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Truly Scary Halloween Costume: Sexy Men’s Rights Activist

No Friendzoning!
No Friendzoning!

If you’re still looking for last-minute Halloween costumes — play along with me here, huh? — might I suggest what might possibly be the scariest one of all? Dress up like a (gasp!) Men’s Rights Activist, like the fellow above, a real-life MRA cosplayer I found on STFU Assholes.

If you’re looking for more MRA costume ideas, I suggest perusing the pictures here. (Warning: these are actual MRAs.)

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8 years ago


The real men discussion was specifically about memes and Askmen is a male centered website that is often not friendly to feminist ideals.

8 years ago

My friend had her Halloween party this weekend, and she went as a “sexy MRA,” while her fiancee dressed as a “friendzoning floozy”. Many lulz were had.

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