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Polling is open! Vote for your favorite Man Boobz Troll! Over there on the right!

Not actual Man Boobz trolls.

Share your opinions on the candidates in the comments  below!

Trolls are allowed to vote for themselves!


405 replies on “Polling is open! Vote for your favorite Man Boobz Troll! Over there on the right!”

Lauaralot: It was at least the second, since he knew, when he posted in response to what I had said, that he was being moderated. I can give him the benefit of some doubt, in this case, because if he hadn’t gone to the polling post, he had no reason to know the why of it.

But, as with the issue of the hypothetical relating to his child, and the child’s mother, he’ll cut off his nose, to spite his face, if he thinks he isn’t being given the respect he deserves; not realising that he has, for longer than most, gotten more respect than he deserves, and far more than he has earned.

@theLaplace: Thanks! I’m still pretty new to Man Boobz so I will make a derp now and then.

So pleased with the results of the Troll Poll. Heh heh heh. *Cackles like Mr. Burns.*

Brandon’s gone?

Parting is such sweet . . . bliss, actually

*does the Muppet Happy Dance*

“Brandon’s gone?”
He could come back if he finds the strength to say “this article is funny/stupid” without adding “which is why you should all do like me and never marry. Stop telling me to marry, and how dare a woman give me her opinion! Bye, I’m off to have kinky against-the-wall sex with my girlfriend, which mean I’m a great person. “


The question is: how do you troll your own blog?

See: Cole, John. Re: Baloon Juice

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