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Summer Vacation

It’s time for a little vacation. I will be out of town for about a week starting today, and, like this cat, spending as much time as possible staring out at a large body of water rather than my computer screen. Oh, I’ll still be putting up posts every day — well, I’ll try to — and keeping my eye on the blog. But I won’t be checking up on comments quite as often, or responding as quickly to whatever is going on in the manosphere on any given day. If you need to get in touch, email me.

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10 years ago

Wow that picture looks great! Have a wonderful time.

10 years ago

Treating this as an OT. Just saw Brave. Didn’t think about the setting of the film. I was wearing a kilt because it was 1: easier than packing it to bring it home, and 2: the weather here was warm.

I’m in line to get popcorn and this familiar person asks me, “Are you here to see Brave, or do you just like wearing kilts”.


It was a friend who lives a few blocks away, so we all sat together and had a good time. The Kee-O Blocks pastiche of “Battleship” was probably ten times the movie that Battleship was.

10 years ago

Enjoy yourself, David.

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10 years ago

Have a lovely time! I know that cat isn’t yours, but isn’t zie gorgeous? Look at those leopardy spots! Delicious.

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