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New blog catalogs Men’s Rights awfulness!

Yep, that’s right, the “clopping” sound of high heels are a form of “street harassment.” I found the screenshot above on a promising new blog you can find at  Yep, that’s right. Evidently it never occurred to anyone in the Men’s Rights movement to lock down that domain name.

Oh, this little Reddit screenshot is good too:

How exactly does saying “consent is sexy” mean that male consent is taken for granted? How is it that 59 people thought that comment deserved an upvote?

I can’t answer either question, but there’s lots more hilarious and appalling stuff where that came from, mostly from the Men’s Rights subreddit. It’s going in the “antidotes to boobery” blog roll.

622 replies on “New blog catalogs Men’s Rights awfulness!”

Well, when you put it that way, I guess all I can say is aroo?

How fare you, Sir Bodsworth? All’s well at the manor I hope.

Re: white man’s magnum opus

Is that from one of those online essay generators, where you type in the subject (in this case man boobs) and you get several wordy paragraphs of nonsense?

Hey, Shadow! I’m pretty well. Just sooo busy at the moment that I don’t often have time to do more than lurk. How’s yourself?

Alice, that’s exactly what I thought, too.

I’d say “Mr Al is really struggling” except I don’t think even he sank to that level of irrelevance.

This self-parodying twit hasn’t even bothered to spell the name right.

@cloudiah, yeah, whether or not it’s the same troll it’s the same shtick. This time it’s even really obvious, the last guy at least used proper names instead of plugging in “man boobs blog” which looks really out of place in some of those sentences.

I pictured a guy dressed like King Louie XIV, furiously waving a silk hankey around when I read this:

“What balderdash! What impudence! What treachery! I know very few vexatious swaggerers personally, but I know them well enough to surmise that an organization is judged by the company it keeps. That’s why I urge you to consider the Chaucerian panorama of headcases in man boobs blog’s claque: crotchety, quarrelsome jabberers, incorrigible.”

Dude. Don’t write. Ever. Stop. Please. Stop.

“Unfortunately, knowing them, they’d rather threaten the existence of human life, perhaps all life on the planet…”

Y’all can thank pecunium for why I don’t want to threaten the existence of our species. The rest of the planet is welcomed, and in fact encouraged, to flourish in our absence.

Meds psych turned into an hour and a half long “I am not having this conversation” about rapist ex #1 resulting in much emailing between pecunium and I that sums to “unacceptable” — among varied other things, my faith in humanity ranked somewhere between “we’re fucked beyond repair” and “the planet is better off without us”

I need a new psych. Pecunium’s going to need a new brain when he sees the sheer volume of babbling I sent after he went to bed. And trolly needs a new noun. (And I have no desire to go into that topic again, not now that I’m calm enough to have just given my xacto a new blade for some plant cuttings, shit to do, freak outs to avoid, merely mentioning it for context.)

There where a few other good tidbits in that diatribe —

“Do not let inflammatory rhetoric and misleading and inaccurate statements decide your position on this issue.”

Ok, thanks for permission to ignore you!

That psych sounds like someone needing a formal complaint made about ’em. I’m not saying “do so” or even thinking you’d want to/be able to – just that so-called therapists who’re messing people about need to be sent to the corner.

Kitteh — seeing how I got bumped back three pages and have just read through previous troll’s whole thing about how pecunium, shadow and captain bathroom must be good looking men…I’m already well into fuming into pecunium’s inbox. I’m adding that suggestion since he got ALL THE FUCKING DETAILS (email me if you want the summary, just don’t expect coherent thoughts that don’t revolve around the word fuck)

And the more things change…couple pages back I told grandpa troll he didn’t want me in charge, I’d banhammer a whole lot faster than David does. True thing remains true. His reply to pecunium? I’d be a whole lot less polite now…after various conversations with him this week, it’s weird getting a snapshot into how we knew each other a year ago. Definitely one of those people who only gets more awesome the better you know them (hi pecunium, totally talking about you 🙂 …instead of getting your damned cuttings done >.< )

Looks like I’m gonna have to read this old thread to play catchup, then! But it’ll wait, there is KNIIITTTTTINNNNNGGGG to be done now.

But hey, if you want to vent/rant via email about any ol’ thing I might have something halfway useful to say in reply, you’re always welcome to. 🙂

Pale dude of putative understanding: I’ve reached a point where I feel the need to express my disappointment with man boobs blog. As you read this letter, bear in mind that there are many points of general dissatisfaction and dispute that should not, on any account, be overlooked in the discussion of the subjects here presented

Dude… this isn’t the 1880s, and English isn’t Latin. You ain’t no Tacitus, much less Plutarch (and Cicero… so plainspoken are you that such a comparison would be self-invidious).

You have come to the point you can’t keep silent; so you haul up a thread more than year old to speak in; so everyone will see you.

Stupid, clueless or dishonest; take your pick (any, or all, with three you get eggroll).

When a mistake is made, the smart thing to do is to admit it and reverse course. That takes real courage.

Then Be brave. The world will laud you.

Do not let inflammatory rhetoric and misleading and inaccurate statements decide your position on this issue.

Fear not.

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