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>”I don’t hate women. I just want them all to die bitter and alone.”


Non-haters also gonna hate.

The “Rant you very much” section of NiceGuy’s MGTOW [Men Going Their Own Way] forum is the place for commenters to post stuff that they think might be too crazy and “out there” for the forum’s other sections. Given what else is posted over on NiceGuy’s — the stomping ground of a fellow named Nightstorm and his wild fantasies of moustrap vaginas and leech women —  this is a tall order indeed.

NiceGuy richbansha tried his best to live up to these high expectations with a recent rant titled “Why not hate?” Why bother to pretend that we don’t hate women, rich asks his fellow NiceGuys, when this won’t actually do us any good? As for him, he admits his hatred up front. (I’ve taken the liberty of bolding some expecially ranty bits in the quote below, and adding a paragraph break.)

Do I “hate women”? You bet your ass!  …

[T]he most common reason why one of us will deny the possibility that we hate them  is not not look bad. Is there any doubt that they don’t hate YOU or that those listening in wouldn’t just as soon see you violated? … No matter what you do, you can still expect the most inconscionable treatment at the hands of AW [American Women]. If the response to both kindness and cruelty are identical, what is the reason for such a lopsided favoritism for appeasement?

When saying that you want to rape and cut up a woman with a band saw is met with the exact same reaction as saying you want to want to buy them a drink, what … is the incentive to not be hateful and violent? We have seen for ourselves that refraining only makes you are more likely target for hatred and violence. … So when a stinking cavern gets out of hand why not pulp her? You know you want to. Does anyone really think that stopping yourself or saying you would stop yourself will make it any easier on you?

In a followup post, he blames it all on the alleged tendency of women to adore “bad boys” and treat kind, considerate nice guys — richbansha apparently thinks he is, or at least was, one of them — like dirt:

My fate was decided in 7th grade when that girl said I had cooties. …  If you ever got a “P” in the box on your report card that says “Respects the rights of others” then you are a marked man. …

I have suffered far more for the things that I had nothing to do with than any active and intentional infraction that I ever committed. … Who do skanks even call the cops on? Violent meth dealer Bf who routinely beats her and impregnates her or the honest, hardworking auditor who pays for the meth dealer’s offspring? Is it any wonder that I think dudes should get on the good side of that equation?

The “good side,” of course, being the side of of the girlfriend-beating “bad-boy” meth dealer.

So, yeah, that’s what a rant on NiceGuy’s looks like.

More interesting to me than the actual rant, though, are the responses of others in the forum. TheDude suggested he tone it down a bit: 

So you think that violence may be the answer when there are thousands of cops who would love to beat your ass because you “disrespected a lady?” I think talking about it on this board just makes us a target and it is bad advice.

In other words, the voice of reason in this discussion frames his advice in entirely self-interested terms: Don’t attack women because then cops will beat your ass. Don’t talk like this on the forum, because it makes MGTOW look bad.

And then there are those who chime in to say they didn’t hate women … but. There is always a “but.” A couple of the “buts” are fairly mild and inoffensive. the american, echoing the famous Dr. Freud, notes

I don’t hate women. I just don’t understand their thought processes.

Our friend Yohan goes a little further (bold in original):

I am not hateful or violent, but I am highly MISTRUSTING against all and everything a Western female will ever tell me.

It’s not only about my past, it’s about the present legal situation in feminist countries, which encourages females of any age to consider men of any age, even young boys and old people, even your own father as nothing but trash except for quick money supply.

About hate, it should be said, hate is really bad for your health cousing heart problems, stomach problems etc..

And then there are … these. Richard Cranium blames those evil Sufragettes (and the manginas who loved them) for it all:

It’s not a matter of hating women per se, it’s hating what they’ve become, or more specifically what manginas have let them become. As has been stated here & elsewhere, the day we let them out of the kitchen and let them vote was the day it all went to hell.

Big R takes his non-hatred to a whole other level:

I dont hate them either. I want them to live to see how lonely and suicidal they,ll become when they find out all the men have dumped them forever in the feminized world. I want them to live and suffer without men or the attention they receive from us. …

I have turned out just a little vengeful towards women for the treatment I have received from them throughout my life. Just seeing an AW maybe lying on the sidewalk after a drunken suicidal depressive drinking binge after being dumped and cheated on would brighten up my day.

Our friend Yohan obliged this last wish by posting a photo of a drunk woman lying on the floor in what appears to be a pool of her own urine, with a friendly little note advising Big R to “have a nice day.”

So very considerate, these Men Going Their Own Way.

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167 replies on “>”I don’t hate women. I just want them all to die bitter and alone.””

I don’t understand how mocking and belittling men can persuade them to be less misogynistic. I’ve hated women at times. When I read posts on this site all I feel is humiliation, shame, and self-disgust, and I’ve never really known how to deal with those feelings. Either I try to escape with distractions or I’ll irrationally look to women for moral validation.

But when I think of Ibsen’s Hedde Gabler, I see someone who also struggles with the impulse to lash out at others from a place of resentment, jealousy, and shame; and I see that at least one woman can feel as morally ugly as I do. Doing what I can to stop looking at porn has also helped (since I come to resent women’s sexual power over me), as has going out & developing different projects more; I’ve also been annotating American Psycho. Yet still it’s hard to not see women as judges of my moral worth.

I don’t understand how mocking and belittling men can persuade them to be less misogynistic.

We’re not here to persuade them to be less misogynistic. That’s on them.

I have no interest in gently persuading you to stop hating me, Sean, with hugs and lollipops and promises that you’ve been a good boy. If you think it’s okay to hate women for not giving you hugs and lollipops (and sex) then you can’t be convinced not to hate us. Maybe we could get you to tolerate us, conditionally, as long as we kept giving you whatever you wanted; but that’s not what true respect is. That’s not how you would treat people you consider to be your equals.

Resenting women’s sexual power over you? Confused, resentful and necromancing old threads is no way to go through life, son.

RE: Sean

Yet still it’s hard to not see women as judges of my moral worth.

The thing is, Sean… that’s YOU. That’s not women judging you. That’s YOU judging you, and seeing it as coming from women. The women in porn CAN’T judge you; they’re doing their job and never even see you. It’s YOU choosing to look at, consume, and buy the porn.

What I’m saying is, the problem is coming from within you, not outside. Validation from women can’t replace a sense of self-esteem. That’s your work to do.

This site doesn’t mock and belittle men. It mocks and belittles misogynists. If you see all men, including yourself as misogynists, that says more about you than it does about the blog or the commenters here.

Bigots are ridiculous. That’s why we ridicule them. That’s all they’re good for.

Belittling bigots who happen to be men bigoted against women is not “mocking and belittling men”. That suggests all men are being mocked or that the bigots are being belittled because of their gender, rather than for their awful ideas and horrendous attempts at defending them.

You have found yourself hating women. So? Sounds like you have a problem with your thinking that you need to fix. That’s not a reason to be nicer to you.
“Be nicer to me or I’ll hate you and be bigoted against you” is not a great incentive. I hope that’s not how you normally encourage people to be your friends.

Women have no special sexual power, Sean. See, women usually want sex too and some of us are attracted to men. We have the same desires. We are not another species. Your desire is coming from you, not from the person you focus that desire on. Your feelings are not caused by women. They’re caused by the fact that you are a sexual person with opposite sex attraction. So when you watch porn, you are not under the power of the recorded image of a woman having shexy times, or of the actual woman acting in the porn who exists completely independently of that recording and your desire to watch it and wank.

Watching porn and wanking isn’t a bad thing, imo.(Not all porn is sexist crap) But if it makes you feel powerless or ashamed, maybe it’s not a good thing for you. Even then, the person with the power to decide whether or not to watch and wank or what to watch while you wank is you. You are in charge of your boners, not vice versa.

Gender doesn’t bestow the right to be a proper judge of someone else’s morality. Not only that, but just like men are separate people, so are women. You’ll never get all women to agree to a singular moral standard to judge you by. Most of the world’s people don’t know you and never will. Why set half of those strangers up to be your judges? It isn’t as if they applied for the position. Your drafting them into your imaginary scenario. I hope you find it liberating to know that these feelings of being ugly and judged as crap are probably coming from you and that you can change the messages you send yourself. However, Sean, if you find that these thoughts are reoccurring and persistent, then you may need to see a doctor about your feelings of low self worth. That’s a symptom of depression.

If you want to be really squicked out you can think about the fact that this awe-inspiring sexual power that women* hold over straight men is the superhuman ability to choose not to have sex with them.

We can choose not to have sex with a man at all, which empowers us to make him feel bad because he believes he deserves to orgasm around us and we aren’t making that orgasm happen. Our power can also make him feel bad because he wants to think of himself as the kind of man who fucks x type of women.

Worse still, we can choose to have sex with a man only under specific circumstances. We are then forcing him, with the great and terrible power of not having sex, to try to bring those circumstances about. That might mean getting a hair cut or treating women with at least the appearance of respect or even marrying us. Lo, tremble at the might of women.

*here women = women that the speaker finds attractive. All other “women” are not actually women at all, but are some invisible Other.

Viscaria – and we have this terribul power without even knowing when we’re exercising it. Dude sees woman in street, gets all hot and bothered, but she doesn’t even know he’s there. Not in the “That b*tch ignored me! I wasn’t good enough for her!” way said duder means, but as in he was just another person on the street she might not even have seen, let alone had any reason to notice. Yet she has this amazing POWER from being in possession of physical attributes he finds fuckable, and it’s such an insult to him that she’s thinking about work, or is in a hurry to catch the train, or is enjoying being in the fresh air, or is thinking about a book she’s reading, or anything at all, instead of telepathically knowing she’s stirred up his poor boner and doing something about it.

Gentlemen: I don’t know how many “Nice Guys” are left in the world because everyone should know by now that this behavior does not work with women. I think there are many “regular” guys out there..decent hard working guys who lack the charisma of the Alpha male or Bad Boy and, as a result, don’t do well with women. I am married now but was one of those guys. At age 30 I gave up on women after a bad breakup. I realized that I would never have a wife or a girlfriend and accepted it. Then, I felt a great feeling of peace. I no longer had to exude confidence and I didn’t care what women thought of me. After I gave up, when I saw a pretty girl with a scumbag, I didn’t care. I knew that they belonged together. Then a strange thing happened. I started to get female attention and a fair amount of it. . I know I did not exude confidence, I simply did not care and it was not an act. If a woman was interested and I was attracted to her, I asked her out. I did not care if she said Yes or No. What I am saying to you Regular guys is , stop chasing women. Thugs, Alpha males and Bad Boys don’t chase women. Women chase them. i have seen it. Here’s another analogy: If you keep trying to get a woman when they are not interested in you, it is like swimming against a Rip Tide. you can’t swim against a Rip Tide. you will get exhausted and drown. If you keep chasing women when they are hunting Bad Boys and Alphas you will get frustrated and go nuts. If you stop chasing them you will at least get your sanity back. Women may or may not approach you, but at least you are not engaged in a futile struggle.When I gave up I did not hate women. I simply realized that they really want Alphas and Bad Boys and I did not fit into either category. Some guys get pissed and say the world isn’t fair. No, it’s not fair but that’s the way it is. Another nasty truth: If you are not a Bad Boy or an Alpha, women regard you as trash on the sidewalk. I know. I was one of those guys. Do you really want to be with someone who regards you are trash? hope this helps.

Typical misandry from the always oppressed but never oppressive “fairer” sex. Fortunately, reality is irrefutable and the hysterical protestations of the professional victims will do nothing to alter facts. Males need only draw upon their inherent strengths and abilities to do as they have always done; prevail in life and thereby confirm superiority.

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