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Stefan Molyneux's Secret Life as a Hot Babe Who Loves Stefan Molyneux

In the comments section to philosopher-douchebag Stefan Molyneux’s review of Frozen, a self-described “attractive young woman” posts a review of his hour-long review that is so effusively positive that it almost sounds like it was posted by the man himself.

Oh, wait: he did post it himself.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at Thu, [Jul 10], 14 1

Can this be real? I mean, it is real; I just went and got the screenshot. But is it really possible that Mr. M tried to sockpuppet in the comments to his own video, posing as his own biggest fan? Or did some worshipful young hottie sneak onto his laptop when he wasn’t looking and post the comment? What kind of “philosopher” does that? Did Jean-Paul Sartre send love letters to himself? Did Kierkegaard leave gushing messages on his own answering machine?

I think we can safely say “no,” at least to the latter, given that Mr. K died in 1855.

But what the hell, Stefan? I eagerly await your two-hour video explaining this one.

Also, if you could explain why my cell phone keeps randomly beeping, that would be great too. It’s really annoying.

(Thanks to everyone who sent this to me.)

UPDATE: I figured out the problem with my cell phone! Oh, and I have also been told that Stef’s self-congratulatory comment was actually a repost of a comment from someone else. He wasn’t pretending to be a young hottie. He was posting a quote from a young hottie without indicating in any way that it was a quote from someone other than him. Good job! So I’ve changed “written” to “posted” in the text above.

Now, though, I’m wondering if that person also wrote the comment that Stef used to introduce his video:

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at Thu, [Jul 10], 14 2

I mean, that has to be written by someone else, because what kind of arrogant douchenozzle would not only write about himself in the third person but also describe his own video as “must watch?” David Futrelle needs to know.


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