creepy douchebaggery men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny vaginas

>Eggstremely odd

>Another screenshot from Fat, Ugly or Slutty, the new blog calling out misogyny in the online gaming world. I know I just posted about this site, but, uh, take a look. Dude, you want to do … what?

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11 years ago

>Because it'd be messy and make the stinky hole even stinkier hahahahalolololol!!!!!11!!11!

11 years ago


11 years ago

>I will use this as a gender neutral threat substituting orifices as needed.

11 years ago

>Sounds like he had sex ed classes at school today and remembered there was an egg and a vaginal canal and is trying to sound older than he is by throwing around some tech terms he doesn't really understand.Would LMAO if a gamer sent me that as an insult.

11 years ago

>I'm sure haloinshreds has it, but I prefer to think that this young man has an egg fetish. He really wants to have sex with one and thinks if he hides it in someone's vagina, no one will know.

11 years ago

>If you look at the comment thread for that pic, at least one person claims someone on game chat asked her to pose with a ceramic egg in her banjingo, so it might just be one guy with a really bizarre fetish.

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