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MGTOWer: Raise girls to be farmers to keep them from becoming whores

The ideal woman?

Let’s say you’re a dude who thinks that All Women Are Like That, except possibly for two or three of them. Let’s say you think women today are the equivalent of rattlesnakes, or unexploded grenades, or hungry, hungry alligators. Let’s say that you think marrying a woman “is like playing Russian Roulette with a fucking Gatling gun and hoping that the one that might actually hit you is a blank.”  Let’s say you think that women are




almost Bi Polar like mood swings


completely self serving



hard wired for alpha cock

Let’s say you’re a dude who thinks all (or most, or even some) of these things, yet somehow you’ve ended up with a young daughter – one of these horrible , histrionic, parasitic, alpha-cock-loving, rattlesnake-grenade-alligator-gatling-gun creatures in embryo. How might you raise her so as to minimize the chances that she’ll blow dudes up and inject them with venom?

Well, worry not, gentle misogynist, for Der Igel on has an answer for you: raise her to be a farmer.

I do not have children, but if I had daughters I would take them camping and fishing, take them to a farm or slaughterhouse to see where their food comes from, punish them with the same commensurate severity as sons, and expect them to take on the same age-appropriate responsibilities as sons. In short, I would do anything to avoid the princess mentality (dolls ok, but no freaking Barbie dolls). I would not treat them like they need special protection that a boy the same age would not need.

It might be tough, though, because female humans are biologically wired to be dirty moneygrubbing whores:

However one must probably also recognize that once puberty hits, biology is going to take over, and that *in certain areas* the term AWALT [All Women Are Like That] applies. Women are always going to be more social animals, will always be resource and status oriented, will always treat sex as a means and not an end, etc.

Still, for the sake of ALL HUMANITY, in particular for all those dudes who might want to get with your daughter, you must persevere, and keep your eyes on the prize. That prize being a daughter well-equipped for agricultural work.

My goal would be to produce the mentality of some kind of educated yet hard-working modern farmer woman, rather than that of a princess-in-waiting.

Just make sure to keep her away from traveling salesmen.

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I went camping and fishing lots when I was a kid… and I brought Barbies along on lots of these trips (we called them “rainy day toys”), and my friends and I still go camping at least once every year! and I don’t think I’m hypergamous… I broke up with my “alpha” (masculine-y, wealthy?) fiancé because he was an abusive ass and now I’m with someone who makes less money (but still more than I do because I am a poor lady) but is brilliant and nerdy and thoughtful and hilarious and so damn sexy, and he was the one I chose to “lose my virginity to” (fuck that noise)…
so maybe that’s all because of camping trips.
I feel like all these MGTOW dudes grew up in cities and don’t realize that lots of women have been going camping/fishing/hunting/mushroom picking since they were wee and it’s not some sort of SIGN OF TROO WOMANHOOD… also don’t they hate “masculine” women? wouldn’t an outdoorsy woman make them angry?

“…wouldn’t an outdoorsy woman make them angry?”

Breathing women make them angry.

I still don’t understand the whole “fucks tons of hot alpha guys who won’t stick around” is anything *BUT* having sex as a means to an end. Ostensibly, said alpha guys are obvious about their not-sticking-around-if-babby-happens propensities, so unless these guys are honestly arguing that women just enjoy being used like fuckpuppets and generally abused and treated badly (in which case, I’ll point them to the fact that just because someone engages in seeking out abusive behavior in a partner it doesn’t mean they LIKE it- often it can mean that they think that such behavior is “normal” because of how they were raised).

I mean, seriously, that’s one reason why I was initially turned off of ever having sex. The idea of having sex that wasn’t pleasurable didn’t make any sense to me (and all I had to do was listen to my cousin’s many lurid stories of her one-night-stand experiences and selfish/abusive guys that she attempted to “date” but who would inevitably only want to be fuckbuddies and I was pretty unimpressed with the idea of sex, especially when I had MASTURBATION on my side). Kissing and slow dancing with a guy made my head go mushy with happiness but sex? No thank you.

And as far as the whole “having sex to get pretty things” idea- I’ve been working jobs for money since I was 12 or so years of age (pet sitting, baby sitting, working in the school cafeteria). My parents never even paid me allowance- I only got money for going above and beyond (waxing the car, repainting the living room, etc). So I always have had my own money, and I have always saved. The idea of sucking dick or allowing someone to plow my vagina until he orgasmed for the promise of something glittery always made me feel ill.

It was only after being with someone for a certain amount of time, really trusting them and realizing that the dominant narrative (and many examples) of clueless, uncaring heterosexual males who only care about their own boners is not always the case (especially in non casual situations), I finally realized that there was something to this “sex” thing. And even then, it took me over a year of concentration and re-calibration of my masturbationary behaviors before I could orgasm during sex.

Of course, this is my experience. My physical anatomy has always been frustrating and perplexing to me. I seethe with envy at the fact that others have nowhere near the difficulty in operating their own genital configurations correctly.

I should stop spamming this thread with old photos, but I have to share this picture of my mother and my aunt when they were teenagers, advertising the movie “The Farmer’s Daughter” (1947) in small town South Dakota. My mom’s on the far left, my aunt — the young woman who would eventually become my aunt, that is — is next to her.

Nitpick: The signs really should say glögg (or gløgg) appeal.

For the record, my mother was not a farmer’s daughter. Her mother ran a business selling pies out of their home, and her father tried his hand at many occupations: grain silo operator, barkeep, ice cream store proprietor, etc.

Man, NWO’s still just phoning it in, isn’t he? It’s just “blah, blah, blah, women suck, blah, blah, blah” with only slight modifications based on the topic of the post. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Raise them to be farmers? That’s not likely to have the intended result they want. My stepgrandmother became a feminist because she grew up on a farm, doing farmer work. Aside from her getting dolls as presents when she preferred her brother’s model planes (which he had no interest in), she wasn’t aware of a difference between girls and boys until she hit puberty. And it had nothing to do with biology; it’s simply that when she got into high school it was the first time she heard people talking about women not being able to do stuff because they were women.

I kind of want Owly to come back and tell us how my aunt was such a slut because you could see a few inches of her shins in that photo. I mean, rolling her dungarees up nearly to mid-calf — what a shameless hussy!

cloudiah – those photos are great!

Pet names – I asked the vet if she minded recording my rabbit’s name as “Little Bugger”. She said call him anything you like. When she phoned me about him, I could hear her trying to say his name without giggling. 😉

Nanasha, I am so with you. The idea of sex itself was never off-putting to me, but the idea of allowing anyone I don’t love sexual access to my body is something I find sickening. NB that’s totally NOT a judgement on anyone else’s pleasures! It’s purely that even liking isn’t enough: it’s only love-making as far as I’m concerned, nothing else is ever gonna happen. Doing it for gain in some way? Puke.

And now I’ve got Willie Nelson in my head.

Ha ha, that’s the song I thought of, too. I like the one he did with Waylon Jennings the best. Maybe the MGTOW can make a new version of the song:

Fathers, don’t let your daughters grow up to be feminists.
Don’t let them read manboobz
and mock the Spearhead
make them be farmers and ranchers instead.

Fathers don’t let your daughters grow up to be feminists
They’re never clean your home
and they’re always alone
even with all of their cats.

Feminists ain’t easy to love and they’re harder to hold
riding that cock carousel
and make him the cuckold

Feminists like urban college classrooms
and postmodernism,
alpha assholes, Sex and the City reruns,
and fighting sexism.

Fathers don’t let your daughters grow up to be feminsts.
They’ll never clean your home
and they’re always alone
even with all of their cats.

Oh wow, I didn’t even notice NWO posted up there. My eyes just slid right over the comment. Blah blah blah indeed.


But wait, does that mean I’m not a feminist? I’ve never watched Sex and the City! :sob:

How come women are “hard-wired” to have a lot of sex and that makes them horrible fucking people, but men are hard-wired to have sex and this needs to be understood and coddled and is a special sign of their superiority and intelligence?

And, am I the only one who notices this ongoing jealous obsession with so-called alpha cock? It’s kind of… almost gay projection, like I feel some of these men are jealous of all the women who get alpha cock when they don’t.

Oooh, I like your thinking on that one, karak, if for no other reason that it’d make their teeny tiny brains explode. ::evil laugh::

Hey, if I call myself a feminist and don’t ride the dreaded carousel, or want to have baybeeeez just to steal a man’s sperm/money, or want to turn all teh menz gay, does that mean I failed Hivemind 101? Do I have to repeat the whole year or can I just take the exams again?

I feel like such a failure … an omega feminist …

How come mares are “hard-wired” to have a lot of sex and that makes them horrible fucking ponies, but stallions are hard-wired to have sex and this needs to be understood and coddled and is a special sign of their superiority and intelligence?


Like Noadi, Dani, Clairedammit, and Dirtyhippiefeet, my dad raised me in a way that was rather similar to what Der Igel described. He took me camping and fishing. (I loved the former, but quickly ended up bored by the latter.) My first toy was a red stuffed T. rex. When I was four my favorite toy was a plastic alligator. I never really was into barbies or dolls or ponies — although I did play with those toys fairly often because my sister, my female cousins, and my female friends loved those things.

My dad never did take me to a slaughterhouse though. He took me to the zoo a lot and I saw animals getting fed a couple of times, so I got to see snakes eating rats and stuff. And I spent a lot of my childhood watching National Geographic programs about wild animals. My dad let me spend hours in front of the TV crocodiles bring down wildebeest and lions tear up zebras. Those programs were rather graphic.

And my Dad talked a lot about science — mostly biology. (I suspect he would have become a biologist if it wasn’t for his dislike of chemistry.) I spent a fair bit of my childhood at natural history museums and watching science documentaries that my dad bought.

Of course, this was largely because my dad was a feminist. His very conservative mother was rather worried by the fact that I seemed to like playing with toy dinosaurs a lot more than I liked playing with dolls.

And, yeah, my dad is a feminist. I mean, he doesn’t really like the fact that my mom, my sister, and I shave our armpits and legs. (Not that he’s ever tried to stop us from doing so.) So not only is he a feminist, but fully supports the stereotypical hairy-legged feminists of the MRM’s nightmares.

@karak, it’s insecurity and self-hate transferred to an acceptable (to the person doing the transference) target. Women are but one group that is commonly picked: their being objects of desire to many an insecure individual — yet being a living being who exists outside of that individual’s control and who has goals and wants of their own — makes them an especially attractive scapegoat.

If it wasn’t women, it’s be members of some other cultural group, or religion, or political party, or who knows what.

Hey David, have you seen this article in the Guardian?

“Is American atheism heading for a schism?”

It’s pretty interesting and the schism certainly links feminism – atheism – mens rights issues.

You need to cover this schism David. Seriously, I think you could get something into Salon or Slate or the Washington Post about it.

Is Atheism+ a religion? Is contemporary feminism a religion?

You need to be all over this Dave.

Is Atheism+ a religion? Is contemporary feminism a religion?

“Is skepticism that acknowledges serious human rights abuses a religion?”

No, some guy, it isn’t.

There’s a category of jokes. I know only a few.

She was onlyh the stableman’s daughter, but all the horsemen knew her (all the horse manure).

She was only the bootlegger’s daughter, but I loved her still.

Yeah, I’m sure Dave will be getting right on that, some guy.

You know the great thing about the internet? Anyone, anywhere, can start their own blog. Imagine that.

David, Board Stick gave you an assignment – better get on that. What kind of journalistic ethics do you have, anyway?

@some guy
Atheism+ is causing deep rifts!!!!!! OH NOOOOOOOO!!!!! It’s totally exclusive of bigots and that’s not right, bigots should be allowed to post everywhere they please and be fed peeled grapes by attractive servants while they’re at it, otherwise it’s the greatest injustice ever!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, your constant demands that David address this are ridiculous and boring. Find another hobbyhorse.

Does the guy who wrote the post in the original article (about raising his daughters like sons, to be farmers) realize that his child-rearing philosophy, of minimalizing different treatment based on gender, seems actually kind of in line with a lot of hardcore feminism’s ideas about how to raise daughters? (And for the record, treating children in a non-gender-specific way seems like a good idea to me, weirdly on-target for a men’s rights dude.) Anyway, that just struck me as i read it as being really ironic. If the original guy who wrote that ever figured out that he was thinking like a feminist, he’d totally shit bricks (and in case it sounds like i’m mocking feminism, i’m not. either i’m misunderstanding the post, or you’re misunderstanding me. either way, no offense meant).

No, MKlein, you’re on the right track. There are a bunch of things about patriarchal society that are detrimental to men that MRAs blame on feminism. It’s definitely been brought up here before.

Yep, David can be given suggestions, not assignments. Although, is it possible to bribe you with quality liquor David for an assignment?

If David is required to only write about topics that commenters tell him to write about, this would quickly become a “look at the cute kitties” blog.

Wait, I’m tossing my vote towards the kitties!

My goal would be to produce the mentality of some kind of educated yet hard-working modern farmer woman, rather than that of a princess-in-waiting.

My question is, why does it have to be one or the other? I grew up going to natural history and science museums, doing science projects at home, going on long hikes all over the country, and volunteering at a local nature center feeding insects to the tarantulas and lizards and cleaning out the bird cages. Oh, and going fishing with my dad.
I was also in ballet, loved to do crafting projects, and spent a lot of time wearing dresses, baking, and crafting long-form dramas with my dolls. I’ve always had a balance of “masculine” and “feminine” interests, and see both as equally integral to my development as an adult and a feminist.
It frustrates and pisses me off that the MRA’s conflate a “masculine” upbringing with integrity, and then turn around and say that women can never have integrity, because biology. Fuck that shit.

It’s interesting to read about how others on this thread became feminists because of their upbringing as equals (really pleasant to know some parents actually do it right as well). I was brought up by a sexist control freak who, as soon as I was old enough to think for myself, made sure to instill in me the belief that I was capable of achieving precisely nothing. It has taken me many years to understand this as (at least partly) caused by sexism, and viewing women as objects, and I’m pretty sure I was a feminist before that.

It seems to me that once you recognise the damage that comes of telling half the population they are less worthy than the other, feminism is quite simply the only sensible option.

*trundles off to find cool kitty avatar*

@feministwiep- I have a feeling that feminism is perhaps the “default state” for children, especially little girls. If they are not taught any different, why on earth would children not think that they are human beings fully capable of doing things? Of course, given that socialization into the patriarchy starts as soon as one is born, this is sort of a meaningless thought exercise :/

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