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The Pledge Drive has been a success! Huge thanks to all who donated

As the pledge drive rolls to a stop, I’d like to take the opportunity to once again offer my gratitude to everyone who donated (as well as those of you who donate on a monthly basis).

I know you have a choice of which anti-misogyny blog with a prehistoric animal mascot to fly with and, oh wait, this is the only one.

Seriously, though, thanks! This pledge drive started out slow, very slow, so slow that I was beginning to doubt the long-term viability of the site itself. But you folks once again came through in the clutch, some quite generously, and I am profoundly grateful.

Give yourselves a big round of applause!

If you haven’t yet donated, but have been meaning to, here’s that “donate” button again.

donate button

If you’re wondering about other, non-financial ways to support the blog, take a look at the suggestions here.




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Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
3 months ago

Bit of a pyrrhic victory, though, isn’t it under the circumstances?

Queen of the Harpies
Queen of the Harpies
2 months ago


Putin can go embrace all the cacti and the Ukrainian invasion is bad, but it is not the precursor to WWIII that you think it is. This site is an invaluable tool in tracking and fighting back against misogyny, so I am glad it’s sticking around.

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