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Woman Oppressing Men

The oppression of men by mean, evil, surly women continues apace. Today: the verbal and psychological abuse heaped upon men by — brace yourself — female sales clerks. We turn to The Spearhead forums for evidence of this perfidy.

Kinetic opened up the discussion with a tale of a recent shopping excursion. It started out innocently enough with a trip to a tobacconist. Expecting to see men behind the counter at such a manly business, kinetic was horrified to find a pair of women instead. I’m sorry: C*nts. (That’s how they spell the word on The Spearhead.)

I ask for some good tobacco, and straight away one of the women give me attitude. So I say I want something thats not perfumed, something ‘male’, she says “you want what??!”, I say “forget it”. Im not put money in this c*nts pocket.

Im so sick of women. This tobacconist is a little shop thats meant to specialize, and this bitch first points me to the over the counter stuff which is available anywhere, then gives me attitude. It f*cking annoys me.

But this was not the end of the oppression inflicted on our poor hero by these dastardly women.

I then went to buy some new clothes from a major retailer, got to the counter, another woman there, I didnt say a word. She bags the stuff up, says “thanks”. I say nothing, take the clothes and walk off.

Can you imagine! She does her job, then says “thanks.” What an outrage!

As far as Im concerned they can all bollocks. Im not buying anything from a small female run business, and when I have to buy from the big department stores, Im not even going to say please or thankyou. They can simply f*ck off.

I’m sure they will dearly miss your business.

Clearly moved by Kinetic’s sad tale, Nurb piped up with words of support:

I know how you feel. I came to that same conclusion a few years back. When I go to the shops I act as if women don’t exist. I avoid eye contact as well, I can’t even stand to look at them because I know they’re just going to start me off with their cowshit. A woman who run’s their mouth just pisses me off to the point where I’d want to deck the fucker right there.

A woman talking in a store? Clearly deserving a punch in the head. Also: Note that Nurb has used the correct term in this context: “cowshit.” Women are, as we all know, incapable of “bullshit.” They can only manage the clearly inferior “cowshit.”

But are all female clerks equally evil? misterb suggested his comrades adopt a somewhat more nuanced view.

Personally I can tolerate a female attitude from a white woman and even a white male to female transsexual, never from a black woman or a latino woman. … I am not going give her my hard earn cents. …

If it’s an Asian woman or a Muslim woman I would classify her as a supremacist and a narcissistic asshat

A few commenters raised their eyebrows at this suggestion. “Why tolerate it from any female?” asked trent13.

Is there any solution to this kind of oppression? Several commenters suggested a kind of uncivil disobedience. Zebert suggested not buying anything from female sales clerks or sales representatives of any kind. ‘Women are the reason our species may exterminate itself,” he added later, in response to a commenter who was insufficiently outraged by the behavior of the sales clerks in question. “All human conflict exists due to women.”

But it was J. Durden who suggested an even more effective kind of incivility.

I remember when I was the assistant manager of a watch sales / repair shop, I had a policy to treat attractive women terrible. It was my way of balancing out the world (for myself), since I was sure their good looks got them tons of perks – drinks, getting out of tickets, etc.

It is from small gestures of defiance like this that revolutions begin.

J. Durden, I would call you the Rosa Parks of the Men’s Rights Movement, but I suspect that wouldn’t go over very well, given that Rosa Parks was, you know, a woman.

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks to Miranda for passing along a link to this lovely conversation.

Also, just so everyone knows: I’m totally being sarcastic in this post. (Except right now.) Indeed, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to the “I’m totally being sarcastic” tag (see below), which will hopefully clear up any potential confusion in the future.

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