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Women for Cain: Proof women are not always right about everything.

Yes, this is actually a thing.

MRAs, including some of this blog’s resident trolls, complain often and vociferously that feminists view women as perfect princesses, unable to do wrong. This is of course untrue, but just for you guys — the “you feminists all think women are perfect” crowd — I would like to present some women who are not perfect princesses at all. In fact, these particular women are a bunch of gullible, misguided nincompoops. I present you Women for Cain, which describes itself as

an online national fellowship of women dedicated to helping elect Herman Cain as the next President of the United States.

Of all the terrible, backwards, completely unqualified Republican presidential hopefuls, why pick this particular dude ?

Mr. Cain has been a strong advocate for women throughout his lifetime, defending and promoting the issues of quality health care, family, education, equality in the workplace and many other concerns so important to American women.

No, that’s really what it says.

Some selected quotes from women on the site explaining their love of Cain:

Sir, I firmly believe that you were sent to our nation through Divine Providence and I believe that you are the man to preserve our Republic for our children.

I’m “reassessing” my Christmas List… instead of buying misc $10 gifts for people I barely know anyway, I’m sending all that money to you. YOU are who this country needs. Please don’t let the opposition win, they are vile liars and will face God for what they’ve done to you. … I have NO doubts about you after thinking and praying about it. If Mrs. Cain is OK w/ what you did, I am.

Its disgusting these women have taken advantage of you. They are the ones with questionable character, not you.

My dad would give a waitress 100 dollar tips and I just thought since I was a child that was normal, giving unconditional that is true Christianity and I get Herman Cain and A president who will save the Republic,

Mr. Cain, To me you are the embodiment of the prayers of every faithful believing slave who turned to ALMIGHTY GOD for deliverance from slavery and inequality. …  Our God Reigns!

I cannot believe you had time for an affair. If you are ill and fighting for your life,suffering through chemotherapy,how can you have time between hospital visits and family time? Wouldn’t you be too sick to participate in a make-believe affair? You are a triple threat to the Left!! I believe these “women” are looking for money and attention and have been groomed by the “Demonacrats” to be a bunch of bad actress’.

Don’t let Satan and his demons win. Stay true to the Lord’s will and stay in this race. Remember Philippians 4:13! CAIN TRAIN is chugging!

Weird.  I looked up Philippians 4:13 and there was nothing there about a CAIN TRAIN.

Also, how much do you think the women in the banner above regret posing for those stock photos?

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If God is on Herman Cain’s side, I suggest picking a better God. Just sayin’.

I nominate Kuan Yin. I know, not technically a god, but you just know she’ll stand up for the social programs.

Because when I when I was waiting, my normal experience with ‘Christian!’ style Christians is that they were more likely to give you a fake dollar that was really a tract than 20%, much less $100.

I’ll assume “Christian! style” means “obnoxious,” as presumably non-obnoxious ones wouldn’t necessarily be easy to identify. /feelstheneedtodefendchristians

DKM has a serious problem with real human beings, doesn’t he? In any situation where he can choose between real women or something fake (dolls, paintings, stock photos), he always picks the fake thing.

>>Photos can be deceptive, of course, but it seems at first viewing that most of the women pictured seem prettier than most of the femocrats you see at gatherings of HC’s opponents.

It’s almost as though these were actually stock photo models rather than political activists…

Of all the terrible, backwards, completely unqualified Republican presidential hopefuls, why pick this particular dude ?


Perhaps for the very same reason a fat, lazy, ‘progressive’, fucktard, mangina, suck-up-to-dyke to get to lick (but not fuck) diseased pussy hopeful, democrat like yourself would pick on that particular dude.

Because he’s a black man that breaks with your ideological narrative.

Hey there, troll with the fondness for bad language. Are you actually under the impression that it makes your comments any more convincing? Or is it supposed to hurt our feelings?

In either case, yawn.

My mom once made a twenty-dollar tip on a five-dollar drink, because the guy was wasted and couldn’t see the denomination of the bill.

Troll dude, the WHOLE POINT of anti-racism is that black people are people. A certain amount of black people who are idiotic asshats is not only allowed for, but actually predicted, under this theory.

Katz – yeah, the obnoxious, self-righteous kind. Poor tipping correlates with people fresh from the religious services of several religions, but fake tip assholery was reserved for a special brand of Christian. Now, there are other ways to be extra douchey about not leaving a tip, and most servers see a representative sample of all of them every pay period, but only certain types of evangelicals prep for it in advance by arming themselves with fake money. You see people who produce the things defending it as a fun way to grab attention, but you almost never see them left as a part of a real tip and they’re never left by people who look like lighthearted pranksters for Jesus. It’s usually a gift from the dour ones.

Being you must be such a miserable existance, Meller. Sitting there all alone, talking to your dolls, fantasizing about things like women’s right to vote being repealed (is that going to happen before or after they all get shipped off to the brothels?), and all the while knowing that not one of your fantasies is every going to come true. And then you find a captive audience of women to shriek at, exactly the kind of women who make you so angry, and you finally get to let it all out, all that bitterness and rage…and they just laugh at you. Over and over again. Because you’re nothing but a pathetic old man shaking his fist at a world that long since passed him by.

suck-up-to-dyke to get to lick (but not fuck) diseased pussy hopeful

I swear that this clause is like what would happen if the Timecube guy started playing Xbox Live. Sheer unparse-able looniness but with 10x the obscenities.

With regards to the Jesus dollars thing, my understanding was that the idea is that The News About Jesus > money and therefore you give them out as a little bit of a moral gotcha! in order to get people to think something like “Wow, I never considered before that the Christian system of beliefs (which of course I have been totally ignorant of until now) is superior to my set of materialistic values! I’ll get myself to church immediately!” Now of course, handing out these dollars to low-paid service workers clearly is insulting and lacking in any sort of compassion, because money very much matters to someone who is getting guaranteed pay from their employer at less than the minimum wage. But it’s the same sort of philosophy that leads some Christians to think that shipping Bibles to Haiti = earthquake relief. Because what suffering people need is obviously an ideology that ignores the conditions that created their suffering and instead requires them to constantly deny their worldly existence. It’s not that your boss doesn’t pay you enough, or that the economy tanked, it’s that you care too much about money! You wouldn’t care about having cholera if you realized eternity in Heaven was waiting for you!

I think most Christians realize that it’s straight-up an asshole move though to give out the fake money instead of real money. I’ve only ever encountered it on Halloween and lying around on the street. I think in those places it is more like a prank or like Christian culture jamming.

DKM, you really can’t realize the difference between reality and that? Not only are they models that were chosen specifically because of their looks, but there is also a lot of make up, lighting skills, photographic skills and photoshop involved. That’s not what they look like like when they wake up. And of course, there is often unhealthy diets, plastic surgery…

Anyway, saying “the opinion of people I don’t like does not matter because they’re UGLY” makes you very very very shallow.

Just went to the “women for cain” website, now the picture is… him and his wife. So now, it’s “Cain and his woman for himself”.

I ride the NY subways to work, and part of that is people trying to hand you things. The only ones I see who look miserable/angry are the tract givers. They are also the ones most likely to get in your space to do it (which, in NY, means really close; sometimes making body contact).

They get The Look, from me (and probably from a lot of other people… this might be why they are so angry, but) If they are going to be offensive to me, I’m not going out of my way to be nice to them. i smile and shake my head at the guys with ads/papers, but they are smiling and nodding at me.

“Perhaps for the very same reason a fat, lazy, ‘progressive’, fucktard, mangina, suck-up-to-dyke to get to lick (but not fuck) diseased pussy hopeful, democrat like yourself would pick on that particular dude.”

Damn, EWME, you don’t think oral counts as fucking?

How about fisting?



You poor thing, you don’t even like BLOWJOBS?

I swear that this clause is like what would happen if the Timecube guy started playing Xbox Live.

wanna game with the timecube dude

“Damn, EWME, you don’t think oral counts as fucking?

How about fisting?



You poor thing, you don’t even like BLOWJOBS?”

Sexual imagination? From an MRA? Now you’re asking for too much, Molly!

I think EWME imagines (in what passes for his imagination) that sex for male feminists is all cunnilingus and frustrated masturbation, followed by shopping for tampons while she goes out and fucks all the alphas in town.

I thought the very existence of male feminists was about getting sex from female feminists! Guys, if captainbathrobe is right, you should change your strategy.

By the way, I love the mention of “diseased pussy”, as if std is something women grow in their vagina, then give to the poor men. I mean, before giving it to someone you have to get it from someone. And statistically, a female is more at risk to get an std if the partner is male.

… and he’s quiting. I’m almost sad, think of all the fun we will miss. Well, never mind, there are still plenty of clowns. Next!

Oh, captainbathrobe, I knew I was doing something wrong: my boyfriend never does that. Mainly because I don’t have a purse. How unfluffy of me.

I sometimes make my best friend (female) carry my bag when I’m working. Does that make her my boyfriend? I will have to inform her of this.

diseased pussy hopeful

diseased pussy hopeful

diseased pussy hopeful

diseased pussy hopeful

It never would have occured to me that those three words could be put together, much less in that order. EWME is like an angry MRA spambot.

Omega Virgin Revolt (who seems to be calling both the blog and himself The Black Pill these days, presumably in tribute to the powerful hallucinogens that must form a major part of his diet) is putting a brave face on the fact that his donation to Herman Cain was essentially flushed down the toilet.

Since he doesn’t think that men are capable of sexual harassment or initiating affairs, he initially seems bemused as to why Cain was hit with these charges but Ron Paul hasn’t been – but concludes that it’s because Paul isn’t “anti-feminist” and therefore the establishment (all made up of snivelling manginas) doesn’t view him as enough of a threat to concoct trumped-up charges of harassment or adultery against him.

Yeah, my wife doesn’t have a purse, either, so I’m off the hook as far as that goes. 🙂

Seriously, though, I’ve always felt that these guys have confused “being a real man” with “being a real dick.” The idea that you can be man while still being a decent person seems to have eluded them. So, any requirement that they not be dicks is seen as emasculating.

I usually carry a totally unisex backpack or tote – but I think that would still magically emasculate any male I forced to hold it by mra rules. (I HAVE purses, but they’re usually nice ones my relatives gave me so I only wear them with fancy stuff. )

His accusers should crawl back under the rocks from which they came, or even join and complain and make their allegations about “affairs” and “sexual harassment” here, or at least at similar blogs! At worst, this only affects him and his wife, and the poor fellow should be left alone!

DKM, if Cain is guilty of sexual harassment, then that is not just a matter between Cain and his wife. It also affects his alleged victims. Some types of sexual harassment are crimes, like bribery (for example, offering a pay raise in exchange for sex) or sexual assault. I also want to know how consistent you are in your attitude of “it’s none of our business”. Did you take the same approach to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in the 90’s? Did you say that was just a matter between Bill and Hillary, or did you want him to get impeached over his affair with Lewinsky?

Lest any of us forget, DKM’s marriage broke up over an affair.

I’ll tactfully refrain from recalling whose affair it was…

His wife proved rather less submissive and compliant than the robo-dolls he fantasizes about.

Meller also think that any such affair is a public issue as it regards women. Lest we forget that women who are “unchaste” in their lives prior to marriage are to be placed into brothels.

This is, of course, completely consistent with his double standards.

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