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Bald women, meat toilets and the MGTOW Paradox


Technique … not … working!

The horny straight dudes who decide to go all MGTOW — that is, to Go Their Own Way, avoiding women — often find themselves facing what we might call the MGTOW Paradox — that is, they hate the sexy ladies, but the sexy ladies keep giving them boners. So many of them go to great lengths to figure out how to make women appear disgusting to them. We’ve discussed some of these techniques before.

Here’s another one to add to the list, from Ashmead on the MGTOW proboards forum:

Having read Esther Villars book, one of the stand out sentences was that if you shave a woman’s head and remove all the make up, the only difference is a fatter body (breasts included), wider hips and her vagina. …

Try it – when you see a ‘hot’ female, imagine them without the dyed hair, lip gloss, eye liner, foundation, high heels (longer legs), expensive clothes, perfume etc, really DECONSTRUCT the illusion.

It takes ALL the power away.

And you’re left with…. their personalities… oh well.

Some of the other fellows chime in with their observations. shade47 asks:

how could men take anything seriously that looks like a flabby 15 y/o boy when you shorten the hair and take off the makeup.

avoidwomen concurs, adding:

It’s no surprise then that I find porn repulsive. Women really do look ugly(and almost all the same) in their birthday suit without all their clothes and makeup.

But it is dontmarry who takes the whole discussion to a new level. Strip women of clothes, hair and makeup, he argues, and you’re not just left with women’s personalities:

You’re left with what you started with – just a piece of meat.

Only this time, it’s less visually appealing.

A toilet is still a toilet, before flushing or after flushing.

You don’t thank the toilet for its companionship, or appreciate its personality.

All you need to do is use the toilet. Use it.

So there you have it. Women are just meat toilets.

Somehow I suspect that dontmarry isn’t going to be fending off a lot of marriage proposals from the women of the world.

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