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>Women Are … Part 6: Herd of Hens Edition


We all agree that ladies are too conformist.

Another installment of our popular “Women Are …” series, in which I collect examples of manosphere misogynists rudely generalizing about women like there’s no tomorrow. I’ll let you figure out the theme this time. It’s not herd, er, hard.

Women are: A herd of hens

All women constitute one huge herd. They are a uniform group, and their thinking always falls into line. I’ve actually had women make that “I’m so shocked noise” and then ask, “you don’t really think that do you?” Yeah, I do. I have a mind of my own.

They don’t search for facts, reality, or truth. They search for consensus and emotional validation. They are cackling hens. Cackle cackle cackle 🙂

Women are: Herd creatures who won’t date you.

Most women in a culture are nearly psychologically identical. So … if you arent successful with the first 25 women, chances are you wont be successful with any of women within that same subset, cause they are herd creatures and take cues from the environment rather than having any real personalities of their own.

Women are: Bleating, uncritical sheep

Women are like herd animals and desperately desire to belong.

Men on the other hand are critical and won’t blindly follow someone if they don’t merit our approval. This is the difference in critical, mature thinking, and sheep bleating.

Women are: A herd of orgasmic voters

Women love to vote (group herd orgasm with her sisters). … In fact, women love any group activity. Men largely want to be left alone to live their lives in freedom. … That is why men do not really care about government. Men do not need it. So men do [not] vote that much. Women love government so women love to vote.

Women are: A herd of Facebook cunts

The problem is Ameriskank mindsets, they are close minded and stereotype every strange man as a pedophile, creepy, or a loser….

You need INTELLIGENCE & an OPEN MIND to meet & understand NEW people and Ameriskanks have none of the above.

Ameriskanks are the ultimate HERD animal. I can not stand these fucking cunts from Junior High & High School messaging me on Fucking Facebook (all single moms) wanting to start a “friendship” aka “find a sucker to take care of my bastard children”.

Women are: Matrimony-minded herd creatures who hate doing chores

Women ARE herd creatures – the mentality of the group is more important than the self realized truth brought by evidence. However woman also demand products to do every chore for them, and ask the government to freely provide money to they can live without working either from government handouts or by getting government to enforce draconian laws that allow women to rip men off with the lie of ‘holy matrimony’.

Women are: Hormonal herd creatures unchecked by patriarchy

The problem is, too many women allow their emotions, their hormones, their herd instinct, and the media to run their lives. Again, in past eras, these were all checked by patriarchal institutions, but these have long since disintegrated.

Women are: Herd beasts who don’t want anyone to see them naked. 

An ancient king was once faced with a rash of suicides of young women.
He ordered that the body if any woman who killed herself would be displayed naked in the public square.
The suicides stopped.
Shame works better on women than on men because women are herd beasts. Women care more about the opinion of the group than their own thoughts or even their own lives.

You know what’s ironic? Groups of like-minded lady-hating men gathering together online to talk endlessly about what herd creatures women are.

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12 years ago

>"On the other hand, there is a deafening silence from feminists when women express: it's hard to find a decent man, most men think with their dicks, don't trust most men until proven otherwise. etc etc."Every time people make those generalizations, feminists respond in the negative.In fact, those phrases are heard way more often among non-feminist women, because (a) they have been taught and believe that men and women are totally different species and it is their job to bitch about not getting a diamond while it's men's job to withhold the diamond, and (b) they tend to spend a lot more time with non-feminist men, who are enabled by their culture to embody those descriptions. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you live in an anti-feminist world, those things do tend to be true.Anti-feminist culture says men naturally do think with their dicks. You can't spend ten minutes on PUA forums, for example, without encountering endless evo-psych "reasoning" being used to support the right of men to interact with women only in service of their dicks, to avoid relationships and responsibilies as much as possible, and to lie in service of those goals.

David Futrelle
12 years ago

>Jupiter9 is exactly right. Also, there's a big difference between a woman expressing her frustration in finding a partner ("it's hard to find a decent man") with guys who devote a significant portions of their lives on message boards devoted to the notion that women (or American women) are so awful they should be avoided if at all possible. Guys sometimes express similar frustration with women. A guy who has a date with a flakey woman may later comment to friends "women are crazy." That's really not a big deal either. And the thing about not trusting men? Again, this is generally not expressed as a damning generalization about all men, merely a recognition that *some* men are actually dangerous, and it's not always easy to tell which men are, so it makes sense for women to be cautious and aware when dealing with men when, for example, they are alone and it is late at night. Caution is not misandry.

12 years ago

>*ROF LMAO*Okay. I really LOLed at so many different things in both the original post….as well as the comments.It's hard to believe that these men actually exist because you just don't see this kind of mentality in real-life except maybe in shanties in the woods where there's some serious banjo-playing going on. Or Cults, maybe. So you have to wonder where these types of crazies are hiding and hope to never accidentally stumble into one! I feel very badly for the majority of normal men out there who must read this stuff by their "fellow man" and blush with embarrassment for the low collective IQ amongst these MRA types.It's good that they can cry and rant on the internet together, though. Gives them someone to talk to. Lord knows it's not happening IRL for them.*Still ROFLMAO from "facebook cunts"….*

12 years ago

>"Women love to vote…" No! Democracy bad! How dare you enjoy participating in it, you harpies!

12 years ago

>Christ, what are these "women" things and "men" things? Sure glad I've never met any of them. They sound awful!

12 years ago

>"I really LOLed at so many different things in both the original post….as well as the comments."—ladyraineOh boy. Here comes the self-described Queen of Everything with her tap dance and manipulative word play (as well as boundless narcissism) herself.The stunning thing is that she makes the typical feminist around here seem reasonable and grounded. I guess the Spearhead give her the iron boot so she has to have another playground to lord over and wreck (without taking any accountability for it whatsoever).

12 years ago

>Dear Wytchfind555–I have no idea who you are or what you're rambling about.PS: I take full accountability for that statement.Thanks, Lady Raine

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