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Orgasms, away?

Fellas! Better hold on to yourselves, because I’ve got some terrible news for you.

Actually, you’d better NOT hold on to yourselves. Because this is the news, straight from that always 100% reliable news source, the Men’s Rights subreddit:


I wonder if manginal orgasms are still allowed?

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My mom killed my pet rats when I was a kid, made it the butt of all jokes well into my adulthood, has shown zero remorse for her actions, and has no idea why I haven’t forgiven her.

My relationship with my parents is not the best.


How terrible! I’m so sorry. My sister had pet rats and they were awesome. It was so sad when they got sick and had to be put to sleep. I can’t imagine ending the lives of healthy little guys. πŸ™ She sure doesn’t sound like she deserves any forgiveness.

RE: Kittehs

I get angry and distressed at cruelty to any animal, but with cats in particular, it’s visceral. I feel … well, think what a loving parent might want to do to someone who tortured their child.

Oh, okay. I guess I just don’t get it; my folks weren’t very protective of me, so the idea of parents feeling that kind of protectiveness towards animals is kinda astounding. But I’ll go with it and accept this is an upbringing thing.

You don’t necessarily need to think of it as a maternal-instinct thing, but merely as an interdependence thing. Animals are dependent on you and they can’t prevent you from harming them–in many cases, you can’t even be prosecuted–and I think that inspires a desire to care for them.

Anyway it certainly inspires (in me) a hatred of people who take advantage of animals’ helplessness to abuse them.

Tch tch, you should have avenged your rats, even if it was your mother. It’s what I would have done (and did, in my own time, but that’s TMI) >( …

Fuck off, Abnoy, you sack of roach dung.*

LBT – I’m getting more where you’re coming from, too. Definitely upbringing comes into it. My mum grew up with cats (I strongly suspect my grandmother liked her cats a lot better than most of her ten kids!) and she was certainly protective of me and of them. I don’t remember my father interacting with them or our dogs, but then he left when I was about eight so I might just never have noticed. He certainly wasn’t cruel, though, I’ll give him that much.

*stolen from Feministe

That’s awful, whatabouthtemoonz : ( My grandfather had my grandmother’s spaniel put down when she was in the hospital delivering my mom, for no reason. I don’t know how people can do things like that.

Whataboutthemoonz — goddamned some people are vile (lol, is that word able to be taken seriously?)

Can I interest you in “revenge is a dish best served NOW”?

Oh look, it’s an annoying ABNOY, does anyone else hear a little buzzing? Like maybe a mosquito got in?

I think we need some kind of pet-vengeance exchange program. So if you don’t want to do something mean to your own parents/family members/etc who did something horrible to your beloved pet, someone else who is angry on your behalf will go and secretly carpet their bedroom with Legos while they sleep.

My mom’s excuse was that the rats were sick, but instead of having surgery performed or having them put down she tried to drug them to death.

Also +1 Hellkell’s response to Abnoy.

Also, put vegemite in their shampoo and say it’s for drop bears.

I wonder if there was an element of people’s idea about what constitutes a proper pet in there too. I notice that most people don’t make those kinds of jokes about dogs, and I can’t imagine a parent who wasn’t batshit in all other kinds of ways trying to drug a dog themselves rather than taking it to the vet to be put down.

whataboutthmoonz, you probably won’t see this, but THAT IS SO FUCKED UP. Not just the killing, but the joking. You have all the hugs in the world from me, if you want them. Rats are fucking amazing, not that any animal deserves to be treated as disposable. :'(

Cassandra: there is an element of “this animal cost $10 so I can’t pay $50 for vet care”. And there is definitely a hierarchy of what pets are acceptable to have/care about. People smell.

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