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>Air conditioning for women: A terrible injustice


Fuck those bitches. They didn’t invent air conditioning!

How to win friends and garner dozens of upvotes in the Men’s Rights subreddit on Reddit: Bash out a barely coherent stream-of-consciousness rant suggesting that women are ungrateful bitches because they don’t mine coal, and didn’t invent air conditioning or hunt mammoths. Of course, no one posting in the Men’s Rights subreddit has done any of those things either, but apparently everyone with a penis gets automatic credit for them.

Here’s the post, from some dude called TheGrendler:

We men built a nice safe world for you all the the coal-mines of death, roads, railroads, bridges and tall office buildings. Its $1,000,000 spent per death of a man on a large dangerous project on average now you can just 9-5 it and call it a day in air-conditioned and heated safety. Forget about the wars we died in and the sacrifices made just ignore history or is it now hersorty? You are accruing the benefits without ever having to pay the price you still don’t have to sign up for the draft and who will protect you? The Sex and the City girls will fight off the North Koreans with their Manolo Blahniks?

Men gave you this modern world now you take it for granted we hunted the mammoth to feed you we died in burning buildings and were gassed in the trenches but that was just for fun right?

How quick and conveniently you forget who made this possible.

We gave you Leonardo da Vinci, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy not to mention countless others, Jonas Salk saved half the world from death and you just piss on it all.

Shame on you,

You hedonistic, narcissistic, sociopath metastasizing cancer.

Whatever happened to live together die alone?

Damn you ungrateful sluts for enjoying air conditioning, despite the fact that it was invented by a dude! (Probably. I didn’t check.) Only dudes should enjoy things invented by other dudes! Jonas Salk was a dude! Only dudes should get the polio vaccine! How do you like your polio, you fancy-shoe wearing bitches!!!?? You should have thought of that before you went and didn’t invent the motherfucking polio vaccine!!!

And you can just forget about reading any motherfucking Dostoevsky! Only dudes can read Dostoevsky! You filthy whores stick to Jane Austen!

Sorry, I got carried away.

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8 years ago

At the risk of breaking the Simon, I am a woman and I have gotten muddy. And I did not care.

8 years ago

What’s all this about a clothes hangar then?

8 years ago

My argument is true regardless.

An argument isn’t true just because you say so. If you want us to take your argument seriously, you must back it up. Preferably your posts should include paragraph breaks and proper punctuation.

If you don’t care what we think, you can go away and stop posting.

8 years ago

if women really wanted those jobs or could survive them…there would be more than ten percent women in the construction work force.

That’s the first time someone has told me that if women worked in construction, they’d actually die.

8 years ago

Third, just because you happen to know and or be related to the coal folk doesn’t give you the right to declare who may and who may not speak about them.

Nope. No, you don’t get to use male soldiers and male coal miners and working class men who work dangerous and physically demanding jobs as sound bites. You know why? You don’t care about those men. You’re using them, as Fibinachi said, “to win cheap ideological points on the Internet.”

This coal miner’s daughter is right there with cassandrakitty.

Not because of motivation or smarts but because we could lift 200 pound rocks and we didn’t care if we got muddy.

If you think women can’t lift 200 pounds and won’t do a job that’s messy or dirty, well, you need to go observe the nurse and aides (the majority of whom are women) who work in a hospital or nursing home. A lot of the shift is spent turning, lifting, repositioning and ambulating people with varying degrees of physical and mental decline and dysfunction. Speaking from experience, many of our patients are some combination if bed-bound, incontinent, and over 200 pounds.

Lastly, to the last poster…nothing needs to be proven least of all to you a random stranger.

Said without the slightest trace of irony by the person who keeps throwing out random assfax without a shred of evidence to back them up, and who concludes the post with:

My argument is true regardless.

No, it’s not. You’ve given no evidence of anything you’ve claimed.

And also, if one wishes to quibble about personal connections…my heritage is greater than yours…above the miners if I do say so myself and I will speak as I choose about them or anyone else so long as it is factual.

Stupid, wrong and a snob. What a lovely combination of traits!

Fuck off, asshole.

8 years ago

I now declare that Simon has no right to speak with authority on anything until he learns to format his comments in a less annoying way. Why? Well, why not?

PS Dude, you’re really boring.

8 years ago

Wait, “…life on the hangar…” what the ever loving fuck?

Buttercup Q. Skullpants
Buttercup Q. Skullpants
8 years ago

I got lost at “rent[ing] out our bodies…to a sexy drycleaners”.

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