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It’s #TransDayOfVisibility and the “Gender Critical” are feeling pissy

It’s the International Trans Day of Visibility today and the TERFs are trying their best to avert their eyes. Over on Ovarit, the Reddit clone many of Reddit’s TERFs decamped to after their subreddit was banned, there are no fewer than five threads devoted to the subject on the front page of the so-called “Gender Critical” forum. Seems the regulars are feeling pretty gloomy.

“The Virtue Signaling on Social Media is Relentless Today. You Gyns Doing OK” asked someone called sylviasmushrooms. She went on to deliver quite a rant:

I checked Facebook and pretty much immediately snapped my laptop shut this morning. Pandering! Pandering as far as the eye can see, to a demographic that already sucks more than their fair share of oxygen out of the room on any given day.

Yeah, that might be because a perverse right-wing/radical feminist coalition is trying to make it impossible for trans people to exist.

Oh, and CW: Suicide for her next bit:

Worship the men with fetishes, everyone. Bow down to them. Give them your money, time and emotional energy. Debase yourselves to build them up. Put in the extra effort today or they will threaten to kill themselves!

At this point sylviasmushrooms reminded her readers and possibly herself that there are trans men.

Oh and while you’re at it remember that the girls with mastectomies are men, and that enbies have a lot to teach you about having the evolved wisdom to opt out of gender entirely (but only for them; the rest of us love oppression and feel so womanly because of it, so the yoke remains.)

You might need a glossary for the next part. But let me decipher a couple of terms for you: “HSTS” means “homosexual transsexual” and refers to straight trans women, whom the TERFs think are really closeted gay men who dress like women to have sex with men; AGP stands for Autogynephiliac, or straight men who are so in love with female bodies they want one of their own.

Absolutely no one in my circle of wholesale democratic liberals is even a HSTS. They’re all AGPs or not like Otha Gals and are all having their narcissistic inner monster fed by having it affirmed constantly that they are oppression royalty (while of course still being privileged enough to enjoy the role play.) The allies are mostly just supporting and affirming who these people “really are”. You know, the self that needs labels, surgery and hormones to achieve. That truly authentic manufactured wholly real artificial self!

Someone called Ibbie thanked sylviasmushrooms for her post, noting that she was also “having a difficult time” with social media.

Other commenters simply averted their eyes:

“Today is National Stay Off Social Media Awareness Day,” MonstrousRegiment declared.

Still others suggested turning the Trans Day of Visibility into an opportunity to “red pill” — sorry, “peak trans” the normies. As a-witch-a-broad wrote

I’m mainly ignoring it. Silver lining: the “visibility” is prompting more normies to talk about it, which is a great opportunity to support them in talking about the contradictions and weirdness they’ve noticed. Prime opportunities to help them peak.

Another commenter started a thread to promote an ersatz holiday of her own making. “Forget ‘trans day of visibility,’” cried AGP_awareness.


I’m talking with people offline to peak as many as possible, and sharing memes about AGPs on my social media.

People need to see that most TIMs aren’t HSTS, they’re AGPs. What do you think it takes for us to break the media’s spell, and make people see the perverts for what they are? The AGP perverts are MEN. They’re not women.

As confusing as the TERFs’ assorted acronyms can be, we should remember that they’re also puzzling to “normies,” signaling what fanatics the TERFs tend to be. Not that this is particularly difficult to notice.

Happy Trans Day of Visibility, everyone!

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1 month ago

I’m very new here, but this crowd doesn’t seem like the kind of people who are going to take you to task for a tardy thank you. I hope things settle down for you at least a bit, but hopefully a lot, though as I can’t honestly hold out much hope of that on the political front, I guess I’m hoping the medical crises resolve and no new ones turn up so you can have a breather.

Fred B-C
1 month ago

Ah, intersectionality fails. The best.

David J Parry
David J Parry
1 month ago

Fred B-C

Piss off, TERF!

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