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>Was his name Stuntman Mike?


… and a misogynistic sociopath!

From a Jezebel post titled “Horrible Online Dating Stories to Keep You Single,” here’s an example of why it’s not a good idea to date men who think all women are whores: 

After we … settled in to watch the first movie, he paused it, turned to me, and started ranting about how women are whores and how hard it is to be a rich guy. I was really uncomfortable and told him so, and he apologized and resumed the movie. Five minutes later, same thing happened again. I firmly told him that I’d like to go home, so he said he’d drive me. When I get into the car, he peels away so fast that I can’t get my seatbelt on.

He hits a cement pillar on his way out and the hood of his car starts to smoke, but he doesn’t stop, and he’s going so fast that I am slammed into the door, him, the windshield, etc. like a bean in a tin can. He starts saying crazy stuff like, “Oh, I’ll get you home, but I don’t know what condition you’ll be in when you get there.” …
Someone suddenly pulls out in front of him and he slams the car to a stop; I hit the windshield, and in an incredible feat of awesomeness, grab the handle of the car and open it, propelling myself out of the car as he hits the gas pedal. I hit the ground and started running as fast as I could… .

I wonder if the movie they were watching was Death Proof?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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>It's not; David is out of steam and just engaging in random acts of man-bashing. First he was using comments that can't be proven to be from actual MRAs (or even actual men) in most cases, and now he is resorting to far-fetched stories from feminists, as if feminists don't have a reputation for lying. Hell, he's even comparing men to fictional characters from Saturday Night Live.

>I think that saying "all women are whores" is a counterproductive way of approaching the topic."Most women practice hypergamy" is a much better way of opening discussions about it.Men have received dogs abuse and criticism for being attracted to women because if their looks for decades now. Its time to discuss women objectifying wallets and social status.I guess the post is very loosely connected to mra's because they are the only ones discussing and critiquing the female penchant for hypergamy

>This is why I recommend that every single person alive read Gavin de Becker's Gift of Fear. People like that give off warning signs but unless you're a trained sociologist or whatever, you're not going to realize they're violent until you're in danger. I hope I don't come across as victim-blaming because I certainly don't feel that at all. Everyone at some point comes across sociopathic and violent individuals like this. In fact, one of the reasons why people like this are so capable of functioning in society is that we, who are not psychos, always try to give them the benefit of the doubt and they play off of our politeness and niceness. And teaching people to recognize this shit is much more effective than some bullshit rape prevention tips and focuses on the predator vs. the victim's behaviour…

>@EoghanYou do realize that hypergamy is the direct result of patriarchy right? It's the system where men are powerful/women weak; men have resources/women need resources since they can't work or get the same education; men want beautiful, young sexual objects/beautiful, young women can marry up.Also, it's hypocritical to complain that you're objectified by women as a walking wallet if you objectify women as nothing more than walking fuck holes and pieces of meat, as I've seen many an MRA do… They're two sides of the same problem. You pick up one end of the stick you pick up the other…If you're genuinely interested in hypergamy and it's critiquing from a feminist perspective, I can provide links… That being said, I doubt you are considering how many sites I gave you from feminist blogs discussing male victims that you completely ignored…

>Sandy, there are plenty of psychos in the world, but this story reads like a misandrist fantasy. I have a VERY hard time believing that a man on a date would pause a movie to talk about women being whores; what exactly would he think that would do for him? That alone pushes the limit of believability, and when you add in the fact that he was prepared to damage his own car and put his own life at risk, just out of spite, you get a story that I wouldn't believe without proof even if my best friend told it.In fact, I think this story is a good intelligence test. If you believe it is true or probably true then you are of questionable intelligence and don't deserve to be taken seriously. In fact, I'm going to use the lack of any skepticism whatsoever in the comments section on that Jezebel article as evidence that feminists will believe just about anything as long as it contributes to an anti-male narrative. Thanks for the quotes, David!

>Because he's psycho, Cold. Psychos often do things not in their interests. It's like you're saying, "Sure a man could by PSYCHO but he would never be IRRATIONAL."You obviously do not have a lot of experience with psychotic people. Fortunately (?) in my line of business, I get tons of experience in this area.

>How would a man who was that psychotic be able to wear the mask of sanity long enough to get a date? I admittedly don't have much experience with psychos, but I have tons of experience with LIARS, and this whole story reads like a big, fat lie.

>Haha, Cold. Psychotic people can do this. They can even wear the mask of sanity long enough to get married. I have a male client right now in that exact situation. I've had clients of both genders in that situation.

>My point is that psychotic people can seem normal one minute and be flipping out the next. Anyone who has ever ridden a subway with one may have witnessed this.

>TecI realise that feminists theorise that hypergamy is a direct result of patriarchy, but IMO thats likely nonsense. You have a habit of stating feminist political constructs as if they are facts, and of course in the feminist political construct, the female is never responsible for anything, despite the fact that females have been doing the bulk if human socializing throughout our long history. Its more likely that female hypergamy drives male competition. And if we look at our matriarchies – matriarchal ghettos, female hypergamy is more pronounced and talked about there than else where in society.

>Eoghan, I deleted your duplicate comment.A couple of other things: Tec is absolutely right that everyone should read The Gift of Fear. Also, Tec, though I'm sure Eoghan would ignore them completely, I'd be interested in seeing your links on hypergamy. Cold, yeah, it's certainly possible this story isn't true. It's the internet. Lots of stuff posted on the internet isn't true. For example, MRAs and MGTOWs post stories about evil women they've supposedly encountered all the time. Do you ever challenge the veracity of any of these stories?

>"The gift of fear", Ophra Winfreys book club? nah Ill be giving books designed for her audience a miss. The author has cleverly combined fear, self help, misandry and of course, he avoids giving us stats on female violence as that just wouldn't sell to his target audience.

>"Its time to discuss women objectifying wallets and social status."It's funny how this type of thing never get's labelled as male oppression. Yet anything a male seeks that makes poor poor women cranky, it's the same old poor women are the victims, they are oppressed clap trap.

>I will challenge the veracity of any claim asserted without proof unless it meets the following two criteria:1. The claim is purely anecdotal and is not treated as anything more than an anecdote.2. The claim is not particularly far-fetched. As a general rule, I do not consider a story to be far-fetched if proof can be shown that events similar to the ones in the story happen with reasonable frequency.Given the nature of the article, it could perhaps be argued that this story satisfies the first criterion, but it definitely fails the second. On the other hand I see very few stories about women from MRAs that do not satisfy both criteria.

>DAVID: Lots of stuff posted on the internet isn't true. For example, MRAs and MGTOWs post stories about evil women they've supposedly encountered all the time. Do you ever challenge the veracity of any of these stories? That's the reason, I always give links to news, which refer to court rulings. Eoghan: Its time to discuss women objectifying wallets and social status.A lot of stuff on the internet is not true – says David. Evil women exist only in the fantasy of MRAs – says David. David is teaching us a lesson.How amusing…I think, David lost any contact to reality in life. He is dreaming 24/365, nonstop…

>Hey, Yohan: SHUT THE FUCK UP. But, I know you won't… ever on you blather… shit, don't you have a life? Every post on here has numerous diarrhea- like screeds from you. Plus, your blog is shit. Buh bye.

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