Bostonians and Toronto-ites! Man Boobz Party Time!

Calling all Man Boobzers!

Hey Torontoites! Some Man Boobzers are organizing a little get-together for this upcoming weekend. Check the comments here for details as they become available, and post a note if you’re interested. Or check in directly with Ami Angelwings on her blog.

Meanwhile the joint Pervocracy-Man Boobz Boston meetup is happening this Friday (the 17th) at 6:00 PM at the Prudential Center. More details here; check in with Holly ( if you’re planning to go.

And if you’re somewhere else and want to organize a get-together, post your location below. I’m going to organize a Chicago get together, probably the weekend  after next. And it looks like we’ve got enough people in the Bay Area and in Madison/Milwaukee; anyone want to organize a get-together in either place? (Or have you Bay Area folks already started organizing?) Some DC people have already had a little get together.So let’s do this!!!11!!

Should we start up some actual groups? Or it is easier to do it informally here and by email?


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How do you guys feel if one of the anti’s shows up? We welcome too?

Heh. Boston, yeah!

Aww, thanks MRAL, we love you too.


I’m only speaking for myself, but if you can behave and have fun with a group of people who disagree with you, I would welcome you and others who hold contrary opinions. Just because we disagree doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. (And friends tend to listen to each other better than strangers)

Even I, despite my condition, have never had to venture online to find friends. Lol.

Nope, you’re totally set with your three friends, that’s all you need.

Some of us prefer to have just a few more than that.


What’s so bad about finding friends online? There are two people that immediately jump to mind, neither of which I would have ever met if not online, not to mention all of the people I “know” even if I don’t know them in person. The world is much more fun when you can talk to someone in Europe or the US (or wherever) at nearly instantaneous speed, bringing together a whole host of different experiences.

Also, the friends I do have sadly don’t live where I live, so my best chance to hang out with people is online. *shrug*

“Even I, despite my condition, have never had to venture online to find friends. Lol.”

And yet, somehow, you do manage to find plenty of enemies.

Meh, whatever. Maybe I shouldn’t have used that tone. It is just weirds me out a little. What if one of you is a serial killer? Facebook is different because you usually know the people you’re communicating with in person. Also you have, well, their faces.

Off-Topic Question: Is it normal to masturbate to cartoons?


Facebook can be just as creepy, you’ve never heard of facebook stalkers? With facebook, your face is on the internet as well, and all of the pictures you post. You have to be wary of irl meetups, to be sure, but especially in an anonymous environment there’s very little chance you could be stalked (unless you make a habit of divulging personal information).

OTQ: Depends. Hentai and related porn? I’d say that’s pretty normal. Pornographic versions of kids cartoons? Not normal (I think), but its done. Regular non-pornographic cartoons? I seriously doubt it.

Hrm.. I should clarify though. It doesn’t really matter what is normal and what isn’t as long as it doesn’t involve harm to others without consent. Arguably gay sex isn’t “normal” (for majority-rules definition of normal). If you are asking whether something is wrong with you for masturbating to cartoons… Eh, it depends on the content to me.

I don’t masturbate to cartoons, my roommate did though, and he made no secret of it. They were non-pornographic cartoons like Kim Possible. I thought he was a fucking weirdo.

I know for a fact he spanked it to:

– Kim Possible
– Totally Spies (anime shit)
– One Piece (anime shit)
– Pokemon

I saw pornographic versions of each of those on his computer.


Here’s a question, I guess. Why do you care? Apparently it squicks you out, but he’s harming no one and he’s enjoying himself. Why worry about it?

Its similar to reactions against any sort of kink, really, and to homosexuality. I don’t like it, I wouldn’t do it, therefore they shouldn’t do it either (alternatively; I’m going to think less of them because they do this thing I don’t like). Again, why worry about it?


Of course there is one possibility for why you care about his porn preferences…

“I… I mean.. my roommate… wacks off to cartoon porn. Is this normal? I… I mean, my roommate… really needs to know.”

I sometimes masturbate watching the news. Is that normal?

Wait, I don’t care! ‘Cause I have the biggest crush on the world’s hottest newscaster! (new show premiers Monday at 8pm on Current TV. So excited!! Missed him so much!)

Oh yeah, just cuz I forgot to share this here xD I shared w/ my friend MRAL going on about his roommate masturbating to Totally Spies, and her response was so great I tweeted it xD so I’m gonna share it here too:

“If you’re NOT masturbating to Totally Spies, then they’ve failed as a company.”

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