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Meet the Meat Market Makers

Buy! Sell! Neg!

Uh oh! Trouble in mansophere paradise! Over on MGTOWforums, the “ghost” calling himself MrLahey is throwing down the gauntlet to all the pickup artists out there who dare to consider themselves allies of MGTOWers. Apparently PUAs are violating the terms of the Cock Blockade; by screwing women, they are evidently screwing over their brethren.  MrLahey, who apparently once took an Economics class, explains:

Ghosts are driven to celibacy due to current market conditions, voluntarily or not, it is done in this particular context of risk aversion. I dare say any ghost would prefer, all else the same, to be sexually active, and wishes the risk-reward was different so he could participate in the meat market.

The conditions that make a man ghost are legal, practical and moral. Too risky, too high a price, too time consuming. … Now those conditions that make a man ghost do not exist in a vacuum, but are created by the sum of interactions of the meat market players, right ? The sexually active are the traders and the market makers of pussy, ensuring market liquidity.

Yes, he did just use the phrase “market makers of pussy.” And evidently not as a joke. He continues on with this metaphor:

So when the ghost leaves the market, the ones left to play it, and thus able to sustain or modify the conditions of the trade are the men left in the field : manginas, white knights, puas and mgtow. …

The reason I believe women get away with exorbitant prices (associated risks) for pussy is the existing demand, which sustains the price and favors similar conditions for each subsequent iteration of the trade. …  I fail to understand how catering to a woman’s skewed entitlement and grandiose sense of self-worth (telling her lies, buying her things for sex, investing more time in entertaining her than in actual sex … etc) can ever be helpful or instrumental to bring the market price (risks and costs) of pussy down.

The rattling sound you hear is Adam Smith’s skeleton rolling in its grave.

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Comment Hall of Fame? Yes. A thousand times yes! Dunno how you would present them, but preserving some of these conversations for future generations of boobz is one of the greatest services we of the current generation can provide! And serve as an archive for P.R.A.T.T. arguments as well. (Previously Refuted A Thousand Times).

Comment hall of fame, hm? Sounds like a plan. You guys should nominate some comments/threads.

Hall of Fame/PRATT ideas:
aMiRA’s thread(s)
Ozy’s Sex Times thread
Poetry thread
Any thread with LVVS, DSC, or Kirby (and others?!? Sorry, blanking on names!) citing statistics on DV, false/rape accusations/convictions, etc.
1000+ thread

Ami –
i know i’m a bit late to the party, but that was some beautiful work!

seriously – i know most professional writers never make enough money to quit their day jobs, but you should try! that was OUTSTANDING [i should know – i’m an ADDICT, i read even bad stuff – but that was REALLY REALLY GOOD.]

[also – until i forced to drop out, 4 classes from my double Bachelors, i was a poli-sci/journalism major. i’ve had a TON of editing classes – if you need a proof-reader, or a beta reader, i volunteer! my email, if you want me to, is denelian at yahoo]

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