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Vox Day publishes book with near-identical cover to John Scalzi’s latest, declares victory

Something seems … off.

The dumbest literary “feud” of the century just got dumber.

Sentient hemorrhoid/racist fantasy author and publisher Theodore “Vox Day” Beale has struck what he seems to think is a crushing blow in his ongoing weird feud with science fiction good guy John Scalzi.

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John Scalzi signs $3.4 million book deal; far-right rival Vox Day crushed under 442 tons of sour grapes

Vox Day (Artist's conception)
Vox Day (Artist’s conception)

So the noted science fiction author (and evil Social Justice Warrior) John Scalzi just signed a $3.4 million dollar, 13-book deal with Tor books, his publisher.

Scalzi’s longtime nemesis, far-right fantasy author and garbage human Vox Day, wants us to know that Scalzi’s grapes, all $3.4 million worth of them, are very sour indeed.