friendzoning!
No Friendzoning!

If you’re still looking for last-minute Halloween costumes — play along with me here, huh? — might I suggest what might possibly be the scariest one of all? Dress up like a (gasp!) Men’s Rights Activist, like the fellow above, a real-life MRA cosplayer I found on STFU Assholes.

If you’re looking for more MRA costume ideas, I suggest perusing the pictures here. (Warning: these are actual MRAs.)

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Athywren — I’m fairly sure I have that Salubri book, I just got up, so give me a minute, but I’m pretty sure I hunted that down when I was making my Salubri uh, city monitor ^.^

Malitia — you absolutely must read the Malk first edition book, it’s just one big in joke wrapped in a cover!

LBT — that sucks, and fuck, I hadn’t thought of that. My plane issues probably would apply underwater huh? Ah well, at least mine just leave me feeling like I’m trying to hear through jello, for scuba diving it might be worth it.

3′ sounds shallow enough you could safely test if it still applies though, hit a public pool and try it in the shallow end since even your short self could just stand up if you got disoriented (I joke about the short part, I’ve got what, 2″ on you?)

Cassandra — yeah, I know, but fuck, what a load of bull! You knew it, pecunium knew it, I knew it, but this is way beyond just going “we don’t see severe impairment here”. I mean, I knew they were playing at how other people are psychotic and I’m not so clearly I’m not disabled (note, this is not a crack at the psychotic, this was actually said, just without the snark), but this is just plain make shit up day.

Like, some of the core features of BPD are things like frantic efforts to avoid real or imaged abandonment. Which, considering y’all where my only social outlet for months and I started commenting out of boredom, not some driving need not to be abandoned…yeah. I’d live in a cave if it had internet (well, and various features required to make it habitable, but they are things like sources of food and water)

Heads up on that dailymail link posted by Good, Dean Esmay comments at the bottom of the first page. Naturally there’s a lot of degenerate MRAs posting their comments.

😮 I beg to differ!:

9. A real man keeps his house in order

You know that means “keeping the woman and the kids in line, so they don’t embarrass him.”

The not having 1E thing came from the fact that anything oWoD published in Hungarian was for Revised Edition Vampire (corebook, Guide to the Camarilla/Sabbat, clan novels etc.) so when I got on the net to hunt for more info it made sense to ignore the earlier versions… and then… let’s just say I have this awful collecting habit. ^^;

Oh, that’s right, you aren’t a native speaker. My apologies for not realizing that the 1E editions are rare enough in English, they probably weren’t produced at all in other languages. Would you like the English versions? I have some of them in PDF form.

Pecunium — well they certainly don’t mean organized, that’s cleaning, and that’s women’s work! Oh, ikea has stand alone closest railing bar things (they’re technically hallway racks, but they stand, and have the bar, so who cares?) Where is your nearest ikea anyways? Not the one here is it?

“Oh, that’s right, you aren’t a native speaker.” So my English isn’t as bad as I think it is. 😀 I would love them. malitia (a) freemail dot hu is my e-mail. but I’m also member in the devart group (I’m the person with the misused Japanese honorific in her username, and sparkly ball avatar). ^v^

I still have my photocopied English Changeling 2E corebook somewhere. Missing pages and all… Yeah. Nostalgic. (Getting English books in the 90s was hard and expensive and there wasn’t a big selection of RPGs in Hungarian either so we used what we could get.)

Since this is kinda Halloween open thread…

I write in remembrance of my paternal grandmother, who died last night, quite appropriately since according to modern Finnish holiday calendar, All Hallow’s day is today and last night was what technically equals Halloween. This day we traditionally remember the dead by visiting family graves, but I’m not meeting any family, dead or alive, today, so I’d like to write here instead. Not to ask for consolation, just to remember.

It was a relatively easy and expected death by deteriorating heart function. She was 88 years old and stubbornly lived at home until the last couple of days. My father did an admirable job visiting her frequently in another town, arranging her business and taking care of the house, although he apparently didn’t like her company much. I’m not at all sure I could do that. I know he feels relieved, but what else he feels I find hard to imagine. I was only moderately close to her, although this is the closest thing to losing a loved one I’ve yet seen in my short life. Not much compared to many others my age, let alone older people.

Also I don’t think there were revised Kithbooks. I don’t think that supplement series was even finished.

Thanks, all. Like I said, it’s not a big deal, not for me anyway. Dunno about dad.

In Sweden there’s an old tradition where kids dresses up as witches for Easter, go from house to house and give Easter pictures (pics of chickens and the like) in exchange for candy. The kids here do a sort of mash-up of traditional Swedish Easter and American Halloween for Halloween – they go from house to house dressed as witches, and give pictures of spiders and spooky castles in exchange for candy.

That’s so cute. In Finland kids go around on Palm Sunday (week before Easter), dressed as witches (western/Swedish tradition), chanting ritualized blessings (eastern/Orthodox tradition).

I don’t eat candy and I always forget to get it for Palm Sunday, but usually I don’t get kids on my door either. Especially since that time I handed apples to one large group 🙂

Now I’m sad that our easter custom:
a) isn’t limited to children*.
b) doesn’t involve costumes**.
c) is sexist***.

* This means gifts aren’t limited to candy. Adults may get drinks, and money has no age limit.
** scented water, cheap cologne etc. and I’m glad it’s not the old buckets of water anymore.
*** If you are a boy/man it’s a day to go around and get gifts for very little effort. If you’re a girl/woman it’s a day where you give gifts, must endure silly rhymes… and stink. (As the guys sprinkle you with scented water/cheap cologne (there is a painful flower metaphor for why: “flowers need to be watered to not wither”) which inevitably mixes and… you can imagine the rest.)

I forgot: It was actually more equal in the “buckets of water” times, as girls/women had the right to “water back” some days later. No gifts but at least you could take revenge. :]


The real men discussion was specifically about memes and Askmen is a male centered website that is often not friendly to feminist ideals.

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