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Rationalization hamsters … or hamster rationalizations?

So furry, so delicious!


Manosphere dudes, as readers of this blog are well aware, love talking about women and their “rationalization hamsters.” As one douchenozzle defined the term:

The rationalization hamster is an analogy for the thought processes used by women to turn bad behavior and bad decisions into acceptable ones to herself and her friends. When a woman makes a bad decision, the hamster spins in its wheel (the woman’s thinking) and creates some type of acceptable reasons for that bad decision. The crazier the decision, the faster the hamster must spin in order to successfully rationalize away the insanity.

When the hamster rationalizes successfully, a woman can divorce [yeah, I meant to use that verb] herself from the consequences of her bad decision or behavior.

He’s got it backwards. Women don’t have “rationalization hamsters.” They have “hamster rationalizations.”

Example: “I’ll just eat one hamster. It won’t spoil my meal.”

Of course, that’s impossible. Hamsters are like potato chips, only furry and squirmier. Everyone knows you can’t eat just one!

Silly women and their hamster rationalizations! No wonder they’re so fat.

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10 years ago

@ Shadow

I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen misogyny in PowerPoint form. Wow.

He seems like he’s probably some sort of techie, so my guess is that at some point he got a job in an office where there were scary awful women in TROUSERS, and he’s still recovering from the shock.

10 years ago

This Powerpoint presentation was more informative than EN’s:

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Michel Seyfried
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