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>(Surreal) Dolls on holiday


I really have nothing to say about this discussion on The Doll Forum: A Meeting Place for Adult Doll Owners & Admirers. So I’ll let “Zara’s” boyfriend/owner/creepy dude explain: 

Our first holiday away, just Zara, myself, the van and the open road. We’re off to to visit some friends of Zara and I, spend some alone time and see some sights up and down the east coast. I’ll add photos every week or so of what we got up to and who we met.

Packing the van for the trip invovled more issues than I had first thought. Packing for Zara meant packing for two and she needed more room for her gear than I did. 

 More creepy photos at the link.

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11 years ago

>" if you're creepy and weird and want me to do things I don't want to do…you not being in a relationship is my fault not yours?"See THAT is yet another example of assigning blame to men for not having a relationship despite wanting one, as well as an example of pure misandrist speculation. I , on the other hand, never actually said it was anyone's fault; just that the reality of life is that heterosexual women have easy access to relationships while most heterosexual men do not. DNA evidence supports this by showing that women are about twice as likely as men to propagate their genes.

11 years ago

>Coldon the flip side if they cant get a guy to commit (resources), he is assigned blame and shamed with "afraid of commitment" and immaturity.

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