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>Justifying Marc Lepine’s Murderous Rampage


One of Lepine’s victims.

The 21st anniversary of the Montreal Massacre this Monday naturally inspired some discussion anongst Men’s Rightsers and Men Going Their Own Way. And so it was only a matter of time until someone posted something essentially justifying Marc Lepine’s murderous rampage. On NiceGuy’s MGTOW Forums, Kargan3033’s only real objection to Lepines’ actions was that he picked the wrong targets — women who weren’t actually feminists. Here are the key parts of what is his own Lepine-style manifesto. It’s badly written, and full of typos, but it’s worth slogging through simply because it is so utterly vile. I’ve bolded the creepiest parts.

Was ML right in doing what he did?, in my opinion yes and no, yes that he had the right idea and no that he picked the wrong targets.

If I was ever to pull an ML, I would go to the femanazis and their goverment pimp daddies and start handing out some FMJ [Full Metal Jacket] love notes to them, not some innocet person in the streets that I would run into, why you might ask, that simple to make it clear to the femanazis and their goverment whore misters that “You keep pushing and abusing men you will pay for it with your live’s blood personaly” and by taking out the femanazis and the evil scum sucking traitors who sold out their fellow men for a wiff of pussy and more power you would be sending a clear message to the public that one you are not some crazed gun man who walked into the local walmart and capped off a bunch of random strangers and second of all that the reason why you went postal was because of the shit and abuse that you suffered because you are a man thanks to the femanazis and their goverment pimp daddies and you settled the issue with them Personaly which would give you more respect in the eyes of men and most of socity at large because you delt with the ones who pushed you to far instead of gunning down innocent men, ladies and child who happened to be in the worng place at the worng time.

Also by taking out the femanazis and their goverment puppet masters you will inspire other men who are to the snaping point to got after their True Abusers and not innocent people.

All in all we are going to see more and more MLs as the femanazis and their goverment pimp daddies keep puting the screws to men which in turn will cause them to tighten the screws to the men and boys which will inspire more revenge and the spilling of their blood untill western socitey tears it’self apart. 

Kargan3033 was so proud of this comment he posted it to He was quick to add that it was “not a call to violance” [sic]. Really?  Then what on earth is it?

People like this aren’t just wrong. They’re dangerous.

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12 years ago

>The attorney general has said that he and the other investigators personally believe the players are innocent. They were not actually declared innocent by anyone. You can't declare someone innocent, legally. You either drop the charges or you take them to court and receive a verdict of guilty or not guilty. That is reflected in the wording of the attorney general's statement.

12 years ago

>What an interesting statement: A man accused for a crime which never took place is not innocent, but not guilty.A malicious woman, who did such accusations is not guilty but innocent…This woman, Crystal Magnum (not her real name btw, but a name she is using on the stage as a stripper) who made this malicious accusation is now under investigation herself for other crimes, which include severe violence and arson.Crystal Magnum Charged With Arson And Attempted Murder feminists of course remain silent …

12 years ago

> exotic dancer was charged with attempted first-degree murder, five counts of arson, assault and battery, resisting arrested, child abuse and other offenses.

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