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>Nicko81m: …ridiculous because not MOST prostitutes are forced to have such a pathetic life. As I said, of course in some 3rd world countries, this happens. There are always some gangsters (and not all of them are men, but also women) who are into violence and force somebody to do something, this includes prostitution.About human trafficking, it's also about men and boys for forced labor.Regarding prostitution, the BIG majority of women are doing it out of their own choice.Germany now has legally registered about 450.000 prostitutes, paying taxes and health and retirement insurances, considered to be a job as any other job. New Zealand is also known to have good experiences with legal prostitution, same in Singapore or in Japan.The problem is starting when prostitution is illegal and is moving on into hiding like in USA. In this situation the woman is often forced to share her income with gangsters.Interesting and funny to watch is the porno-industry in Danmark, almost everything is legal there and to be a porn-model is considered to be as 'nothing special'. – Men living there have seen so many nude pictures and movies, that nobody will pay for that stuff anymore and the porno industry survives only because of export.You mentioned Philippines, nobody I know personally there is considering a life into prostitution as an option, despite being terrible poor. But of course, there are many Filipina girls who do – much easier job than working in a factory and much better paid. And if one girl does not want to continue she goes and the next one will replace her in a minute. In 3rd world countries the problem for these girls and bar-owners is often about how to find enough customers who are willing to pay. Local men are also poor in such countries and Western tourists are not everywhere.

>"Regarding prostitution, the BIG majority of women are doing it out of their own choice."This is an absolute LIE. So please, there is no use even lying about this, even ask the Johns. Even prostitutes that want to do it admit this is not true, Yohan, just knock it off the issue is way too important for you to be toying with. is a PDF of interviews with a wide sample of Johns. As you read this, there are parts where there is some feminist commentary interspersed, but it does not effect the integrity of the interview sample.You are right trafficking includes all kinds of vulnerable people, but again please do not shit on this topic for your agenda. In Germany and Holland where prostitution is legal, there are human rights messes. If a majority of women are there voluntarily they would not need to have thousands of people trafficked. My friend that lives in Holland posted a video today on this. Yohan, I currently live in the philippines, not one single fucking female in this country has a choice about what they do, and very few men do either, unless they have money. There is not a single woman here with any decent income that would do that line of work, period. There is dire, dire poverty here. People are very hardworking. They don't have factory jobs they are turning down, sorry. And better paid? Ok, Yohan, give me a break down of what they make. I'd really like to see what you know. here is the video my friend posted today who lives in the Netherlands. It has English subtitles.

>I just scrolled up and read another one of your comments.Yohan, right now I'm confused and my vision is very blurry. Are you saying you know where I am? Yes, I am in the Phils, and if you want to ship boxes fine, but one load of boxes did not show up. It has to be shipped just right. I can't read the rest, and will not be online for awhile, I actually got sick from that PDF that I posted, and I can't see well. I guess that's PTSD, I hear. Be Back later. It would not surprise me if I entirely misunderstood something.

>I would love to hear how women are oppressed in Western culture for being women. It would have to be a way which a woman could not avoid, as if she has a choice it is not oppression. I seriously cannot think of a single way women are oppressed in the west.

>The Biscuit Queen said… I would love to hear how women are oppressed in Western culture for being women. This is researched frequently worldwide and the results are published by the World Economic Forum in its annual Gender Gap Report. report covers 134 countries in details.USA is #19, UK is #15. No privileges for men…Switzerland is #10, both, men and women are EQUALLY rich.Interesting, Philippines is #9, which shows that Philippine men do not have privileges either, men and women are EQUALLY poor.The Gender Gap Report 2010 also shows that feminism is not helping poor people to improve their lives. Poor remains poor. Not only Philippines #9, but also SriLanka #16 (better than USA) has remarkable high scores regarding Gender Gap, but both countries remain poor and corrupt, violence everywhere, every day.Feminism is good for what?

>booboonation said… This is a PDF of interviews with a wide sample of Johns., this report is highly biased, with co-operation of Julie Bindl, a notorious man-hater in UK, and MacKinnon, USA serving a feminist charity in UK, Eaves, which is solely for females and NOT for the poor in general.The contents of this report are like that. It fails however to offer any conclusion – not even an estimate – how many women are forced into prostitution and how many are doing it out of their own decision.I found it interesting however that the report mentions that 29 percent of young men find their first sexual experiences with prostitutes as they obviously cannot find any female partner.Interesting also the one-liner in the report, that 67 percent of men believe 'most men pay for sex'. Some data used about men are very old references, back up to 1964. I wonder how relevant this report really is.

>booboonation said…..Yohan, I currently live in the philippines, not one single fucking female in this country has a choice about what they do, and very few men do either…There is dire, dire poverty here. Ok, Yohan, give me a break down of what they make. I'd really like to see what you know. OK,Living in Japan and visiting Philippines and other Asian countries several times every year since about 35 years, I can say the following:Philippines is still better off than various other countries in Asia I know, for example Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam.At least the Philippine government is not against foreigner, not against sending out overseas workers, and does not make problems if you help locals by sending materials of any kind as a foreigner. Also very little censorship. No gender-discrimination, so even feminists can be very happy. Not that bad compared so some other sountries nearby.Rich former Philippine female presidents and their family clans backed up by USA did not much for the Philippine ordinary people, so far 90 percent of all women, men and children living there remain EUQALLY poor. And so far, 10 percent of Philippine people are truly rich, about 8 million people or so can buy just everything they want.About my place in Cebu, the Philippine woman who is helping out for my fostergirl makes about php 15000 a month, just for selling stuff in Cebu, Mandaue, Canduman at a local market. Rather impoverished place, not so much, what she is earning, but you can survive with that, php 15000 is about USD 340,-.The almost BLIND sister of my fostergirl (22 year old) ALWAYS finds a little job, usually she is checking fruits or/and packing various items, and she is earning about php 3000 to 4000,-, about USD 70,- to 90,- a month enough for her food and anyway she is living with my fostergirl.The son of the woman taking care of my fostergirl is working as electrician and sometimes in an internet shop and the wife works for a nursery. Together about php 18000,-.The woman next door, in her 50s is working in a public school in Mandaue, her salary is about php 12000,- USD 270,-.That's about what people are earning outside of CebuCity.My fostergirl, now 14, needs for a (modest, average) private school, for food, health care, and all small items about php 15000,- per month. I also constructed the small house, and gave another very small house as a gift to the woman who takes care, frequently I am collecting materials of any kind in Tokyo and I send shipping boxes from time to time.In the place of my fostergirl, there are plenty of men and women around and all are doing some kind of job. OK, sometimes jobless, but not always without income, and nobody as far as I can see, is considering to be a prostitute or a gangster as a source of income.I wonder where you have been in Philippines, I think you stay only at one place in a slum area somewhere near Manila and have never been travelling around. For sure not all ordinary Filipinos are poor, due to many overseas workers – men and women – sending money home. Our Filipina office worker from Leyte Island has her house in Cebu, and a house in Leyte and various landplots and even a gas-station and machinery.I think your observations are very much exaggerated. Yes, there is deep poverty existing and no jobs in various regions but for sure NOT for all 90+ million people in all Philippines.

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