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>How Evil Lesbian Feminists Control the World (A Helpful Diagram)


I recently found this helpful diagram on MRA crackpot extraordinaire Peter Zohrab’s web site, which is even more ugly and confusingly organized than the diagram itself, if you can believe it. “Indoctucation” is Zohrab’s own word, a bit like George W. Bush’s “misunderstimate” or Sarah Palin’s “refudiation.”

Can anyone explain to me why “Public Opinion & Voting Behavior” has to share a rectangle with “Politicians’ Beliefs & Assumptions,” while “Court Decisions” gets an oval all to itself? Why are these things the only things allowed in “The World,” while everything Feminist only gets to point at the world with giant arrows? Why does “Feminist Training of Lawyers and Judges” point at Public Opinion and Politicians instead of at “Court Decisions,” which would seem to make about a zillion times more sense?  Did Zohrab make the diagram, look at it and realize the mistake, and say to himself, like Ed Wood, “Fuck it! Diagram making is not about the little details. It’s all about the big picture!”

And, finally, can I get this on a t-shirt? 

Stay tuned for a longer post or two on Mr. Zohrab, the first in what will be a series on Famous Men’s Rights Crackpots. It’s good to know your history..

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11 years ago

>Hey! Came here from feministe. Not really much to say as I have to dash off to class, but I wanna thank you for getting involved in the world of the MRM and calling bullshit out when you see it. Someone has to do it, and based on not a few of the comments, well…glad you can put up with it. I would disable anon comments, myself, at this point with some of the crap people are saying.

David Futrelle
11 years ago

>Welcome, konkonsn, and the rest of the feministe-as stopping by! At the moment I'm inclined to not censor comments here at all. If MRAs want to come here and post comments that make them look like the misogynist idiots they (personally) are, well why not let them? I don't mind the insults, myself. If they start abusing other people posting here in really obnoxious ways, I might consider disabling anonymous comments or simply deleting those comments.

Prole Cat
11 years ago

>"Can anyone explain to me why…", etc., etc.David, I, or likely no one but the author could adequately provide such an answer. An answer to something you may wish not to hear.However, I'll relay to you what I make of the diagram. That feminist influence has been allowed to permeate all strata of society. And permeate quite easily, too. It is easy to organize on behalf of one's own self when the rent and bills to do so are paid by others. Decades of feminist advocates have lived off the avails of wealth produced by men to the detriment of the wealth producers. The oldest "profession" dressed up in new already paid for attire. I find it interesting that a social movement and its proponents, who, rarely seeing the light of public scrutiny, are attempting to scrutinize their detractors. Irony of ironies.When it comes to exposing priviliged feminist fraudulence one vestige of chivalry left in me says, (euphemistically) "Ladies…first". The ride is going to be rough, corporate feminist. And the lifeboats will be filled with men and children this time.

David Futrelle
11 years ago

>So feminists are housewives and/or gold diggers with rich sugar daddies? That's a novel theory, to be sure. Good luck with that one.

11 years ago

>Ah, the UN! One of the world's most useless organizations, and yet it looms so large in the minds of nutjobs.I chuckled when I saw the diagram, because I assumed you created it as a spoof. Then I read the explanation, and was sad.Now if you'll excuse me, this here feminist has to get in her black helicopter and OH NO I'VE SAID TOO MUCH!!!

11 years ago

>Erika "Ah, the UN! One of the world's most useless organizations, and yet it looms so large in the minds of nutjobs."Yes it does, especially for feministsRead the link to find out more if you'll excuse me, this here MRA has to get in his black helicopter and OH NO I'VE SAID TOO MUCH!!!

11 years ago

>The funny thing is that everything listed on the outside is male dominated. Men hold a vast majority of UN positions and US government seats, men hold a vast majority of tenured university positions, men hold a vast majority of postions in journalism (both in front of and behind the camera), and men hold a vast majority of high ranking legal positions. I'm a 1L in law school and we have read a grand total of three court opinions written by a woman, nice example of not connecting to reality at all. I mean, come on, we've had four female supreme court justices in US history, so we've clearly taken over? Yeah…that makes sense.

11 years ago

>this guy is the biggest loser on the planet. he actually said the fact that we allow women whose lives are in danger due to their pregnancy to have abortions is no different than if a man were married to a 'gold digger' who were trying to kill him slowly with high cholesterol food, and so he kills her as an act of self-preservation.first of all, like the guy couldn't just stop eating the food! second of all, like there is a way to ever know for sure if someone is 'trying' to kill you from sumptuous food, and thirdly, oh my god, i just… sorry, i vomited in my mouth a little. this guy is terrifying. no, i won't let him be terrifying. he's a moron.

10 years ago

REFUDIATE THIS SARAH what it’s meaning? my english still so bad…………….

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