This Thanksgiving I am thankful that Lara Trump is saying batshit stuff on Fox that I can quote

This is fucking diabolical

Lara Trump was on Fox news, discussing inflation before veering off topic and in to the culture wars;

Here’s a transcript, courtesy of Mediaite.

They have told us from the beginning that they want to fundamentally transform America. Well, how do you that? You have to change America from the inside-out. You have to take away our traditions. … ‘Oh, don’t have a turkey, then people won’t come over.’ Last year, remember, they didn’t want us to get together, so I guess we’re lucky they’re letting us have Thanksgiving this year.

How dare the libs try to protect people from COVID.

At really, the core of this, they want to divide Americans up. They don’t want us to have any common ground. They don’t want us to have any shared traditions like Thanksgiving. A lot of places last month actually did away with Halloween because they wanted to be inclusive of the people that didn’t celebrate Halloween.

Er, what? Can I get a citation here on this Halloween thing?

It all goes to fundamentally transforming this country, and the way you do that is you make sure that we have no commonality whatsoever, no traditions as Americans whatsoever. You start chipping away at that, and they don’t care that Thanksgiving costs a lot more.

So wait, the libs are trying to destroy Thanksgiving so that no one will notice rising inflation? That is indeed a new one.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m planning on shoveling stuffing into my mouth until I pass out.

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156 replies on “This Thanksgiving I am thankful that Lara Trump is saying batshit stuff on Fox that I can quote”

Eurgh…the nearest Staples is about an hour away on foot. And it’s in a mall.

@Worked It All Night:

You are very rude, narcissistic people. Your mental laziness knows no bounds, you expect to be handed things that are not commensurate with your actual talents, abilities, or willingness to work. You are all so profoundly mediocre, that it almost becomes a sign of distinction.

Okay, okay. Serious question for @Worked That All Out:

You okay, kid? Something happen in the last couple days?

Not gonna eat your ass because ew, but if you’ve got some serious stuff going down, I’d recommend finding a helpline of some sort. You can start out by googling “(your issue or location) helpline” since I don’t have the foggiest notion of where you actually are.

It’d be way more productive than barging in here to a place where you hate everyone and nobody here likes you, either. If you’re in a spiral, you don’t need to interact with people you hate. Spare yourself (and more importantly us) the vitriol.

If you’re able bodied, going for a walk or something can help with some temporary endorphins, but no promises.

If this is actually your usual disposition and there wasn’t something external that made you forget to even try putting words into a salad…

Dude, what are you even doing? No one here actually cares what you think of us, so what do you think you’re gaining? I’m genuinely curious, in the same way that I’m curious about how flat-earthers still manage to flat-earth, in the face of literally all science.

I’m other news, I’m grateful for my dog, who is the best dog. Anyone else with a dog, your dog is also the best dog.

I’m also grateful that my boss still somehow thinks I’m awesome even though I know I’m 95% highly-distractible mediocrity and 5% sprints of intense focus and panache.

Working on that last bit, because I WANT to be more focused all the time. Hopefully I’ll be thankful to a mental health professional when I get in to see one on “Okay, how do we make my brain care when there isn’t an immediate crisis?”

@Worked That All Out

No more purple prose for us? How very sad. At least your previous delusions of eloquence provided some entertainment.

@worked that all out

Aww. the little chew toy is mad. dance for me monkey. scream some more. be a good boy now and I’ll throw you a bone

None of the nice cocked men that worked all that out fetishes, doesn’t want to eat his ass and he’s really cranky about it so he just has to come here and demand it from strangers. sad little incel.

Usually I’m disappointed when I miss a troll, but Sharted It All Out is so damn boring I don’t even care that I always miss him. How sad and low effort this one is.

Anyway, I’m sad to report that I ate turkey yesterday because I didn’t know it wasn’t allowed and that Thanksgiving was cancelled.


I had some soup my husband heated up for me because I was sick. Then we laid and bed and watched my favorite Christmas move. Nightmare before Christmas

I live in California (there, I’ve scared the MAGAs already) and Thanksgiving is so canceled we’re doing two of them to accommodate all the people and food needed.

I may have eaten my weight in sweet potatoes yesterday.

Now I must go make a pumpkin pie for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving 2.0.

All the side dishes, cranberry relish as well as the stuff that keeps the shape of the can, stuffing, too much turkey and not enough gravy, because there’s NEVER enough gravy. Green beans. Mashed taters. More yams. More wine.

Although we’re all triple-vaccinated, we’ve still managed to go out without our DNA melting.

It’s usually the right-wingers who try to ban Halloween. And of course the right-wing Puritans banned Christmas. No fun allowed except for hunting defenseless animals and people who have some melanin.

Meanwhile, even the Macy’s parade had some actual descendants of the people who lived where NYC now stands speaking their ancestral tongue and dancing. That probably annoyed MAGAs too. Because of course no one lived in North America till 1600.

@Vicky P: My Midwestern WASP aunt’s lasagna was legendary. Her daughter married into an honest to gosh “The Organization That Does Not Exist” Italian family, and even matriarch Nonna approved of it and it was necessary at Christmas.

I know I’m technically even newer than Worked Up is, this is only my second comment on here, and I don’t even know if the snarky first one comparing him to Atun-Shei Films’ Johnny Reb character was ever approved, so it’s not really my place to say anything, but David, I agree with Gerry Sherry, it might be time for Worked All That Out to be encouraged to go elsewhere.

Unrelated note, Worked All That Out, I do retail too. Have done so for almost a decade, and I’ve never felt that it was “unmanly” to use a Customer Service Voice that was softer-spoken than my natural one.
Something that I find incredibly ironic, though? I just did twelve hour shifts on both Wednesday and Friday, and I’ll be going back in for another eight later today. I’m physically and emotionally exhausted. But somehow I’m still managing to mind my manners and show more class than a self-proclaimed Scion of the South, despite my ancestry being mostly French trappers, Irish laborers, illegitimate Scots, and the occasional Metis.


You’re a real fucking piece of shit, you know that? You still can’t write worth a goddamn, and every time I see some shit from you, it’s just like single-sentence bullshit written from the intellectual and emotional level of a tween who’s finally discovered all the words you’re not supposed to say on the radio. Freud believed that bisexuality was caused by insufficient brain development – no doubt, he must have met too many people like you in Vienna. I’ve seen shit scrawled on bathroom stalls more impressive and articulate than anything that’s come out of your underdeveloped brain on this site.

“Aww are you gonna cry now. your just a pissbaby whose to x to y, bla bla bla i don’t know how punctuation works”

I’ve decided to be generous, and assume that you can figure out how to spell “punctuation.” Would be a shame if, in mocking you, I happened to pay you a compliment of some sort.

Ha! Not sure what Random Angry Internet Man is trying to achieve here. I don’t think anyone is going to be crying at home because he doesn’t like the way they write, given the fact they actually have a life.

Also I find the key to a happy mindset is to accept your mediocrity and strive to do your best, rather than assume you are some kind of special, strong, unfairly put-upon genius who’d be doing so much better if it wasn’t for [insert right-wing buzzword here]. MGTOW is a victim complex born from an overestimation of your own standing and abilities in relation to other people, and the sense of aggrievement that comes when reality contradicts the assumptions of an overinflated ego.

MGTOWs believing that the world at large owes them something beyond human respect and decency, and that they can only get what they deserve by pulling down others, is an illusion that’s hurting them. Instead of working to achieve anything by building relationships, figuring out what you want from life and essentially just putting a basic level of effort in (and here’s a hint, successful and happy people don’t hang out in forums with people politically and spiritually opposed to them saying “eat my ass”), you think the problem is women and other people you don’t like, which is a pathetic cop out. The majority of people are by definition and in your words “mediocre”. You are currently failing to even pass this bar.


He’s just an old-school troll who’s realized his initial schtick has worn off, so he’s throwing shit against the wall to see if anything will stick.

Don’t take anything he says seriously; he clearly doesn’t.

I do wish he wasn’t so thoroughly boring, though; even classic trolls can pull it off with some panache, but clearly this guy doesn’t have it in him.

Why is it that so many trolls seem to think psychiatry ended with Freud?

Because he had spicy hot takes and is very quotable, probably. And he had some misconceptions that are probably very appealing to paternalistic asshats.

Also, reading modern psychological research involves reading a lot more statistical analysis than sweeping speculative essays.

I’m starting to think WATO’s problem at work isn’t so much his intimidating voice, as the fact that he tells customers over the phone to eat his ass.

Did we ever establish what industry the troll is in? Maybe ass-eating is the service he provides? Perhaps he came here to offer a Black Friday deal on ass?

I was so mediocre at work that I took early retirement, and now I just have leisure pursuits to be mediocre at.

@worked all that out

Awww are you mad little boy? You wrote all that because of my few little sentences? Maybe you need to get a life


Nothing about this little baby is intimidating. He could try to rob me in a dark alley way with a gun pointed at me and I’d probably tell him to give me his wallet. His little lip would wobble his voice would crack and he would ve like “respect me! I’m a man” while on the verge of crying while he robs me.


Freud also said it was normal for boys to want to have sex with their mothers, and normal for father’s to have sex with their daughters. I don’t really care what the old pervert thought if bisexuality.

I’m not sure what stores you have access to in Canada, but most of them should be able to do delivery. If what I’m buying is inexpensive enough that I have to pay for shipping, I usually try to add on necessities that will up the total price so that I get free shipping (like toilet paper and shampoo).
I also try to avoid amazon, but they have a good selection of cheap headphones that can ship to almost anywhere.
You could also try B&H. I like them for electronics and they have a good selection of “plain” headphones (

I’m pretty sure WATO works in a call center. He mentioned getting in trouble for having too deep of a voice on phone calls or something stupid like that.

I get that you’re upset that everyone is brushing you off and being mean. But did you really expect people to engage in debate and conversation with you when you insult the regulars? What did you actually want to achieve here?


He said he worked in a call center and got told to speak less “Manly”, but he also claimed to work in some “Manly” heavy labor job that women would never want to do or something in a different thread…

… so I’m giving his claims a bit of dubious squinting.

I know there’s no doubt a lot of folks of WATO’s mindset, so it’s probably optimism and false pattern recognition on my part, but WATO’s style and particular hatred of Elaine is giving me pretty strong Acid Kritana vibes? I think WWTH might have also drawn that connection.

Probably not actually an acidic sock, because it’d be naive to think two such individuals couldn’t exist (because they totally could), but he kind of seems like an acidic sock.

@Elaine The Witch,

My understanding of that part of Freud’s work was that he actually reported the father/daughter (and the mother/son?) stuff as something that really happened on a regular basis, but his peers and social group (whose children were the source of his figures) were so upset by that report they forced him to retract it. Thus the whole ‘children – especially daughters – have vivid fantasies of marrying their opposite-sex parents’ thing. His peers refused to publish it otherwise. Or allow him to remain in their group until he changed it more to their liking.

I recently got a nice pair of Skullcandy headphones that are just headphones for $20 at Walmart, but you can buy directly from

@RedSilk: So Freud’s friends were child-molesting pervs? Can’t say I’m surprised. That makes me even less surprised that right wingers/miggies like quoting him so much, and not the thousands of later psychologists who weren’t. That and the whole penis envy thing, which… ha! AFAIK, the only actual physical advantage of those is it’s easier to pee standing up.

Miggies don’t want to admit that women are humans, so of course they like Freud. Makes ’em feel all manly to be entirely driven by their id.

Regarding child molestation, let’s see who’s best known for that recently… there’s Matt “Venmo to teenage girls” Gaetz, Roy “Groping vulnerable girls” Moore, and of course Lara’s FIL, who liked walking in on Miss Teen USA dressing rooms and approved of Jeffrey Epstein’s taste in “women”.

Projection as usual.

@Surplus: I’m sure you can have headphones delivered from one of Canada’s many fine retailers. Those Skullcandy ones @Katie mentioned have really good ratings online. I just finally re-located our old noise-cancelling Bose, yay. (They were near but not at where they ought to have been, which is why we were confused.)

@ ikeke35

Thank you for that. You’ve given me a lot to ponder on. There’s a lot to unpack as the kids say.

And yeah, there is that thing of incrementalism vs radical change. For me, I just try to make choices on the basis ‘will the net result be better or worse than it is now?’. The long game like you say. But of course I’m in a very privileged position. I don’t really have any skin in the game. So waiting is a luxury I can afford. Whereas for others waiting is just something thrust upon them.

I like your drink driving analogy though. It does give me hope. I can remember when not only was drink driving socially acceptable, drink drivers were the good guys. People genuinely felt sorry for them when they got caught, and saw the authorities as the persecutors. That has very much changed now of course; and I don’t think that’s something that can very be reversed. It’s like a scales falling from eyes moment. Sort of, what were we thinking!

I was hoping that bigoted views might be similar. Like once people realised how wrong they are then that’s not something people can resile from. I’m hoping that now, where there is a resurgence of openly bigoted views, that’s not ‘new recruits’ as it were, or society as a whole moving towards that. More the last gasp threat displays of cornered people who realise their time is coming to a close.

One can live in hope I guess.

But once again, I really am grateful for your comments there. Thank you for the time you spent on that; I really appreciate it.

@Wanked All That Out

You are very rude, narcissistic people.

Yes, I’m a narcissistic, gorgeous, rude, smoking hot bitch.

Your mental laziness knows no bounds, you expect to be handed things that are not commensurate with your actual talents, abilities, or willingness to work.

No, I spent Thanksgiving not gorging on unhealthy food but eating what I do every day, and did my usual gym routine plus a butt muscle program I started a few weeks ago that has a LOT more lunges but that, if I keep at it, will sculpt me more towards the “small waist + bubble butt” look that I need for my gold latex bodypaint look to work the way I want. (I’m tiny and already have a slender waist but want a butt that’s a Iittle bit rounder). In addition to the physical workout itself I have to plan my eating to a degree most people couldn’t handle, which means counting calories, weighing brown rice, cooked vegetables (you have to look very carefully at nutrition information on some leafy greens to see if it’s talking about cooked or uncooked), and other foods and sometimes stop what I’m doing to make sure I eat at the right time. This is a LOT of work so being the awesome goddess that I am doesn’t come free.

While other people were out shopping I was putting three different brands of latex bodypaint on and off my calves and ankles for some testing, with my assistant and I taking photos in various different lighting conditions to see which can blend in best over my new hooves (yes, I have them now! So I’ll be downright demonic-looking in my sexiness, haha incels I hope you’re afraid and frustrated.) This meant she and I were moving three different lights all around in between me climbing up and down off my pedestal all afternoon. So I do a LOT of work to achieve every little bit of my glamorous sexy kinky awesomeness.

You are all so profoundly mediocre, that it almost becomes a sign of distinction.

There is nothing mediocre about my divinity and the crack of my whip, the sound of which alone would probably scare a little creep like you running away for miles before you collapsed from weakness.

Also you’re a loser and I hope you were lonely and miserable this week. I bet all women who see you and deal with you are repulsed by you.


My program has me doing both forward and backwards lunges but mostly forward it seems.

I love burpees! When there’s a rhythm that makes the metabolic challenge fun!

@ TyrantBitchGoddessStacey

Congrats on the new hooves! I hope they give the effect you’re looking for.

@ stacey

I love burpees!

Heh, I’m reminded of the Orwell quote about how there’s nothing wrong with being a minority of one. I’m impressed though; they’re frikkin’ horrible,

Years ago we were in a Krav class and the instructor had us doing something called ‘Hindu Push-ups’. After a while a guy stood up and said “Can I just make clear, I am Hindu; and these have nothing to do with us.”

Do you fall over sideways or forwards when doing lunges?

If you’re falling sideways it’s probably that you’re putting your back foot directly behind your front foot (basically making it like you’re on a tight rope). Instead you want to have your feet on parallel lines (imagine a set of tracks with each foot on one side – the foot moving backwards should stay on its track to ensure your base is wide enough for you to be balanced).

If you’re falling forward you are probably overcompensating for the foot moving backwards. I’d suggest going slowly and attempting to keep your upper body vertical. It helps me to slide my foot along the ground instead of stepping it back. It may also help to extend your arms in front of you as you lunge and bring your arms back to your sides as you stand back up – this might mitigate the desire to lean your torso forward.

@ bumblebug

Hey; that’s it! Yeah. It’s falling over sideways. But I’ve just had a go and I am putting my foot behind the other one. Actually I’m almost crossing over beyond it. Like I’m bringing my leg in diagonally instead of just going straight back. But now I’m aware of that I can compensate. Almost like I’m putting my leg out to the side. But that keeps my balance. Once again; thank you!

It was also a bit harder to balance as I’ve got a busted rotator cuff at the moment; so I’m doing some things with one of those resistance bands. I have it tight round my hands; then I have to extend my arms outwards as I lunge. So that narrows my whole body and makes me a bit wobbly.

Still instability is supposedly a good thing for resistance training. Although having said that, it was instability that buggered up my shoulder.


Just paragraphs and paragraphs of bullshit that nobody asked for, right? Your life sounds fucking boring, anally counting calories and making all those repetitive motions so that your ass can be marginally less repulsive to look at. How anyone finds you even remotely enchanting enough to not want to throw themselves out of the nearest window whenever you’re close by, I’ll never know. You must be the Eighth Wonder of the World – go ahead, you’ve earned the title.

In regards to your inane blathering about how repulsive you imagine me to be, I have yet to detect any signs from women that they find me repellant – I am not uncommonly described as “cute,” though I assume it to be in the anodyne way that a person finds a puppy cute, and not because they want to fuck me.

I’ll bet that if your boy-toys knew what I could do with my mouth, they’d leave your ass in a flaming hot millisecond and never look back.

@Worked All That Out:

I’ll bet that if your boy-toys knew what I could do with my mouth, they’d leave your ass in a flaming hot millisecond and never look back.

A trick you have apparently not yet learned is how to shut it.

@Victorious Parasol

 Thank you so much! So far I like them. I’m still getting used to them but I feel great. I love the look and I love how I feel looking this way. I think they’ll help me be even more terrifyingly sexy and will help turn me into even more of an unbearable arrogant supernatural magical divine demonic super-bitch than I already am! (I mean unbearable arrogant supernatural divine demonic super-bitch in that awesome sexy meaning of the phrase!)

@ Full Metal Ox

He’s an odd duck, isn’t he?

ETA: Plus his mouth is attached to a rather unpleasant personality. Some deficiencies can’t be compensated for.

@Wanked All That Out

As long as my presence or my words cause you any negative feelings, which it’s clear they do, I’m happy.

I love it that I upset you and provoke this reaction in you.

Your misery and your frustration is my joy.

@Worked All That Out, the correct spelling of “repellant” is “repellent”. Also, I do not know exactly what you are fighting against here. Please restate!

@worked all this out

You say stuff like this and yet I just spent an hour riding my husband and then had a hot bath with him. Your going to bed alone tonight because you a disgusting human being who no man or woman wants. I have my happy ever after. All you have is an ass stuffed full of bitterness and vile. Plugged up with the anal plug of insecurity and all alone cause no one will eat your ass. But you being childish is really funny to me. Dance some more baby boy

I love burpees! When there’s a rhythm that makes the metabolic challenge fun

I’m sorry girl, but what kind of maniac are you. Burpees are the worse.

My doctor has informed though to focus on squats and leg exercises for when I get pregnant though to help with the extra weight. It’s been tough

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