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MGTOWer: Raise girls to be farmers to keep them from becoming whores

The ideal woman?

Let’s say you’re a dude who thinks that All Women Are Like That, except possibly for two or three of them. Let’s say you think women today are the equivalent of rattlesnakes, or unexploded grenades, or hungry, hungry alligators. Let’s say that you think marrying a woman “is like playing Russian Roulette with a fucking Gatling gun and hoping that the one that might actually hit you is a blank.”  Let’s say you think that women are




almost Bi Polar like mood swings


completely self serving



hard wired for alpha cock

Let’s say you’re a dude who thinks all (or most, or even some) of these things, yet somehow you’ve ended up with a young daughter – one of these horrible , histrionic, parasitic, alpha-cock-loving, rattlesnake-grenade-alligator-gatling-gun creatures in embryo. How might you raise her so as to minimize the chances that she’ll blow dudes up and inject them with venom?

Well, worry not, gentle misogynist, for Der Igel on has an answer for you: raise her to be a farmer.

I do not have children, but if I had daughters I would take them camping and fishing, take them to a farm or slaughterhouse to see where their food comes from, punish them with the same commensurate severity as sons, and expect them to take on the same age-appropriate responsibilities as sons. In short, I would do anything to avoid the princess mentality (dolls ok, but no freaking Barbie dolls). I would not treat them like they need special protection that a boy the same age would not need.

It might be tough, though, because female humans are biologically wired to be dirty moneygrubbing whores:

However one must probably also recognize that once puberty hits, biology is going to take over, and that *in certain areas* the term AWALT [All Women Are Like That] applies. Women are always going to be more social animals, will always be resource and status oriented, will always treat sex as a means and not an end, etc.

Still, for the sake of ALL HUMANITY, in particular for all those dudes who might want to get with your daughter, you must persevere, and keep your eyes on the prize. That prize being a daughter well-equipped for agricultural work.

My goal would be to produce the mentality of some kind of educated yet hard-working modern farmer woman, rather than that of a princess-in-waiting.

Just make sure to keep her away from traveling salesmen.

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9 years ago

re; the Gnomes.

Tolkien was creating the languages and nomenclatures from 1918 or so–and things changed all the time. And he wasn’t making it up from his own imagination–he was basing a lot of it on fragments of earlier Germanic and Norse texts and languages, as well as adapting it. And of course a lot of the fragments around dwarves, elves, trolls, etc. were contradictory (mythology is), as well as fragmented.

So, Gnomes were an early term for what become the Noldor Elves.

There’s also the goblin/orc confusion :

David K.Meller
David K.Meller
9 years ago

Even better, how about raising women to be farmers’ (and other real mens’) WIVES? There is a great deal to be said for increased and improved domesticity in modern women, and less–MUCH less–in the way of skills, ambition, and behavior which competes with, rather than complements, men in their lives.

There will still be the accursed modern women, but they will be recognised as the mutant freaks that most of them are, and certainly NOt the norm, still less any sort of ideal (Lord Help us) for the
“sugar and spice” little girls who will populate and help raise the following generation. Women can then be the source of happiness, love, and beauty that the Good Lord intended them to be, while men (enhanced and inspired by them) will be better and stronger problem solvers, both urban and rural, than we can ever be today.

What will happen to you womenbeinghateful? Absolutely nothing, except that you will have absolutely NO influence on the larger economy and society. Youall will slither and slime among your own, and probably be little else than a curiosity to the vast majority of normal women who find bliss, joy, and love in the homes and lives of real men!

9 years ago

Heh. This cracks me up. If I have a daughter, I will in fact raise her to “be a farmer.” Why? Because I’m a farmer!

What ideal, as a farmer, that I would hope to impart to this theoretical daughter?

Diversity. Reduction of biodiversity in modern agriculture is the source of so much wrong. My ideal farm is a self-sustaining cycle of plants, animals, people, fungi, and microbes woven together into a system that is both resilient and strong.

Understanding the vitality of that diversity has broadened my understanding of the importance of diversity in people, their thought and the resulting society. We are all connected, and all of us are soil in the end (take note, soil is a beautiful thing).

That is what I would want my daughter to know, so that she would feel free to walk her own path within that tapestry of diversity up to and including marrying (or not) whoever pleases her.

I wouldn’t complain if she married a farmer (man or woman), of course. Never hurts to have an extra skilled hand around if I start to get old.

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