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A “die hard MRA and hard rock fan” sends Rebecca Watson his drunken manifesto. Also, he’s 19.

You’re going to need one of these, dude.

People! Rebecca Watson of Skepchick has just received a most awesome drunken email manifesto from a hard-rockin young MRA by the name of Jimmy Zinn. Here are some selected excerpts, but you’ll want to go read the whole thing.

My name is Jimmy Zinn and I’m a die hard MRA and hard rock fan. I’m 19 years old, and I’m not to happy with the current state of affairs. I’ve decided to dedicate my life to what I’m calling the three revolutions- the hard rock revolution, the Men’s rights revolution, and the life extension revolution …

Two of these are indirectly pointed at people like you- bigoted feminists who marginialize and trivailize* the male gender, promoting sexist and discrimination attitudes, and fighting vivaciously for the very thing you vehemently claim to be so against- gender inequality.

Yes, he did say “fighting vivaciously.”

After a bit more manifestoing he tells Rebecca his (alleged) life story:

Things at home weren’t going particularly well- girls with lower GPAs and poor extra ciriculars were getting scholarships that boys with perfect 4.0s were not, and since I’, one of the poor privileged white males, I couldn’t afford college. Getting a job was tricky to- I was told on more than one occasion “we aren’t hiring white males right now.” … After 23 interviews/applications, I was left still jobless.

I also become of the privileged white males who developed heart problems at age 18, but of course, couldn’t afford a doctor. I was going to go to a free heart screening at a local college, but whoops…. “FEMALES ONLY”, courtesy of the “Women’s radical feminist men hating Heart association of a women-only America”, or whatever it was called.

Yeah, that totally happened.

So he hitched a ride on a freight train (allegedly) and headed to … Hollywood:

Rebecca, I am going to radical alter our society in the next year. I am going to start the greatest hard rock 1986 GNR-esqe band the world has ever seen. There is an army, millions strong, of angry people, and especially young males seething at the lack of justice and outlet for their rage. I fear a violent revolution is near, and I’m not in favor of that idea at all. Instead, why not give them a kick-ass 24/7 rock n roll party, tearing through the country with blistering blues-based rock, finally giving red-blooded masculinity a place in American culture again. I am going to fight the bigoted feminist you propagate, and start the largest social movement since the 60s…the Mens rights revolution.

I’m in hollywood right now, partying, crusin’ down sunset strip, spreading the MRA message …

We’re coming, Rebecca. The walls of mass social delusional, ignorance and apathy will crumble down as justice and non-autotuned music will triumph in the streets. You will fight back, I’m sure, but you will lose, and you will lose badly. In 3 years time, you WILL live in an American of true gender equality, but I’m not sure it’s going to take the direction you expect!

Go to Skepchick to read the rest!

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Kendra, the bionic mommy
Kendra, the bionic mommy
9 years ago

I think this Jimmy Zinn guy is for real. He’s not saying too much that’s different from other MRA’s. He’s just added a rock revolution plan to standard MRA nonsense. He’s nowhere near as bizarre as Zero Tolerance Man either.

I don’t consider myself to be a music snob, because I have questionable taste in music myself. However, I would be leery of anyone who likes music from the artistry against misandry website. Not only are the lyrics offensive, the sound of the music itself is terrible. I don’t mind listening to people sing at karaoke bars, and even I think the song “Go my own Way” is a musical abomination.

Magical Laura (@_magical_laura)

Haha yes you have a point Kendra! I’m a big hip-hop fan and I can safely say I would rather listen to Vanilla Ice on repeat than have to hear that godawful last offering from AAM.

9 years ago

BlacBloc: @ozy: My pet theory is that for people where the Singularity is a huge thing, it acts as an atheistic replacement for dualistic religions that hold the body as rotten and the spirit as being exalted.

I also notice that many of them are terrified of dying. I suspect that’s a major part of the reason for their passion.

They don’t believe in a durable soul (I’m not really sure I do, and I pretty much expect death to be a lot of nothing. This is sort of sad, but it’s not going to bother me when it happens. If I’m wrong, then the afterlife is gravy).

Add a fear of death and the idea of something which effectively creates a soul, and you have a recipe for fanatic devotion.

They are on a mission to save their lives: and everyone elses, for all eternity (or at least until the heat death of the universe).

9 years ago

What is it with people who identify as transhumanists and being assholes? I know lots of people who think transhumanism would be awesome or who think the Singularity is plausible but don’t really care about it, and they’re all cool. But the second you go about making it a huge part of your identity you almost inevitably become a raging asshole. I don’t get it.

seems that way. Maybe there’s a sample problem with sellers-of-ideas. Although I used to think this about internet Libertarians. As time passed, I realized that internet libertarians don’t just *seem* like assholes.

9 years ago

I just thought of something.

Me on the internet at 19??????????

Panic attack. I need to go lie down.
I hope I would have the good sense not to post pictures. Good sense, lol. I need to lie down.

Jessay (@jessay)
9 years ago

I’m dying at, “Sorry we aren’t hiring white males right now.” hahaha.

Also are you fucking kidding me? I was just listening to an old mix from high school last night and I realized just how misogynistic almost every song I used to listen to was. I think I came across an MRA anthem too

“I need a girl that I can train.”

Jessay (@jessay)
9 years ago

I sincerely hope that, 10 years from now, there will be angry young white guys calling for a Vanilla Ice revolution.

I hear Ice Ice Baby at least once a week from young white guys at karaoke.

As for LFO, lolll. I have this friend who was signed to the record label owned by one of the members of LFO (hopefully not the abortion one, not Rich, hahaha, ummm, Devin?). And so they played a show together once and the guy from LFO was TERRIFYING! He had these creepy eyes and was harassing me and my girlfriends from stage and I was just laughing at him directly to his face. It was hilaribad. He tried to heckle me back but he didn’t understand that he was dealing with a master heckler.

I’ve been considered a music snob at times but it’s really just because I have a low tolerance for music I don’t like. Listening to it makes me angry. So when people try to force feed me bad music I can be somewhat aggressive about how much I hate it. Like I can’t stand Bon Iver but everyone won’t shut up about him/them and they make me listen to it in the car and I actually become depressed and consider jumping out of the moving vehicle just to make it stop. It’s bad.

That being said, I pretty much listen to pretentious indie rock and angry white guy music (while being an angry white girl) so it’s not like I have superior taste to anybody. I just spent the night before last jumping on a bunch of sweaty dudes and screaming along to skacore at a reuinion show haha. Meanwhile the other people I know who have also kinda aged out of the scene were being actual music snobs. Making sarcastic remarks about how above all of it they were. I just wanted to be like, “Then why are you here?”

Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary
6 years ago

He’s gong to change the world with 1990s poodle rock?!!
This guy is a narcissist. He is not well in the head. He is living in an elaborate fantasy world. I know I’ve had dealings with people who live in narcissistic delusions. I bet his band sucks, that is if he even has a band and not just an imaginary one. He needs a good psychiatrist.

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