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>Misogynists attack Daniel Hernandez for saving Gabrielle Giffords’ life


Daniel Hernandez

I made the mistake of posting my previous post about the failure of empathy in the reaction of many misogynists to the Arizona shootings without first stopping by The Spearhead. There, below a post lauding the heroism of Daniel Hernandez, the gay congressional intern who ran towards the gunshots to assist the fallen Giffords and literally save her life, I found some comments even stranger and more vile than the others I have quoted in my last post. Instead of lauding Hernandez’ lifesaving act of heroism, they attacked him for helping a woman.

One commenter calling himself Traveller put it this way:

The “hero” saved a female politician, Democrat, probably some sort of feminist getting affirmative action at stellar level, and following some sort of feminist agenda. That “hero” probably until that day went around breaking the legs of working men who hesitated to pay 99% of their income to a feminist government.

Lower down in the thread, Peter-Andrew:Nolan(c) went further, saying

When men STOP being stupid arseholes and STOP saving the lives of ‘women andchildren’ THEN the women might notice how much we do for them.

In some ways Hernandez is also a traitor to men. IF he had just stood by and let this woman bleed to death because he was ‘afraid that she might accuse him of sexual harassment for touching her when she was unconscious’ and then been willing to take the heat of the lies and hatred and bile that women would throw at him for doing so? THEN he would have contributed to remedying the situation. And we would have one less female politician passing hate legislation against men. A net GAIN for men. …

Hernandez did something akin to a Jew helping a Nazi SS officer who will gladly throw him into a gas chamber. How is this ‘heroic’?

A few comments down, anonous agreed that:

The best thing any man can do is NOT step up to the plate and act heroic, but simply shrug ones shoulders at a time of crisis and say, ‘not my problem’. Whilst walking off to the nearest strip joint.

Men coming to the aid (especially of women) only get demonized anyway (Titanic anyone?) and never get a given a break in feminazi countries like the us/uk/aus. …

When men start being indifferent to wimmin … will men be truly free.

On The Spearhead, readers can upvote comments they like and downvote those they don’t. All of these comments had multiple upvotes (the latter two getting a dozen or more each) and only a handful of downvotes. 

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20 replies on “>Misogynists attack Daniel Hernandez for saving Gabrielle Giffords’ life”

>That depends. There's only so many times you can comment on the comments of other sites. Especially when Dave admits the post itself lauds Hernandez as a hero.TL;DR for this entire blog: Extremists gonna be extreme.

>LOL!! Peter-Andrew:Nolan(c), AKA GlobalMan, yep, he lives in the real world,"Men are RARELY violent… Men almost NEVER act violently. Of course, there are some exceptions to this."Yeah, maybe just a few rare exceptions to this.Bioshock, that's one of my FAVs!!

>Are you surprised david? The very people who comment here say that men who shoot representatives are heros for killing a female feminist (she's not actually aligned with NOW btw, they just endorse her as a candidate because she is prochoice and prohealth care) and then claim that it is patriotic

>I am pretty sure that most of us would run straight towards the shots if we were in this situation like Daniel has said. There are exceptions on this here blog for instance but most of us would run to help then run away.

>Again, any men helping any women whose main goal in life is to take away men's rights, well those are stupid men. That's some house slave shit.Random Brother

> Elizabeth said… I am pretty sure that most of us would run straight towards the shots …. most of us would run to help then run away. I think, 6 dead people are already enough.It does not make any sense to run into live bullets.You have no idea for what a gun is good for…

>How ridiculous. Do these people actually live and function in society? Do they ever watch the television or read the news? Do they have any small understanding of how the world exists?

>Peter Andrew Nolan popped on my blog as well. He told my ex, who'd taken issue with the fact I'd discussed the night he assaulted me, that he should seek "recourse under common law" to resolve his dispute with me. I interpreted that as a threat and he's been banned. He also provided a link to his site in the comment, and it's bizarre.

>Ah, David, you forgot that Hernandez is gay and, in the eyes of many MRAs (including many who have posted here) that makes him not a 'real man' and therefore evil by default.@anthonybsusan, I am sad to hear about the harassment you have been experiencing, but the nerd in me can't help but point out that "recourse under common law" means a lawsuit in front of a judge and not violence, at least if the person is using the words properly(, though Nolan may be misusing the phrase, as it makes little sense to assume common law is seperate from statutory and regulatory law when dealing with the US court system.

>I know very well what a gun is for-I also know that if someone you know is lying on the ground you will go to help them even if it is in the face of bullets to make sure they GET OUT OF THE WAY.The men who tackled the gunman were the same way-they had no idea if the guy had a knife but they did it anyway. So would most people because that is what you do.

>DarkSideCat: Re. anthonybsusan's problem, since I don't think there is even a semblance of a case there, it's still harassment of a pretty serious sort. It's not as bad as violence, but frivolous litigation is meant to bankrupt the victim, while imposing onerous burdens on courts. Abs, if he sues you, move for costs and sanctions.

>Y'know, I'm actually happy that they're just spewing their normal, workaday hatred of women, and not dishing out some new hatred personally directed at Hernandez. Sad that I can't really expect those guys to stop hating women. I suppose I've kind of lapsed into an "Oh, sigh, that again?" pose when it comes to reading their stuff about how much they hate/would like to harm all (or all western) women.Daniel Hernandez is a hero, and he seems like an excellent person, too. That's all.

>Well, my ex was commenting to threaten me with a lawsuit, and Nolan's comment was in reply to that threat. I gained no enlightenment on the matter from Nolan's site. And if the ex does sue me I plan to countersue, so there's that. He has no case. And Nolan hasn't reappeared.Good (?) to know it's not just my site he's trolling.

>Where is it written that gay men are less of men according to MRA's?We certainly disagree with the 'gay movement' in that they have aligned themselves very closely with feminists, but I know of two MRAs on my board personally who are gay, and no one treats them any differently or feels they are less of men for their private choices. I think the highjacking of gay issues by the feminists was a smart move on their part. Just as the highjacking of racial relations was brilliant. Just note who is not included, to see who the real target of feminism is…(white, heterosexual men). The sad thing is that all men, black, white, hispanic, gay or straight, will suffer from the fear and loathing men as a gender face.

>DarkSideCat: Nolan always misuses the phrase “common law”. Like most “Freeman On The Land” exponents he believes “common law” is some intrinsic God-given right from the mists of time, rather than the foundations of the case law they otherwise despise.

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