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Meet the Kittens

Professor Murder, aka Pantz
Sweetie Pie Jonus
An uneasy truce

Yep, these are the newest additions to the Futrelle household. They’re named after characters on Mr. Show: Professor Murder (a rapper) and Sweetie Pie Jonus (an imprisoned rap mogul who turns out to be a kitten). I’ve given Prof. Murder the nickname Pantz, short for “sillypants,” and that’s what I usually call her. They have an astonishing amount of energy, and spend much of the day tearing about the apartment, wrestling, and trying to walk across my keyboard. I will post some better pictures once I get them to stay still long enough for me to get good shots of them. Sweetie Pie has some amazing wild-looking markings which don’t really show up all that well in these pictures.

Yes, Pantz does look a bit like my old cat Bobo. She was also (how’s this for weird) born on the day that Bobo died. I don’t know what to make of that.

Also, as you may have noticed, the two of them have managed to transfer every bit of dust and crud in the apartment onto the couch.

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Too cute! They look so calm … They also have that cat-look, like they have something planned, and you’ll find out what when they’re ready.

Those are some good kitties.


That bit of text above was typed by Pantz by leaping onto my keyboard.

I think I need the kitty equivalent of mosquito netting.


weve been in the process of moving one of the cats in my house out of isolation (she was there for her safety, because she’s deaf and this made one of the other cats want to kill her) and she’s decided my keyboard is one of her favorite places to perch. (the only other person in the house who brings her computer into common spaces has a tiny netbook). it is getting tiresome.

Aww, they’re just trying to eat your soul, nothing to worry about! 😀

I saw it on a documentary once, kittens actually drain energy from the humans around them because they’re the larval form of some sort of demon. True story.

cute cute baby kittehz! MEOW!!!!!!!

and, when i saw the title “Meet The Kitties” i was totally expecting a picture of them with their faces half-shaded in a really cool way. you know, like on the cover of “Meet The Beatles?”

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