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From the Gunwitch,com forums

Some updates on the Gunwitch story. (Here’s my original post on the subject, “Gun-loving pick-up guru allegedly shoots a woman in the face.”)

The woman he (allegedly) shot is apparently doing surprisingly well. The most recent news story on the incident I’ve found — posted on the 6th — says she was about to be released from the hospital:

April Lagasse, the mother of 20-year-old Amber Tripp, who was shot in the face with a .357 caliber handgun on New Year’s Eve, says her daughter has “recovered miraculously.”

Tripp, who was initially treated at Sky Lakes Medical Center in Klamath Falls before being air lifted to Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, underwent surgery Wednesday and is scheduled to be released and return to Klamath Falls Thursday.

On what is evidently her Myspace page, the status update now reads: “Hello wonderful world i got shot and im still sexy.”

Meanwhile, on Gunwitch’s message board, someone claiming to be Amber Tripp’s sister has posted her account of the incident:

Hello my name is Meagan Tripp. My sister is Amber Tripp , the young women that wS shoot in the face on News Years Eve. It is a pure mircale that she is alive. Allen Ryese shot my sister in the face after he had been grabbing and touching her inapporite and my sister pulled her knife out and told him to leave her alone. My sister then put her knife away and went into a bedroom for about fifteen minutes. When my sister came out of the room Allen walked up to her and shot her in the face with a 357 magnum . The bullet that came out of the chamber was the only 38 bullet in the gun. The other two bullets were 357 s. This man had plenty of time to decide to shot her or not. This awful evil man deserves to rot in prison

Later, in response to some of those who responded to her, she added:

My sister is alive. No I personally was not at his brothers house when it happened. I did not know Allen personally but yes I do recognize him and his name. No it was not drug related and yes he shot her in the face point blank .

One of the regulars on the board responded to her original comment with this “hilarious” remark:

Post pics of her face w/ timestamp

boobs optional

Another posted:

honestly, she was pulling a knife on him. It wasn’t going to change her oppinion to show her his gun after shit like that. Not even sexual state would have helped him there.

Still another:

Self defence against meth-addict crackwhore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And one more:

I like that it was in the face. Super disrespectful.

Some discussions of the case on other message boards:


Personal Development for Smart People Forums

Sample comment from the latter:

to be fair to him though, shooting a bitch in the face is a pretty solid neg

Some blogs that have posted about the shooting:

On Feminist Critics, Hugh Ristik discusses some of the reactions to the incident, and critiques feminists (including some commenters here) for generalizing about PUAs. He ends with this:

Gunwitch, if you really shot an unarmed woman, then fuck you. Fuck you for putting a bullet in a woman’s face. Fuck you for fueling many women’s fears about male sexuality. Fuck you for contributing to a stigma against harmless guys who are trying to study pickup to improve themselves.

As for the small subset of PUAs or MRAs who are making excuses for Gunwitch, and the feminists who are trying to paint Gunwitch and the people excusing him as representative of PUAs, or of men? Stop, just stop.

Max on FKIN, a PUA blog, offers a blunt assessment of Gunwitch:

He embodies all of the worst traits of the seduction community.  I sincerely hope he rots in prison for the rest of his natural life.

On Love Letters in Hell, Amanda talks about the creepy, date-rapey aspects of his technique.

On Love Bites, Clarisse Thorn expresses her ambivalence towards the PUA subculture and her disgust with Gunwitch:

The diverse pickup subculture freaks me out a lot of the time, and frankly I’ve had hours of pickup artist research where I have read what these men have to say and felt like I wanted to take a vow of chastity rather than ever risk having sex with one of them, ever. … I think there’s good in the subculture. … But, damn. News like this is awfully hard to stomach.

You said it.

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11 years ago

>Raul Groom said… Violent men SHOULD be locked up because they are extremely dangerous. What about violent women? Should they also be locked up because they are extremely dangerous?

David Futrelle
11 years ago

>Yes, both men and women who commit violent crimes should be locked up. It's goofy that you would assume people here would think otherwise.

11 years ago

>I must admit I am shocked to read what some people have to say about the incident. I know first hand what happened. I am the mother of the victim. The act that was perpetrated against my daughter is beyond belief. There is information that is spreading that is incorrect. My daughter was sitting down when this coward walked up and shot her in the face at point blank range, because she repeatedly refused his sexual advances. The trajectory of the bullet has proven this already. Why do some men believe that they have the right to invade others personal space for their own desire's? Would it be alright for someone to invade yours for their desires. NO it is never alright. This evil, want to be bad ass is nothing more than a COWARD. And for the men that follow this worthless scum bag what is lacking in you that you can look at this man and think he truly has the moves to get women. Men if you want to truly know how to bed a women, get advice from a woman that you trust. I promise that will be advice that will help you score. Unfortunately, men that have this idea about sex will only experience the first level of sexual satisfaction, the physical aspect. I feel sorry that you men will never experience the second and third level. By the way, why do you need a women to ejaculate, for that is all that you are doing when you have no other connection to the woman you are screwing.I am also confused as to the position of some people here. I have 2 girls and 2 boys it is never alright for either sex to act aggressive toward anyone. I allow both genders their emotions and feelings. Women and men are both wonderful creatures. Maybe if we would back up a moment and reflect on the inner part of ourselves, we would realize that both genders have wonderful, amazing qualities to offer this world.

John Dias
11 years ago

>David Futrelle wrote:"Yes, both men and women who commit violent crimes should be locked up.It's goofy that you would assume people here would think otherwise."Under primary aggressor laws, which were put in place by feminists, even if two parties are violent against each other, and even if one party was violent in self defense and didn't start the violence, only one of the two gets arrested, typically the man. That's a feminist policy, and it gives a pass to female perpetrators. The man goes to jail, probably is served with a restraining order and thus prohibited from returning home and seeing his kids or collecting his belongings. The woman doesn't go to jail, and gets sole control over the family home, even if she started the violence, even if she injured her husband, and even if her kids watched her do it. This is a feminist policy; David Futrelle is a feminist. David Futrelle's supporters are feminists.To suggest that feminists would promote impunity for female perpetrators is actually not so goofy after all.

John Dias
11 years ago

>Now that I think of it, David, thanks to Joe Biden female perpetrators who are quite properly criminally charged are entitled to free legal representation under the Violence Against Women Act. The purpose of such legal representation, in a criminal case, is to exonerate the female perpetrator — all at government expense. The pretext that is used to justify this injustice is that the female perpetrator was somehow a battered woman.This is the power of perceived weakness, and female perpetrators of partner violence have it. Thanks, feminists, for all that you've done in the name of domestic violence — exacerbating it, that is.

David Futrelle
11 years ago

>Isn't everyone, male or female, regardless of the charges, entitled to legal representation at govt. expense in criminal cases?

John Dias
11 years ago

>David, there is a vast difference in professional quality and acumen between a lawyer who is paid through a national government grant vs. a local public defender. If you're a female perpetrator, you get a free lawyer whose time is freer than that of a PD. That service is not available to male defendants in DV cases.

11 years ago

>A common theme in these comments seem to be that men and women are the same, interact with the world in the same way, experience the world in the same way. Unfortunately, I just don't believe this to be the case. Men do not fend off sexual advances by women nearly as often as women fend off men's. I don't know of any men who grow up believing that sexual assault is part of the norm. I know of women who do. I'm not saying that sexual assault doesn't happen to men. I'm not saying women aren't capable of being violent toward men. I'm arguing that men and women experience and interact with our society in different ways. The idea that society gives everyone a fair shake is inherently flawed, as evidenced by the very arguments presented by many men's rights groups. One might argue that the victim escalated the level of violence by pulling out a knife, but for many women, repeated aggressive sexual advances is seen as a serious threat of rape while few men would see it that way. Rather than this ridiculous argument of who has it worse, who deserves what, perhaps it'd be more worthwhile to focus on what causes legitimate fear in many women such as things like rejecting sexual advances could result in getting shot in the face.

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