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>Women Are … Part 5: Romance is Dead Edition


Earth girls ARE easy!

Part 5 in a ten quadrillion part series. What today’s entries lack in coherence they make up for in vehemence. And general crackpottery. I’ve bolded some of the best bits.

Women are: dumb cowards happy to open their legs to space aliens.

Females do not understand and are unwilling to participate in war or power politics on an international level. The classic female response to war is to lie down and fuck whichever MAN wins. If the Nazi, Arabs, Huns, Romans, Tutsies, English, or space aliens win the next war it won’t matter to the female mind. If they kill her father, brother, and husband it won’t matter to the female mind. She is happy opening her legs and breeding with a winner.

Women are: Feminizazis?

These socialist, feminizazi, ball breaking c@#ts can go jump off their lesbionic herstory produced bridge and hopefully the goddess will welcome them into feminazi distopia where they will get 70 virgin boys, 14 year old (that’s the way those teachers like em) and 70 slutty girls, so they can lap each others worn out slut produced disease pouches.

Women are: Sexified diseased blobs of flesh

American women were whores 40 years ago, they became sluts 30 years ago, 20 years ago they were free prostitutes, 10 years ago, they became walking Sperm banks / Mobile Sperm Units, and today they are a sexified diseased blob of flesh waiting to infect their next encounter with their contagious excretions. They are a grotesque form with female organs without any spirit of femininity – a polluted and decayed creature! They are totally ruined by their own hands… minds!

Romance is dead and whores killed it!!

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11 years ago

>I'd love to know how dead civilizations could somehow wreak war. Also how do we know the space aliens are going to want women for sex and not men or be even compatible for sex with human beings? Oh, it would be hilariously ironic for these warring aliens to be matriarchial…This reminds me of the best line from 3rd Rock that (paraphrasing) that only two genders were extremely limiting but human beings had found some loop holes…

Christine WE
11 years ago

>Total crackpottery.

M. Bouffant
11 years ago

>Good gawd!! Not that I really want to see it, but the third (blobs) link is broken.

David Futrelle
11 years ago

>Fixed! Sometimes Blogger just inserts random crap when I try to paste in a link.

11 years ago

>So the widespread incidence of rape as a tool of war….doesn't exist, because all those women were willingly lying down with the men who'd slaughtered their families! What a reprehensible sociopath.

11 years ago

>I read that first guy's entire post and the comments…Shakespeare did not go to school? Has this guy ever heard of Google?

Vanessa L.
11 years ago

>Lesbionic Herstory Produced Bridges!!!!!!! I so wanna find one of these, and go across it into a world where women are truly considered the equals of men! where, for example, women athletes and musicians do not get dismissed as merely inferior versions of the "real" (male) athletes and musicians!where can i find this Lesbionic Herstory Constructed Bridge???

11 years ago

I don’t know about you, but I was super pissed when “The Lesbionic Man” got canceled. That was the most awesome TV series Lee Majors ever starred in.

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