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Breaking Off-Topic News: Kitten has Groucho Marx mustache, is adorable

A lot of repugnant shit this week. So here’s a totally adorable kitten found on Reddit. (Are kitten pics and SRS the only good things about Reddit?)


And here are five more kittens for good measure, also from Reddit:

You’re welcome!

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The five kittens in formation….getting a kind of “Village of the Damned” vibe from them. Like they’re preparing to cute me to death.

Aaaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaah! eeeeeeeeeeee


I mean to say, my goodness, those are certainly some very adorable pictures, don’t you think?

But no kitten picture will ever be cuter than the cat that is, at this very moment, curled up smugly on my lap.

red locker: your housecat’s mitochondrial common ancestors lived in the Middle East ca. 10,000 years ago (or 8,000 B.C., older even than the Egyptian Old Kingdom!)

Warning: Link goes to New York Times, if anyone needs to know.

There’s always been something about Mystery that tweaks me “may be a serial killer, run away” radar. He seems to think that provoking this response makes a man fascinating and unique and makes women want to bone him, for some reason.

You know when you were a kid, and spent the afternoon drawing up plans for The Best Tree Fort Ever Made, complete with ziplines, emergency escape hatches and elaborate booby traps to thwart your enemies? You’d work on it for hours, then stare at it and think how awesome it would be if it could actually work?

Yeah, that’s what Mystery’s Art Gallery Plan is.

Plus! If I was drunk or high I’d just want to steal the goggles and hat and do silly things with them, like put them on my friends. The response they provoke isn’t sexual, it’s childish.

As far as I can tell, Mystery’s so-called Art Gallery Plan is simply “actually become a successful painter; women like successful painters”. It’s pretty out-there and involved, but a lot less creepy than most of the PUA nonsense out there.

Mystery looks like he never grew out of the 90′s rave scene. That hat is awful.

I have a confession to make – I LOVE silly hats. And I love wearing them to bars. But I don’t wear them as some strange dastardly plot to coerce women (or men) into my bed. I wear them because I enjoy wearing them. Yes, they get attention, and for me, that’s not really the point. It’s a silly hat, which I love to wear. In fact, I really want the hat he’s wearing, because that would be awesome to wear anywhere. I always find it disappointing to see guys wearing silly hats and I find out that they are not Silly Hat Wearers – they’re just posers who don’t have the proper enjoyment of silly hats. Of course, because sometimes I have to create my own amusement, I’ll start engaging in Pretentious Wankery while wearing Silly Hats, especially when Hat Posers are around.

I, uh …

I think I just lost another little bit of innocence reading that art gallery scheme….

Whatever it was I lost, it was at least blissful ignorance of the mere existence of this Mystery creep.

Really? I find Mystery refreshing, compared to what we usually read: no pseudo-science on why women are evil or stupid or deserve rape or why we should be nicer to abuser (male ones of course) but plain on simple “I want to get laid” or the silliest outfit and scheme to do so. And not only is it so complex that 99,9% of his “students” will never do it, even if they do, it boils down to “make her feel comfortable” and “pretend your famous”. Which is a hell lot better than “ignore her desires” “make her feel like shit” “don’t respect her boundaries” or the ‘rape game’ (also known as ‘rape’ to the rest of English speaking world)

I think that David’s love for animals is very sweet! He seems to especially like cats…another reason for the misogynists to label him a “mangina!” (They HATE cats! They think that men who like them are ‘pussies,’ pun intended!) Thanks for a break from the hate, David!

D’awwwwww…that kitty looks so much like Groucho…I bet if it would talk, it’d be the snarkiest kitty ever!

As I understand it, Mystery is still into the “make her feel like shit” thing (a.k.a. “negging”), but you’re right that he’s way less of an ass about it that certain others one could name. Looking around his site, I see mostly information of the “this might help if you are genuinely baffled by human interaction” variety; in other words, exactly the category of poor innocents that PUA so often claims to help, before the majority of it devolves into rape apologia. And this is just charming (actual straightforward anatomical information about vulvas!):

I spend a day away from Man Boobz because I can’t bear to read any more, well, man-boobery for a bit and look what a miss: the perfect antidote to said boobery. I think the fuzzy, smiling kitten on the left’s daddy is the milkman… or however that works for cats. I guess a cat milkman wouldn’t be be very reliable because he’d drink the profits. Okay, finished derping.

Jawnita: I don’t really know much about him, so my comment only applied to this particular scheme. I have no doubt that most PUAs show themselves to be terrible person at some point.

And that’s a nice article; They don’t even call the vagina!

I don’t see why these jerks wouldn’t just use the term “pussy” to demean other men, instead of an awkward neologism.

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