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So I’ve been trying my best to make sense of a strange, turgid, conspiratorial post over on Rebuking Feminism, a blog run by a fellow calling himself Bwec who sometimes comments here.

This doozy of a sentence, loaded down with strange quasi-Marxist jargon and missing a couple of commas, will give you an idea of what I’m up against:

When females are the primary means of resource production themselves, when they own the means to male production (and thus transference of male resources without a fair social contract between men and women in marriage and thus divorce) plus own the means of human production i.e. total control over reproduction and conception the Matriarchy and dream of female supremacy will be complete.

The gist of it seems to be that, uh, women are taking over the world.

But there’s one paragraph that suggests that women have an even more evil agenda than merely lording it over us men. If I’m reading it correctly, Bwec is suggesting that the ladies want to … eat us.

If males served no other purpose than as food after mating she would surely consume us. It is this aspect of female nature which has been obscured as of late but men have known it since the beginning of time.

Yes, instead of wanting to make us sandwiches, they want to make us into sandwiches!

If this is true I would like to assure all female readers of this blog that, while I have good taste, I do not taste good.

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11 years ago

>@The Biscuit Queen, making a private yahoogroup and posting links on private blogs disagreeing with you is hardly enough to constitute stalking."If I wasn't so sure of my ability to protect myself I would be a little nervous." Yes, because one yahoo group warrants fear of death. Unless the following you around is physical (which it seems not to be), linking to your posts and making a yahoo group in no way is rationally related to your purported fear level and claims of stalking. In all seriousness, have you ever considered some sort of counseling for your paranoia?

DJ EdgyB
11 years ago

>Of course they want to eat us! I mean, the rest of the book To Serve Man, it's… it's a cookbook!!

11 years ago

>You know, when I said I wanted a man sandwich, that is NOT what I had in mind. Add your own innuendos.

11 years ago

> girlfriend bites off man's ear… and her dog EATS itThis fits about in this thread.A case of domestic violence again a man…

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