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Proud Woman-Hater Declares War on the Dictionary


Sometimes my job here is too easy. Usually I have to leave the confines of my own blog to find examples of misogyny to share on the blog. Today, the misogyny came right to me, in the form of a cartoon-villain-esque monologue deposited directly into the comments here by a proud woman-hater named Mark Minter.

Oh, but don’t call him a misogynist. Because Mr. Minter has declared war not only on women (and on me) but on language itself. Rejecting the dictionary definition of “misogynist” as “one who hates women,” Minter declares himself to be a “woman hater” but somehow not a misogynist. I don’t get it either. Here’s his, er, argument:


You throw this misogynist term around like it is an insult. But you know me, who I am, what I write. And I honestly believe I am not a misogynist.

I am a Woman Hater. There is a world of difference.

Misogynist is a clever little Femcentric term that women created to hurl at men or society whenever men or society don’t fall to their knees for the little dears. Sort of like Racist, something that the thinking man, the educated men would never wished to be levied at him.

But I’m woman hater. And it came from a long, long time of seeing, watching, and being with women, and knowing the creepy, greedy, scummy, black hearted little bitches that they are. You can’t hurl that “you just get didn’t get any” thing women that like to toss at men’s bloggers, because I did and I know them to their fucking core, literally and figuratively. My number dwarfs the number of the average man.

A woman hater knows women, to their core, to their little black hearted center, and hates them as they are for who and what they are. I could less if the little dears get all the institutional things they want. Heck I want them to have it and create their little world that they are over there with them, and men are over here.

Hurl your epithets at me, your misogynist accusations and I don’t care other than, in a correct verbal sense, you are using the wrong term. Its a little insulting from that standpoint, but I find it fitting that you can’t tell a misogynist from woman hater. You defend them because you don’t know them.

See, being a woman hater is a sign of good sense, a realistic appreciation of the world, the way things are, and especially the way women are.

PS, I’m here because my name showed up with you bashing me over something and I wish you would do it more. It really gives me better cred with the fellows. Fuck, we’re even good for each other. I give you shit to write about so you can play your beta/omega game, “Look I stood for you against those bad bad men. Please don’t reject me.” and your slamming me gives me more cred in the ‘Sphere.

Toddles Manboob

Mark Minter

So there you have it.

Also, Mark, I believe you mean “toodles,” not “toddles.” “Toodles” is a shortening of “Toodle loo,” a slang term meaning “goodbye.” “Toddle,” by contrast, means “to walk with short, unsteady steps” or “to walk leisurely; stroll.”

Also, my name isn’t “Manboob.” “Man Boobz” is the name of the blog, and my term for dear fellows like yourself, who are men and also boobs. That is, “foolish or stupid” people. I’m David.


EDIT: In case you had forgotten who Minter was (I had), he wrote the little manifesto I wrote about here. You know, the one about how Obama’s reelection was going to lead to some sort of dystopian matriarchy. Pretty standard Manosphere moonbattery.

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9 years ago

katz: I don’t think so. I get the impression he is asserting that he doesn’t hate women; he just understands The Spearhead to be speaking “home truths” that Dave doesn’t like to admit.

His whole, “how can you support an ideology which hates you” is predicate on the idea male feminists accept the hate, and (for some inexplicable reason) ignore it.

9 years ago

Oh, and how is the kitten? I saw too late to be able to try to reccomend anyplace local to you (and the most local I can recall is in Eagle Rock, and is spendy, being an emergency vet).

9 years ago

Daniel, let me try translating what you just wrote into the terms I see it as. Maybe this will help us bridge the gap between our mutually exclusively world views. As two people of fond humour, smiles and respect, I’m sure we’ll get along swimmingly when I do so. Begin translation!

David, you certainly are a charmer, I have a weak spot for humor, sarcasm and irony no matter who the messenger is

Hello David, you certainly try to blithely manipulative people, and I have a weakspot for humor, sarcasm and irony – but when you do it, it sort of annoys me, because it highlights my own hypocrisy, could you stop?

I am one of those who pretty much agree with what sites like “The Spearhead” has to say, and therefore one that you – without knowing me – freely would call a “misogynist”. That is ok! Even if I think my female friends would strongly disagree with you.

I am one of those people who pretty much agree with what sites like “The Spearhad” has to say, and there I am a misogynist because I am on record for stating I pretty much agree that single mothers should do terms in whorehouses, that the sexual marketplace is a thing, that any single woman who isn’t sleeping with a man is doing something wrong and that gender-specific tax should be imposed on all woman, everywhere so they can pay back what “bitches have done” to men. Feel free to call me a misogynist! By having these views, I am one! My female friends would agree with you, too!

What is intriguing though, is why you feel a need to defend feminism? I wonder what your motivation is. I don`t see it emerging anywhere clearly in your blog. We all have different life stories. Some turn out to love women more. Some turn out to love men more. And some love people – no matter what gender they are. It is just the way social psychology works. We turn out different. None is better than the other.

What is intriguing to me is why you feel the need to defend an ideology I don’t agree with? I wonder what your motivation is, because you are a sly, subtle sort, and you must an ulterior motive to your activities. You see, no man can really believe in feminism, we all have different life stories and I know that some people love women more (and they’re wrong), some people love men more (And they’re right). And some love people – no matter what gender they are, and you are neither of these, you craven dog. My social psychology proves this! We turn out different. None is better than the other. Wanting single mothers in whorehouses and their children euthanized is completely equal to wanting less sexism in the work place and equal pay for equal work. No ideology is any better than any other, and you are supporting the wrong ideology, so come join mine, it’s much better.

But why an intelligent man like yourself turn out to defend an ideology that hates him, it puzzles me a lot. I am honestly from the bottom of my heart fascinated, and not mocking you.

But why an intelligent man like yourself turn out to defend an ideology that hates him, by taking direct quotes and mocking those direct quotes, it puzzles me a lot. I am honestly from the bottom of my heart fascinated with how that works, because I can’t understand fragmentation of concepts of levy reading comprehension, and I think direct statements of mockery equals support for the other. This gestalt construct in my head helps me get through my life, because setting up a binary system of me being right and Feminists being a man-hating hate ideology stops me from having to seriously consider the notion that feminism is actually a worthwhile, true belief system.

I am not an American. I don`t live in the states, but have come to learn that dichotomies are more visible in your culture than in mine.

I don’t know anything about American culture, and I don’t live in the states – but I have come to learn that dichotomies are visible in your culture than mine, but I wouldn’t know…

Americans tend to be pretty brutal, and seem to have a mind set that says “if you don`t agree with me then you must hate me and hence I must defend myself”, whereas where I live, one can easily disagree strongly on one political issue, and then forget all about that to go out for dinner together. .

Not knowing anything about American culture, I am perfectly able to make a judgement on it, based on the assumption that the two party system is a sham and that bipartisanship is sinking the country. These talking points are things I got off a newspaper, and they apply to this issue too! Because everything is ultimately equal. None is better than the other. The golden mean is the only true way. If you, David, agree to hate women a little and know they’re kind of, sort of bitchy sluts, then I, Daniel, will agree that maybe only 50 % of single mothers should go to the whore whores, and that maybe we can sort of equality – I mean, obviously men should still be paid more, but the important thing is reaching compromise, as no thing is better than any other thing.

It is a mind set that says “your political ideas are only a fraction of your mind and if we don`t agree on those I am sure we will agree on other things and like each other anyway”. The difference of culture is outstanding and it shines through in both blogs like yours and the Spearhead where respect for ones opponent is practically gone, and one has the sensation that hate itself is almost breaking surface.

I don’t like having strong opinions, and realizing that what people say and do tells me a lot about them is harder than understanding that sometimes I should let go of others. I pride myself on my ability to tolerate misery, stupidity, hate, ignorance, bigotry, racism, sexism, misogyny, misandry, hatred and rage, because nothing is better than any other. You, David, by taking direct quotes from the Spearhead and other sources, are doing the exact same thing as calling for all single mothers to be shipped off to whore houses. There is no difference between these two things, and this is why I am so popular at dinner parties.

Anyway. I don`t know where I am going with this. I certainly don`t expect us to agree. I guess what I am saying is that the polarization sort of saddens me.

I’m just going to go on, having little point, but I do want to confuse and muddle the issue by stating once again that polarization hurts the ability to converse, and if you, Manboobs, could agree to hate women a little and maybe fuck a bitch shit up every OTHER Sunday, then I, Daniel, would agree that maybe people should be allowed to not be sent to sex-segrated camps unless they’re really annoying. There is no difference between anything, and holding one opinion is equally as valid as holding another, and I need to say this a lot, to make statements like sending single mothers to the whore house the same as saying that people have the right to choose who they associate with.

I guess my thoughts sprung out from the comment by Mark Minter, that you have published here in this thread. Even as a “Spearhead” viewer, I am obviously a sensitive person because seeing someone write “I hate women” outright actually shocks me. I am thinking “some woman has really really hurt this poor guy” and then you reply by mocking him. The mutual despise is sickening.

Seeing someone else write what I clearly think shocks me because it makes me aware what I have been thinking and know all along, but someone else actually having the guts to state it out loud instead of subtly hinting that nothing is better than anything surprised me. When people say they hate women, the correct response is to be sympathetic and nice, friendly and outgoing of support, and not mock them, because clearly some slutty bitches who I totally don’t hate but would like to see paying their debts and serving their time in the whore houses, have hurt the poor man a lot. And we should respect his hurt feelings. Because everything is equal.

Hey! Manboobs! If you agree to help and support Mark Minter and call out the bitchy women who hurt him, and give him a free trip to the whorehouse, then I, Daniel, will throw us all a dinner party where we can agree on the right split between hating women and denying them access to healthcare and how to muddle the water and say that Feminism hates men and is wrong, but everything is still equal!

Daniel: Translation complete.

9 years ago

[extended standing ovation for Fibinachi’s translation]

9 years ago

I think this is my current favorite misogynist line based on frequency of use:

Even if I think my female friends would strongly disagree with you.

9 years ago

Well played, Fib.

The kitten has gotten fluids, but we’re still not really sure what the problem is.

9 years ago

Fibinachi wins again.


But why an intelligent man like yourself turn out to defend an ideology that hates him, it puzzles me a lot.

Pull your head out. Feminism doesn’t hate men–outside of some very radical elements–is that where you’re confused, because the MRM is all radical, so feminism must be too?

Feminism doesn’t have much use for woman haters like you , though.

9 years ago

I suspect Daniel here thinks all men hate women like he does, in which case I can see why he might think feminists hate all men.

9 years ago


Daniel: Translation complete.

Nice translation XD

9 years ago

“I could less if the little dears get all the institutional things they want.”
You could care less? So, you do care? Do you care moderately or a great deal? Are you sure you didn’t mean to say “could’t care less”? No, no, go on. You teach me about the dictionary. You seem so bright and insightful. And original, too!

9 years ago

Heheh that mangling of the phrase always makes me shake my head, too.

9 years ago

I hate dichotomies, they place such limits on my smugness, and that’s why I’ve chosen a side (by the way, it’s the misogynist one).

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