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>No misogyny today, just a grumpy cat in a Santa hat I found on Flickr

>Theo the Santa Cat!

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11 years ago

>Its funny how David's only concern when it comes to sexism is misogyny. He ignores misandry or just simply allows it to get pulled under the rug. Even though that the feminism movement is full of undeniable misandry.But what else can you expect from a typical feminist bigot? The misandry within the feminist movement is so obvious, it's evident within it's self when feminists use the common phrase "what about teh menz" when ever male issues are raised. To put one's gender issues in the back seat while prioritising the other is obvious sexism. It’s the type of sexism that David doesn't want to talk about.

11 years ago

>You might want to consider that the idea that patriarchy hurts men too is a running topic in feminist circles. For your consideration here's the result of a whole 30 seconds of internet searching on three major feminist blogs.

11 years ago

>I am not sure if David is a feminist bigot.His way of moderation is very atypical for feminists, who are solely into deleting of any opposing comment.I think David is writing maybe a book related to gender-issues, women-studies or stuff like that and he is into some research with this blog. Just my guess. He is a freelance writer for CNN and maybe also for some other publishers.His regular articles have nothing to do with feminism btw. David is delivering his articles to CNN he hardly can speak out about misandry in public.

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