This Thanksgiving I am thankful that Lara Trump is saying batshit stuff on Fox that I can quote

This is fucking diabolical

Lara Trump was on Fox news, discussing inflation before veering off topic and in to the culture wars;

Here’s a transcript, courtesy of Mediaite.

They have told us from the beginning that they want to fundamentally transform America. Well, how do you that? You have to change America from the inside-out. You have to take away our traditions. … ‘Oh, don’t have a turkey, then people won’t come over.’ Last year, remember, they didn’t want us to get together, so I guess we’re lucky they’re letting us have Thanksgiving this year.

How dare the libs try to protect people from COVID.

At really, the core of this, they want to divide Americans up. They don’t want us to have any common ground. They don’t want us to have any shared traditions like Thanksgiving. A lot of places last month actually did away with Halloween because they wanted to be inclusive of the people that didn’t celebrate Halloween.

Er, what? Can I get a citation here on this Halloween thing?

It all goes to fundamentally transforming this country, and the way you do that is you make sure that we have no commonality whatsoever, no traditions as Americans whatsoever. You start chipping away at that, and they don’t care that Thanksgiving costs a lot more.

So wait, the libs are trying to destroy Thanksgiving so that no one will notice rising inflation? That is indeed a new one.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m planning on shoveling stuffing into my mouth until I pass out.

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156 replies on “This Thanksgiving I am thankful that Lara Trump is saying batshit stuff on Fox that I can quote”


So Freud was a cowardly little punk who did what powerful men told him to do. No wonder the troll likes him so much

@ Alan

Ha! How marvelous.

And now that the latest troll has been smacked by the banhammer, I have more time for important things like scritching a kitty, who is very cross that the weather has been cold and rainy today. He did not give permission for this sort of weather.

Aww, that is so sweet.

The nearest I’ve come to that was when the cat was walking on the edge of the bath and fell in. And trust me, a panicking ball of fur and claws in your lap is not a romantic experience.


I’m sorry girl, but what kind of maniac are you.

Sweetie I assure you I was always “that weird girl…” and actually liking burpees is sooooo just the beginning. Everybody here knows what I do so that’s no news. But just sayin’

After “she’s hot looking but my god, what a little insane psycho…” throughout high school and college being known to actually like burpees ain’t nothin!!!

My doctor has informed though to focus on squats and leg exercises for when I get pregnant though to help with the extra weight. It’s been tough

On this sending you so much love and good energy dear dear Elaine!

@ elaine

for when I get pregnant 

This is Men an Tol.

Legend has it that if you pass through the middle stone backward seven times under a full moon you get pregnant. Next time I get a chance I’ll do that* and send the vibes to you. Although hopefully you’ll already be sorted by then.

(* I have been through it a few times. Can’t remember if it was a full moon though. I’m guessing not as I managed to reverse into a ditch on the way back. But I’ll send those vibes to you anyway; just in case.)

@ Alan

Well, there’s a coincidence. Guess which feature of the Cornish landscape plays an important role in The Little Country, the Charles de Lint novel I was telling you about the other day?

@ Vicky P

The Little Country

I shall definitely have to check that out; it sounds like it features a lot of places I know very well; and love.

Men an Tol is a nice place to hang out. It has a slightly dodgy provenance. The layout has changed in recorded memory; and it was probably originally a stone circle. If you goes a way beyond it up on the moors you get to this. Tregaseal East Stone Circle.

That was taken the same day I ended up in the ditch; although obviously a bit earlier.

I do love standing stones at night though. There’s just something about them.

The troll got banned?

Well, back to your sweaty hm hm wine sipping, everybody.

@Alan – Is there a preferred direction for crawling through the stone? I could see problems if two women start to back through it in opposite directions at the same time without looking.

@ buttercup

Is there a preferred direction for crawling through the stone?

Nah, it’s just bare arsed anarchy up there! They should put in traffic lights.

Actually you don’t see many people up there. It’s on a lot of postcards, but it is quite hard to get to. It’s a heck of a walk; and only an idiot would try to drive there.

@ Vicky P

Don’t know if you saw this in the other thread; but a bit of Cornish spookiness for you. And some nice shots of Lanyon Quoit. Wouldn’t surprise me if that’s also in the book.

CW for implied DV; but nothing visual; and it is a great little film.

I LOL at the duck book.

Picturing some farmer — or non-duck waterfowl — shaking a fist/wing vowing “Those ducks will PAY!!!” Maybe the Ugly Duckling. Grew up, became beautiful, it went to his head and he’s vowed revenge on all the ducks who teased him.

@Elaine, you and your hubby are the cutest. The squats will probably be useful for wiggles eyebrows other positions.

I love standing stones. Stonehenge was okay, but the ones on the northern and western Scottish islands are proper good and not full of tourists. Halfway expected to see Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward (Who were both still alive when I was there, but who knows now!).

@Supreme Goddess Stacey: I approve of everything you do, but if burpees are what it takes, I’m never going to make it in the goddess business.

Back from Thanksgiving Part 2. Just as good as before, with slightly different side dishes, and my pie — after much tsuris — came out fine.

You’re welcome!
In case you’re interested, it’s totally possible to be stable with your back leg directly behind or even crossed past your front leg. You just have to rotate your feet (technically rotate at the hip) so that your toes are pointing outwards. What this does is give you a wider base and allows you to adjust your balance with your toes to push you back to center if you start falling over.
If you ever dance as a follower in something like Argentine tango, a lot of the time you need to walk backwards with your leg crossing past your front one. But having your toes pointing to the outside makes it very stable (and super pretty). About a minute into this video has the leader taking a really long lunge backwards with his leg almost crossing past but he’s stable because of the angle of his feet. It makes for a super dramatic moment.

Since the troll has been banned, continuing the talk of positive things:

I got a solid game of Malifaux in today with a good friend. It’s a miniature wargame (like Warhammer), but with a Victorian gpthic horror/steampunk/wild west vibe. Really fantastic setting and engaging gameplay.

Today was my first time playing with a crew of swamp-dwelling gremlins waging guerilla warfare against the invading humans.

Or in this case, against various undead creatures abandoned and forgotten by their creators and “adopted” by the kind of person who sees a Frankensteinian abomination and says “I will call you ‘Archie.’ Would you like an ice cream?”

Good vibes and best wishes for all you all still present and not banned!

I love the concept, but not the execution, of Burpees.

I also love the concept of parkour and know that there is literally no way I have the time and physical ability to get into that at the moment. Someday. Maybe when my dinky light kettlebell stops kicking my butt and angering my knees.

I guess I am thankful for my spy device (watch) for validating my 60+ minutes of daily exercise and 50+ miles of walking a week, because before I could show data, my docs always did the skeptical face of skeptical docs when I claimed I was moderately active.

@ bumblebug

Wow! That reminds me of the quote about how Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, only backwards and in heels.

@ contrapangloss

I like the James Bond chase where the parkour guy jumps through the window and Bond just barges through the door. That would be more my style. Except I’d probably just splat into a wall.

The balance in heels is definitely hard and followers typically have more twisty and bendy moves, but I find leading to be way way more difficult. Argentine tango, at least socially, is improvised. Which means that the leader is making it up as they go along. It’s also the leader’s responsibility to fix any mistakes. So if the follower misreads a cue from the leader, the leader is the one who is supposed to recover and fix the mistake. So not only does the leader have to remember moves and string them together on the fly, but they also have to be very in tune with their follower’s skill level and desired dance style. The few times I tried leading resulted in a lot of walking in circles because I couldn’t remember anything.

@ TyrantBitchGoddessStacey

Hooves? Great, now you can mock the foot fetish guys too.

But burpees? You love burpees? That’s probably the strangest thing you’ve ever said on here.

@ Alan Robertshaw

If I remember correctly, Bond charged headlong through a sheet of drywall/sheetrock. Lucky. If you or I tried it, we’d probably run right into a beam.

(Though when I was younger and more clueless I was involved in taking apart a wall, in a rather dark room. Got frustrated with the slow hammer and crowbar approach and started smashing the thin plywood in with my knee. Did this successfully for most of a panel before realizing there were all manner of three+ inch nails sticking in from the outside siding. I have no idea how I managed to miss every single one. Luck luck luck.)

That troll who was just banned – I think he fundamentally misunderstood the concept of MGTOW. He obviously knew there were WOMEN on this site, AND people who actually see women as people, so I guess his MGTOW protective force field or whatever they have, just failed to activate.

Alternatively, given the massive veering between childish abuse, and diatribe, I wonder if he wasn’t actually two smaller MGTOWs in a trench coat, blundering around without a head.

Anyway – all readers welcome. Mean spirited commenters – don’t bother, save your breath to cool your porridge.

Alan, on previous page:

Years ago we were in a Krav class and the instructor had us doing something called ‘Hindu Push-ups’.

Not to be confused with ‘Hindu Kush-ups’, a popular endurance training method in Afghanistan and thereabouts.

I’m sorry girl, but what kind of maniac are you. Burpees are the worse.

I don’t particularly hate burpees, but I find them difficult to do, for the same reason I can’t do work that requires a lot of bending over. I get lightheaded and lose my balance. I’ve tried working them into my routine, because they are very effective, but dizzy spells do not make for great exercise.

Hope the hooves work for you, Stacey. Will you be getting horns to match?

Also, I wish Trollboy was correct in this comment section being mediocre. That would probably make the world a more progressive place were it true. Him being banned is definitely an improvement.

@ Vicky P

I’m glad you found it interesting.

There’s quite a booming local film industry here now. Because of stuff like Poldark, Doc Martin, and Game of Thrones there’s all the relevant support services.

It’s funny; the bad husband in An Tarow is someone I used to work with. He’s really nice in real life; and also quite posh. But he’s getting a nice little career for himself playing moody Cornishmen. This is a film well worth checking out for the ‘behind the postcard‘ Cornwall.

@GSS ex-noob

I approve of everything you do, but if burpees are what it takes, I’m never going to make it in the goddess business.

But the route to your own divinity is through you and your instinct! Yeah I am definitely one to advocate for fitness and health for all people whatever their goal in life, goddess or otherwise, but I assure you divinity is not dependent on any particular calisthenic move! Case in point is your awesome gorgeous gold lame and hot guy serving you story from a few threads ago which I loved by the way!

@ .45



Great, now you can mock the foot fetish guys too.

Why would I of all entities in the multiverse ever mock any fetish or kink especially a common one like that?

Anyone who had read even two words of me knows what I mock in men is their entitlement and attempts to deny my choice of sexual partners not any particular fetish ever. If a guy leaves me alone he can have all the foot fetish in the world and if he’s decent maybe he’ll find someone to enjoy it with.

But burpees? You love burpees? That’s probably the strangest thing you’ve ever said on here.


@Battering Lamb

Hope the hooves work for you, Stacey. Will you be getting horns to match?

Thanks you! So far they are. I still need to do more seeing how I can make my latex bodypaint on the calves blend in properly with them so it looks as natural as possible. My skin can only take so much of the latex going on and off so repeatedly so there will be a break for a few days. That’s a great example of how the trolls and wankers don’t get how physically hard this is. It’s so cool it’s worth it.

Yes I will also definitely have horns. The sight of horns and hooves and what they evoke juxtaposed with a small, slender conventionally attractive cis woman’s body like mine is what I’m enjoying. That is that kind of mix of frightening appearance with an appearance of conventional “sexiness” as patriarchially defined. That’s why I want my body in just bodypaint when I have horns and hooves. I love that. The one time so far already when I was entirely in gold metallic latex full bodypaint with hooves I wanted to act a little meaner, speak more sharply and yell more and I did get into that zone pretty easily…the horns will help so I will really “be” this demonic-erotic supernatural bitch being.

@.45 (again)

See I told you

@ TyrantBitchGoddessStacey

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some of your stable discover a desire for foot worship once you get your hooves in order. (Not that I expect to be told – this is all very much your business.)

@ Alan

That picture pretty much captures me of late. I have a couple of short work weeks coming up that I hope will help Lately I’ve been wondering if it’s the diabetes, a post-stroke effect, or just “working in healthcare during a pandemic.” Or stress related to worrying about my MIL – she’s home from the hospital now and sounding quite chipper, which has relieved Mr. Parasol to no end. So many possibilities. (And in case anyone’s concerned, my last round of lab work was fine, and that was just last month.)

Since night has fallen in the U.S. Eastern Time Zone:

  • חג חנוכה שמח
  • a freilichen chanukah
  • hanukka alegre
  • هانوكا سعيد
  •  حَنوکا مبارک
  • frohes chanukka
  • joyeux hanouka
  • buon chanukkà
  • bon hanukkà
  • feliz janucá
  • vrolijk chanoeka
  • mutlu hanuka
  • с счастливой Хануки
  • срећна Ханука 
  • Χαρούμενο Χανουκά
  • 修殿節 快樂
  • हनुका मुबारक हो
  • happy hanukkah

…to those of you out there who celebrate it! (Renderings copypasted from:

Indeed, a happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate it (or just like fried food).

@GoddessStacey: Alas, my gold lame outfit is several sizes too small now. Also I’m a bit leery of strangers being close to me, since I don’t have any trusted worshippers lined up. I will have to brainstorm a persona that I can sit down in comfy clothes with. Which is a very royal thing to do, everyone else must stand or kneel. I’m definitely not strong enough for my old chain mail bikini any more. Maybe I can find some nice submissive men who will do housework. I bark orders great.

@Allandrel: that sounds like a fun game.

But first, I must eat leftovers.

Hey, all! I was surfing by and thought I’d drop in n say “hi” to all my brothers n sisters n gender non-conforming friends here!

re: burpees…. Hadda look that up. I remember the exercise from sports training in high school. I believe we just called them “why-the-hell-did-I-get-up-early-for-this?”

re: drilling holes in one’s appendages…. Every time I go in my shop, I’m channelling my high school shop instructors… “don’t use a screwdriver on something you’re holding in your hand” (damn! that hurt) :)… “you’re not REALLY trying to cut on the back-stroke with that saw…?”… and of course, “measure once, cut twice!” …. (wait… that’s not right)

On th’ topic, I had thanx giving with my best friend n her brother n his family. We had chicken. I have some experience with holiday erasure from a stint in the past with a fundamentalist xian church that didn’t celebrate ANY of them. The Fundy church I grew up in had a haunted house in the church at Halloween… which, even at the time, I thought was fundamentally BIZ-f’n-ZARRE

Eddie! Good to see you.

Also, I’ve heard about those! They sound absolutely wild and my sense of morbid curiousity makes me really want to see one, once.

But then I remember how I’d probably be an exhibit in the haunted house, and the fascination passes swiftly into “ew”.

Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate it.

@Weird Eddie:

Good to hear from you!

Let me guess: was the haunted attraction your church conducted by any chance a Hell House, devoted to portraying the ghastly consequences of sin and the torments awaiting the damned? (There used to be a company selling kits for such, including instructions for special effects to simulate abortion gore.) I recall one description of a Hell House scenario including a teenage girl in a skimpy nightie being exorcised, in a skimpy nightgown and bound spread-eagled and writhing to a four-poster bed; I’m sure that didn’t scratch any prurient itches.

(For whatever it might be worth, I’m an unswerving top when it comes to haunted attractions: hate visiting them, love performing in them.)

@ contrapanglos, Full Metal Ox:
Thanx for the kind greetings!

As I remember, the haunted house was pretty much secular, just ghosts’n’scary noises, etc.
The hellfire n brimstone teachings woulda been wasted on me, I gave no shits what the guy in the front of the sanctuary was saying — I was downstairs where the singing was happening. To this day I have a soft spot for what I call “depression-era xian gospel.”

@GoddessStacy (if I may call you Goddess) You paint a VIVID picture!

Hope everyone is safe and well!

So, okay… I need to thank David for a very strange coincidence — actually for the results of said coincidence.

In a post several days ago, David referenced a book by Johnathan Haidt. I had read that book in ’18 or ’19, and I SHOULD HAVE had it in my Kindle. Not seeing it, I started investigating… and found a “secret library” in the Kindle which had 21 of my books, which were not displayed on the “main” library list!!!

I’m having some issues with what I call “old people’s memory,” and I had thought the info I was searching for was in another book on the Kindle. When I read David’s post my memory of the book was triggered!


(and thanx, bezos, you predatory capitalist m*****f***** for hiding my books)

@ weird eddie

I’m having some issues with what I call “old people’s memory,”

Are you having that thing where you go into a room to fetch something and you can’t remember what it was.

Then you go back into the kitchen and it’s “Oh yeah; fire extinguisher.”

Well, there has been research that links going through a doorway with forgetting stuff. So that would also be an factor there.

re: “oh, yeah, fire extinguisher” 🙂 🙂 🙂

@Alan, Buttercup:. Have you a reference on the “doorway memory” paper? I’m having trouble getting google to understand my query… 🙁 Any clue will help.

Also, a general call to social activists across the world (or, more exactly, the English-speaking west)…

Off the topic: Can we PLEASE stop calling conservative/trumpling conspiracy nonsense “theories?” These are at best “conjectures.”. I would suggest the term “conspiracy fantasies!”

Elaine the Witch. Also I know where your handle comes from !!! Let us celebrate Sci Fi ! I also am Elaine and the Witch.

Thanks for the info on Jewish holidays! Shared it my my bff who grew up in Israel to very it’s accuracy.
Happy second day of Hanukkah

Question for the dog experts here. I spent Thanksgiving over at my sister-in-law’s house. One of my niece’s brought her dog with her, and for some reason I can’t figure, the dog doesn’t like me. Like, I opened the door to the house and he tried to nip my fingers before I even stepped inside. Luckily my niece was there to keep ‘Nipper’ in line, and to make sure he understood that I wasn’t on the menu.

He just stalked around me instead, making sure I knew he was keeping his eye on me so I wouldn’t try anything ’funny’ while he was around. He also at times would lay down at my feet, licked the side of my shirt at one point, seemed to want a muzzle scritch when I was giving two other dogs present one, and ‘bumped’ my thigh with his nose more than once (though a couple of those were actual nips, base on what I felt through my jeans).

My question for the hive mind here is, how should I handle this dog going forward? Outside of taking a dislike to me (and two other women that I know of), Nipper is a good dog. He’s good around children and the majority of my niece’s friends, and does listen when he’s told ‘no’. He’s a shelter dog, and it’s suspected he was abused before his previous owners dumped him in the middle of nowhere. I did my best not to interact with him as much as I could (didn’t pet him, and tried to only look at him out of the corner of my eye since dogs interpret a direct stare as a challenge). Would having a supply of dog biscuits on hand whenever I have to be around him help get him to tolerate me more, or would that just reinforce his bad behavior?

My thanks in advance if any has any advice to deal with this minor situation.

@Gerry Sherry:

Thanks for the info on Jewish holidays! Shared it my my bff who grew up in Israel to very it’s accuracy.
Happy second day of Hanukkah

Disclaimer: I personally am a Goy who found that stuff on Tumblr.

Red silk Phoenix. – dog person here with an extremely over-reactive rescue dog who was severely abused before he came to us – absolutely yes on the treats. My Dobby is fine indoors with us, but when we take walks his responses were all over the place – cowering, posturing, and (after we were attacked by an unleashed small but fierce dog last winter) aggressive towards other dogs. I now carry a pocket full of teeny-tiny Milkbones, and I keep a soothing monologue going while we walk. We’re now at the point where if he sees anything upsetting to him, he’ll come sit at my feet facing me and wait for a treat. Not all dogs are food oriented, but rescues frequently are. The tiny Milkbones are relatively low calorie so you can use a lot of them if necessary. One of my crew sneers at any size Milkbone, but everyone else loves them.


I’m sorry to disappoint but I don’t actually know what that is. my name is this because my name is Elaine, and children often think I’m a witch.

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