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Kate Beaton confuses the Reddit Men's Rightsers


From Hark, a vagrant. I photoshopped a little.

Hark, a vagrant, as I may have noted many times already, is pretty much the most hilarious comic in the world at the moment.  So recently the comic’s creator Kate Beaton got together with some of her cartoonist pals and did a bunch of cartoons featuring a gang of superheroines called the “STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS.”

Someone linked to them in Reddit’s Men’s Rights subreddit. Take a look at the comments.  The cartoons seem to have, well, confused the Men’s Rightsers just a little bit.


203 replies on “Kate Beaton confuses the Reddit Men's Rightsers”

Nope, wait, take that back. I read the comments more carefully and they seem to split into:

“Yeah! Tough chicks suck the same way feminism sucks!”
“Ha ha, you guys, the author’s a feminist, and you totally got suckered into listening to something a feminist said!”

I guess the confusing thing is that it’s a feminist making fun of putatively feminist characters, and intra-feminist criticism is a tricky thing to get a handle on when you see “feminist” as some sort of species rather than a large grouping of ideologies.

Cut them some slack! Satire is hard.

On a slightly related note, I had a few friends in high school who insisted that Stephen Colbert was just playing a straight conservative, and really believed what he said. I was all “Buh-?”

I think that was (is still??) a common misconception. Conservatives would watch Colbert because they thought he was serious. No, it doesn’t really make any sense. I hope no one actually thinks that anymore, but I don’t doubt there are some people who are a little … slow.


I’ve found Colbert is a Rorschach Test for people’s own deepest concerns. For example, I have gay friends who insist that while they know Colbert is joking about *everything else,* but serious about being against gay rights. Etc.

I love the studies that show conservatives think Colbert is actually conservative!

I also really enjoyed this comic. Too often attempts to create strong female characters go horribly awry. A couple of good rules of thumb… If the character is wearing something too skimpy to even be considered underwear or fighting crime in heels, something’s gone wrong.

Sarah: It still happens (re Colbert). I’ve seen long discussions about how clever he is, that he has convinced liberals he’s making fun of conservatives, as a way to slip conservative argument into Liberal Minds. A sort of fifth column of indoctrination.

What amazes me isn’t that Conservatives go on his show, but that some do it more than once.

Kate Beaton is a shrill feminist harpy. I remember a few months back she had the gall to complain on her site about receiving sexual compliments from male fans, and it was some of the most priveleged misandrist garbage I’ve ever read. Most of us MRAs have gone years with no attention, compliments or sexual propositions whatsoever and yet this spoiled bitch receives them constantly and still isn’t grateful for them. Kate Beaton is like a kid who gets an Xbox for Christmas and still complains.

Arksibalt, I take it you would welcome sexual compliments and propositions from random men with open arms? Because I certainly wouldn’t, and I’m bi. Because that’s gross. I guess that makes me a misandrist.

Yeah, Arksibalt, you’re right. Instead of clarifying what she’s comfortable with and what makes her uncomfortable, Kate should have just been grateful for the scraps of attention people were giving her. I mean, speaking up and telling people what you want is completely UNACCEPTABLE. Drawing lines and establishing boundaries? Whaaaaa? Clearly the acts of a shrill feminist harpy. No normal lady would dare spit in the face of an unknown emailer telling her xie wants to marry her and have her babies.

Oooh, I think I remember that horrible incident. The evil bitch had the gall to want to be complimented for her work rather than her looks. How dare she! /sarcasm

No really, who uses “shrill feminist harpy” unironically? And the phrasing of sexual harassment as “compliments” not even “well meaning faux pas” but actual compliments shows a lack of self-awareness that is too much even for MRAs. Gotta be a poe.

Also, am I the only one who thinks the Strong Female Character with the glasses is strangely endearing? O3O

Kate Beaton is the best. Her send-up is spot on. Particularly as we’re at the height of summer movie madness.

I loved this comic soooo much! The whole time I was reading it, I kept having clips of the dreadful recent Wonder Woman pilot flashing through my mind. Or Charlie’s Angels. Or la Femme Nikita. Or Barbarella. Or ….

Also, no discussion of Kate Beaton and internet sexism will ever be complete with Gabby’s wonderful comic on the subject, with the 666 comments re-enforcing the point.

Posted it here before, I think, but for me it never gets old.

I remember a few months back she had the gall to complain on her site about receiving sexual compliments from male fans, and it was some of the most priveleged misandrist garbage I’ve ever read.

My hypothesis that all it takes to be called a “misandrist” is to make it clear that you will not have sex with EVERY man who indicates even a slight interest in having sex with you: CONFIRMED!

Thanks, Arky.

Kes, Yes the Wonder Woman pilot was terrible, As were Charlie’s Angles and La Femme Nikita, but Barbarella, the Dino De Laurentiis masterpiece. If the concept of “so bad it is good” applies anywhere, it applies to Barbarella. I urge you, and everyone else here to give it another chance. I have found that slugging back a gulp of sangria every time Jane Fonda changes outfits, and another gulp anytime anyone says Pygar really enhances the viewing experience.

I never said those shows weren’t entertaining, they are just so… pretty much Kate nailed it with the comic. The hot-n-sexy lead who just prances around in lingerie making bland pronouncements about how “strong” she is, with seemingly no inner life, doubts, or character flaws beyond a weakness for chocolate or something equally dumb. And she always ends up with a man, cause you just can’t have a happy ending as a woman without a man in your life.

My favorite movie send up of the strong lady-type is Tank Girl, but I understand Lori Petty isn’t to everyone’s taste. In the end, she gets with a kangaroo! Maybe.

Am watching ‘Salt’ right now. So far am not sure how bad it will be. She has taken off her pencil skirt and heels for evading the CIA, which I think is a good sign.

Re: Salt – It made more sense the first time, when it was No Way Out w/ Kevin Costner.

I have to admit I am a little perplexed by the comic as well. I think it’s about the comic book/Hollywood industries’ rather narrow concept of what exactly a “strong female character” is. The bit about the costume in particular is reminiscent of a legendarily stupid explanation for Power Girl’s boob window. But I’m not 100% sure I got it all and I’m afraid something may have gone over my head.

Apparently there was a scene in Salt where Angelina Jolie’s character saves her husband from something, but it was cut because it was thought of as emasculating.

AMiRA, I disagree with a couple of her points, but I think it’s awesome how much work she’s put into her bodybuilding. I live in the same city as her, so if I ever bump into her I’ll give her my congratulations.

Did you have a point, little boy?

@ Dire Sloth: Gah! That’s so annoying! I so badly want to see more female action heroes and super heroes who do actual rescuing and aren’t overly serialized. Almost every movie ever, the girl needs to be saved… *sigh*

I’m basically okay with being hit on on the Engine, because, um, sex blog, on the Internet, with naked pictures, so the apparently universal opinion of my commentariat that I need to take a ride on their disco stick is basically on topic.

However, if someone were to comment on my post about nail polish on NSWATM with something along the lines of “woo, your anti-sexist dialectic brings all the boys to the yard”, I would be offended and kind of creeped out. On the Engine, it’s about my body (and my thoughts about my body); on NSWATM, it’s all about my ideas.

Women are so complicated, aren’t they?

@Tabby I find it amusing that you feminists complain all the time about men looking at you, people judging you, horrible beauty standards, and all the rest of your caterwauling, but scratch the surface and your feminine need for attention, need to be judged and praised for your bodies just comes flowing out. Some “feminists”.

The bit about the costume in particular is reminiscent of a legendarily stupid explanation for Power Girl’s boob window.

I actually like Power Girl’s costume. It just needs the right artist to make it work (Amanda Conner, for example). The costume works far better in the real world than most other superheroine costumes. Just look at the high number of cosplayers who pull it off beautifully.

Goeff John’s explanation for the costume is stupid though.

Perhaps off topic, but I’ve really been enjoying this blog. 43 year old feminist university prof remakes her body for a figure competition:
Bring on the muscles and fake tanner. The reactions to her new body in the gym are interesting–old dude: you need to make it *softer*, sweetie!

What do you want to bet that most MRAs would brand a woman who does give sexual compliments to men as an unladylike slut who is just out to ride the bad boy cock carousel, or whatever it is they call it?

Eh. Salt made very little sense. My attention may have wandered, but as far as I can tell there wasn’t the obligatory t&a shower scene and she was wearing a suit for half the movie. And she doesn’t get with a guy at the end. I give it a meh out of ten.

aMiRA, it’s not even worth explaining the waves of feminism to you or to point out where I said I have disagreements with again.

But then, I seem to be wasting time with you. You don’t want discussion, you just want to argue with anything said or done by feminists, even if the point you think you’re making just comes off as crazy (see thread where you apparently have an issue with the police arresting a criminal).

I responded reasonably to that but David has decided to censor me and my comment was never posted. I’m sure you know this however, as part of his harem. As usual, a woman uses a man to protect her from having to actually to do anything herself.

@Tubby Lovelamp

Given your pathetic attempts at debate, I have a new nickname for you:




Thank you for the edit David. I always knew I could count on you to be a real man.

Oops, Ami, same woman that you linked to an article about! Still, amazing. (and Canadian, to boot, eh). Posting at work–now that I’m home I can follow links.

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