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Another question: Are MRAs inherently misogynistic?

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I found this hilarious faux-MRA rant on the Tweeter. I don’t know where exactly it’s from, but kudos to lordsteve, whoever he is.

My question today: Are MRAs inherently misogynistic?

I mean, obviously the people I write about regularly here are, but are there a significant number of MRAs out there who are actually well-meaning souls who’ve been taken in by MRA talking points? Or do you have to be a bit misogynistic to begin with in order to be swayed by MRA-logic?

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8 years ago

MRAs essentially don’t exist. Oh don’t get me wrong, there are a few nutters around like Fathers For Justice or A Voice for Men, but there can’t be more than a few hundred of them. The idea of MRAs as a vast movement is a myth spread by extremist intersectional feminists who feel the need for an arch-enemy.

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