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>What Women Think of Men, Apparently


She’s thinking unkind things about your penis.

Yesterday we met Christopher in Oregon, a fellow who feels that other fellows might want to avoid all contact with women, who are all, as he put it, “whores … walking cesspools of filth … DIRTY creatures, pure and simple.”

Christopher was such an articulate spokesman for his cause that I thought I’d bring him back for an encore. Today, we learn that the hatred doesn’t only flow one way. In fact, he suggests in another epic comment on Marky Mark’s blog, women think as poorly of men as he thinks of women. Not just some of them, but every single one of them:

ALL women hate ALL men ALL of the time! (most of them can keep it hidden for some time.)

This is a CARDINAL RULE! If you can’t accept it, you’ve already lost the game. You’re rat-fucked! You might as well just give up and go hang yourself by getting married!

In case we forgot that women aren’t too be trusted, he gives us a little refresher course in the Evil That is Woman:

You can’t deal with women safely because we aren’t playing by the same rules. One must keep in mind that the three primary characteristics of All women are as follows:

1) Immoral (or amoral, if you prefer)

2) Dishonest

3) Selfish

Many other adjectives would apply, but these three are the main attributes of women. Since this is true, and the laws are on their side, a man can’t hope to break even in any dealings with women. It’s impossible.

Now we come to the crux of his argument. More sensitive men may wish to sit down at this point, and perhaps move to protect their testicles. For what Christopher has somehow figured out about what goes on inside the dirty, filthy, selfish, dishonest, immoral, whorish minds of women while they’re having sex with you will shock you to your core.

Every time you are humping and grinding and snorting like a rutting pig on top of a woman thinking you are SUCH a stud (in all fairness, you probably are NOT) she is:

1) Bored

2) Faking it

3) Disgusted

4) Glad she took her valium first

5) Fantasizing about a black man

6) Fantasizing about a new car

7) Fantasizing about the butch lesbian that drilled her last week with a ten-inch strap-on for six hours

8) Laughing inside about your pitifully small penis

9) Comparing you unfavorably to any one of her previous two-hundred partners

10) Wishing you would go even faster and trigger … a massive coronary

11) Fantasizing about the neighbor’s German Shepherd

12) Thinking about how your deodorant just ain’t making it

Sorry to burst your bubble. I’ve heard this from women. It’s all a sick joke. You are NOT Don Juan, and they don’t view you as such. In her mind, you are a disgusting, smelly pig, and you are invading her body with that…..thing.

Well, if that’s what he thinks women think of men, no wonder he wants to have nothing to do with them.

It’s kind of sad, really.

On a not-entirely-unrelated note, if you scroll up to the top of the page on Marky Mark’s blog on which this comment from Christopher is posted, you will note that Mr. Mark has worked himself into a lather over a story in The Onion. I can’t quite tell if he thinks it’s real — I mean, how could he? — but he acts as though he does. He even writes up a point-by-point rebuttal and everything. It’s so cute! As he puts it, unaware of the irony, “I can’t make this stuff up. … I can’t! No matter how hard I tried, I could not make this up.” Well, no. That’s why the folks at The Onion make it up for you.

64 replies on “>What Women Think of Men, Apparently”

>Christineperhaps if me and the guys posted teen girl snark, repeated feminist cliches as if they were our own thoughts and every time someone suggested that abuse victims should have equal rights we accused them of being rape apologists we would fit in a bit better?

>Eoghan…Hah! Funny…but lobotomized conformist isn't a good look for you, love.@Tec–"Yeah, in this context, that's pretty fucking ironic. Oh and let's all take a moment to examine the other irony of a black man in the US complaining about affirmative action…"I'm a woman, I have directly benefited from affirmative action, and been pissed off about it…apparently, unlike you, I resent being handed something just because I have tits. Isn't that the biggest form of objectification that feminists bitch about? Being viewed a certain way because of their gender? Clearly you only mean being viewed in ways that you find negative; if having tits makes you seem smarter or more capable, then hey, you're all for it aren't you? There's the real irony, "sister"Tec said–Tell me, bishop, are you apart of any white supremacist groups too? (Anyone else thinking of Dave Chapelle's skit with a blind black guy white supremacist leader?)"So….people who are against affirmative action are now KKK members? That's a very interesting generalization

>"So….people who are against affirmative action are now KKK members? That's a very interesting generalization"Yet she will not be modded or warned for her incessant insinuations that other posters are KKK members, pro rape, pro wife beating etcAnd AA discriminates against black men harder than it does white.

>Christine said… @bishopsinister,Rape shield laws were originally developed to prevent defense lawyers from viciously smearing true rape victims to try to get their clients off as used to be standard practiceORIGINALLY yes, but as you see yourself – I gave you a link to a real case – these laws are widely open for misuse, and as a result, an innocent man spent 3 years in jail and the false accuser enjoys anonymity for life.Somebody has to take care of these male victims but who? MRAs? Well, right, false rape allegations, which we consider as a serious crime, is one important concern of the MRM.Feminists do not even distance themselves from such female criminals, as the victim is only a man, and who cares anyway? Feminists even demand closing down prisons for females as 'females are different'. That's equality?

>@yohan,I've already addressed this above in my statement that laws do need to be adjusted when proven that they are not working as intended.I do not personally know any women who have falsely accused men of rape and have never known anyone who has aligned themselves with false accusers. However, I do believe false accusers should face some sort of consequences when proven. I've never heard of any group demanding that female prisons be closed because "women are different". Please link to your source on that.

> bishopsinister said… @ David,It's good that Egohan and Yohan post more than you as they make more sense. Logical clear arguments instead of your style of posting a picture and adding snark. The only good thing I can say about you is that you are not censor happy.Let me add, about censor happy – not yet. This is the only reason why I do not consider David to be a male feminist.A male feminist blog MUST delete and edit and ban all and everything which does not fit the feminist party-line.I ask myself, what is the purpose of this blog?

>Christine: I've never heard of any group demanding that female prisons be closed because "women are different". Please link to your source on that. OK, links below…All the women's jails would shut within the next decade, and could instead be converted into prisons for men……The report claims: "Women and men are differentPlease read also some of the comments…

>@Yohan, from one of your own links:"We are not arguing that men and women should be treated differently as a matter of principle; rather, it is a pragmatic suggestion. The door is already ajar, with the Home Office at least recognising that too many of the women currently in prison should not be there. Women prisoners represent a discrete and relatively small group compared to men, and so real change can be made quickly.Two thirds of women received into prison are on remand and most will either be found not guilty or receive a community sentence; this begs the question: why were they were sent to prison in the first place? Very few women are sentenced for serious and violent offences, out of 12,500 women sent to prison fewer than 500 were sentenced to more than four years and only 20 for life. This means that the overwhelming majority of women today should simply not be in prison."The 'difference' being cited here is a difference in types of offenses and in in outcomes when prison is used for men vs women, not some sort of biological specialness.

>This is what is written in these links: the women's jails would shut within the next decade, and could instead be converted into prisons for men.Indeed, release women only, but no men, even shut ALL prisons for females and the empty cells are for men. Thousands of women currently sentenced to two years or less would escape jail.And if you argue, that 1000s of women with shorter sentences of 2 years or less should be released, why not release also 1000s of men, who were sentenced to 2 years or less?

>Mean while in ItalyA London waiter who has been ordered to pay maintenance to his multi-millionaire ex-wife today appealed against the “manifestly unjust” decision.Francesco Traversa's marriage to Italian heiress Carla Freddi ended in tears after 20 years.He had been a restaurant worker from a modest background and she is an independently wealthy member of a family of industrialists with a personal fortune estimated at up to £4.2million.But when they divorced an Italian court recognised their pre-nuptial agreement and ordered him to pay up despite the gulf between their wealth.Now Mr Traversa has been forced out of his home, owes his ex-wife £57,000 and has had to go back to serving at tables, his counsel told the Appeal Court in London.

>Mr. Mark MUST be a genius. Yeah. Women TOTALLY think all of that stuff while having sex with men. That's why we have sex with men, you know?Wait. Wait, wait, wait… I see a flaw in his genius logic. If women hate men so much and during sex only think about those things and how the man is "invading" them… why would we have sex with a men in the first place?!Also… love how racism goes right along with sexism now days. Interesting.*The above comment is peppered with sarcasm*-Lexie Di.

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